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Aisha's Fair Trading Guide

Non limited Powers - These powers will always be on the store, and the price MAY drop.

 Powers that are marked with a and their names are in red are group powers.

 Name of power:                    Minimum price: (xats)                 Maximum price: (xats)

Limited Powers - These powers can only be traded, and prices can change at ANY time

Powers that are marked with a are both limited and group powers.

Name of power:                    Minimum price: (xats)                 Maximum price: (xats)

2009 powers

Heart                           600                                  650    
Function: Lets you add Heart shaped smiles when you add the following (smile#heart). You can also change the color to Pink!

(It's a good power to buy when you're wanting to celebrate Valentine's Day or sending it to your loved one)

Note: Heart will release in the xat stores EVERY YEAR to celebrate Valentine's Day. This year, 2000 came out. In 2011, 1500 were released. In 2010, only 500 came out in the stores... so who says it won't happen again next year?!

UPDATE: x500 Heart powers released recently, so the price has gone down even more! 
Clear                           3400                               3550
Function: Lets you add Clear / Transparent effects to any smiley you type. E.g. (smile#c) would make the smile not have the yellow!

Boot                            8000                               8200
Function: If you are a Moderator or Owner on a chatroom, you are able to use this power! You can Boot a user to another chat. Just click on their name, and then click 'Kick'. Type in the name of the chat you want to boot them to!

  • Sometimes when you try to boot the user, it doesn't always work!
Make sure you don't abuse the power! Xat say that you may have to lose it if you abuse the power, and even though they haven't yet, there's no point in risking it!

Note: Boot is considered as an 'Epic' power due to its constant high price.  

Diamond                      590                            620
Function: Lets you add Diamond shapes to any smiley you do. Type the following, (smile#diamond) and you will have it. You can also change the color to your Diamond!
Fade                           1150                              1200
Function: Lets you make a fade effect to your smilie and causes it to look like a ghost! Just type the following (smile#f) and it will fade away, before coming back!
Gag                             750                             850
Function: If you are a Moderator or Owner on a chatroom, you are able to use this power! You can Gag Members and below by clicking on their name, and pressing 'Ban'. If you have Gag, then there will be an extra function available. Press it, with your appropiate reason.

When they're gagged...
If you have gagged a specific user, they are unable to talk. Users may get confused with auto-gag and guest them before re-membering, which is the downside to this power. Also if a user has been hushed, it will have the same effects as to the Gag power. 

Note: Gag only goes up to a maximum of 1 hour. 
Quantity: 6000 

Six                              2000                            2100
Function: Lets you add a Devil to any yellow smiley. You can also add a pitchfork to it by adding '#o' at the end of your smilie code!

Angel                           8700                            8850
Function: Angel comes with 4 angel themed smiles, as well as letting you add Angel wings to any smilie you do. This causes with it flying away when you put your mouse on it!

  • You can also make your Angel power fly away when you put your mouse on it when checking someone's powers, (if they have it) but don't worry, it'll come back after 5-10 seconds!
Note: Despite how many have been released, Angel is considered to be an 'Epic' power because of its expensive cost.
Fruit                              400                               450
Function: Lets you add a Fruity themed effect on any smilie. For example, you can do (smile#apple) and (smile#banana). Not all fruits will be added onto this power, but enough for you to have a 'fruity' time!
Halloween  (MAY GET RELEASED)                   950                               1000
Function: Gives you Halloween themed smiles, to celebrate the yearly tradition! Following are...(halloween) (ghost) (grim) (tomb) (bat) (pkn) (cdn) (mmy) (frk) (wh).

Note: This power will be released every Halloween. So far, an extra 1500 released last year, with more the previous year!

Thanksgiving                  650                           700
Function: Gives you Thanksgiving themed smiles, to celebrate the American yearly tradition! The following are as followed: (pilgrimm) (pilgrimf) (indian) (indian2) (indian3) (chef) (dining) (eatleg) (feast)

Note: (feast) smilie has been changed, due to the 'Feast' power being released in October 2010.

Second Notice: Thanksgiving power releases every year just like Halloween to celebrate the tradition. Last year, 750 released, with 1000 - 2000 being released the year before!

Snowy                           400                         500
Function: With this power, you can use Snowflake backgrounds on any yellow smilie! You can also add snow to any smilie as well.

Every December, for 1 month , you're able to have a 'Snowy Pawn'. Snow falls on your pawn which looks very nice, but you need Hat as well.

Note: When Snowy was first released, it was only able to be purchased when buying a UGC card. When you do, you also recieve the Snowy power for FREE. It has never been released officially on the xat store yet! 
Christmas                     1300                             1400
Function: Gives you 26 Christmas themed smiles to celebrate the yearly Christian tradition! The following are as followed... 
beard bell bulb cane ches elf give pole sack sball scarf sdeer sfeet sgift shiver skiss sledge slist smound spull stock tree wreath xb1 xb4 xday christmas 

Note: Christmas releases every year and will still do. Last year, 1000 released for Black Friday, with the same amount being released for the same reason. 

