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ZIPBAN... Actually called Zip... A little INSIGHT!

Hey guys!

Yesterday , we found out that xat had announced what the new power was going to be on Twitter which we had already uncovered. 

Note: If you missed it, here is what they had announced...

Today at 4.20pm GMT I went on xat_test to see that the power was actually called ZIP . Yes, it is a type of ban like we had all known, but not a GameBan, and I don't think we'll be seeing one of them for a while...!

Many people say that it's just like the GAG power.

REMEMBER THIS?: The GAG power lets users unable to send a message or smiley, and has the same gagging sign next to their name as on the pawn. The maximum is 1 hour!   

The reason they say this is because ZIP lets users unable to talk, but Gag is more stricter! However, you can ban for longer with ZIP. GAG doesn't let the user send any form of message, while ZIP lets users talk, but it appears as blank!

Anyhows, many users still think that GAG is a better power.

What do you think of the ZIP power? Would you buy it because it seems cheaper than GAG, or do you think that GAG is a better power? Give me your opinions by leaving a comment below this post! 

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