There's quite alot of Christmas powers around, because in 2009 it was unlimited in the stores for 1-2 months, tempting users to buy many! 
2010 powers 
Valentine                   2000                               2200
Function: Gives you Valentine themed smiles to celebrate the cute yearly tradition! Following are... (beat), (bheart), (cupid), (card), (hug2), (hug3), (ilu), (lhand), (ring), (rose), (rose2), and (valentine)

Note: Valentine will release every year in February to celebrate Valentine's Day. This year, 1000 released, with last year year releasing 1500, so it'll be sure to happen again next time!
Irish                           600                                  650
Function: Gives you Irish themed smiles to celebrate St. Patrick's Day! The following are... (irish) (clover2) (drink) (igirl) (iman) (pot) (rainbow) (shi) (tap) (drum) (bagpipes). 

Note: Irish will release every year in March to celebrate the following tradition. This year, 1000 released. In 2011, 500 came out.

Easter                        400                                    450
Function: Gives you 8 Easter themed smiles to celebrate Easter, which comes every year!! The smiles are as followed: (easter) (basket) (bunny) (bunny2) (chick) (egg2) (eggb) (paintegg). 

Note: Although it didn't release in 2011, Easter will release every year in April to celebrate Easter. This year, xat released 1000 , and is likely to come out in 2013! (next time)

Military                         550                                    650
Function: To think about the army, this power would be respectful to buy. Following are; (camo) (coastguard) (drillserg) (gasmask) (m1h) (marine) (pilot) (sailor) (sailor2) (salute) (smoke) (military#w2).

Note: In 2010 for Veteran's Day, xat released 1111 Military powers. Therefore, nobody knows when the power is going to release again, if it does.

Gkaliens                   3000                                  3500
Function: The first ever limited / group power to be released on xat, Gkaliens lets you add Alien effects to any Yellow smile! You can assign this power to your chatroom, which lets Subscribers only use the smiles without needing to have the power!

Scifi                              600                                      650
Function: Scifi is one of the most released powers on xat, yet it has demand. Scifi lets you have Science Fiction themed smiles. It comes with; (scifi) (alienb) (alien2) (beam) (borg) (cylon) (jetpack) (laser) (ufo) (vial) (vr). 
Independence               500                                    550
Function: To celebrate Independence Day (July), you can use the following smilies with this power to show your support, (independence) (abe) (bbq) (flagwave) (fwlaunch) (glowstick) (liberty) (sparkler) (starburst) (starbounce) (starring) (tiphat) (usface) (usss).

Note: Although it is a traditional power for the USA, it has not been released any other time other than the debut release, which was in 2010.

Blastde                      1100                                   1175
Function: When a user is a lower rank , an animation will be shown, if the following power is Asssigned to the chat. The more Blastde powers you assign, the more animations you are able to UNLOCK!

Summer                       150                                  170
Function: Summer's coming, the weather's warm, so maybe these smilies will be even more unique for users like you!
(summer) (beachbbq) (cooler) (efan) (fishing) (frisbee) (goggles) (kayak) (laytowl) (pina) (sanddig) (sandplay) (bands) (towl) (waterbottle) (waterskii)

Adventure                    450                                  500
Function: Go on an Adventure with these smiles...
(adventure) (campfire) (canopy) (compass) (firstaid) (hangglider) (hunting) (lantern) (map) (marshmallow) (iceaxe) (swing) (waterskiing) (zipline) (smokes)
Feast                         350                                  450
Function: Feast is a group power that allows you to have 30 food smilies that have good quality and you can use...! The following are:
(feast) (bowleat) (burger) (burgerlook) (candycorn) (carrot) (cherry) (chicken) (chili) (chipeat) (coffeesplash) (donut) (eatspagetti) (eattakeout) (eggcook) (eggplant) (fortunecookie) (fries) (icecream) (icecreameat) (peanut) (popcorn) (pretzel) (soupeat) (spam) (stirpan) (takeout) (thinkfood) (toast2).  

You can also assign Thanksgiving themed backgrounds! 
Available - Thanksgiving (2 feast required)
Turkey (4 feast required)

NOTE: A few days after it was released, the Feast power became LIMITED so it became high in demand and quite expensive. 

Feast has had 2 releases since it became limited. One was before Black Friday 2010 , where x1000 released to celebrate Thanksgiving Day.

The more recent one was this year, where x1000 released costing 400 xats each on Thanksgiving day, also before Black Friday in 2011 ... 

Shocker                         600                                    650

Fairy                           1800                                1850
Angry                              2500                               2700
Ugly                                 300                                   330
Hero                                300                                    330
2011 powers
Gkbear                         250                                     300
Gkkitty  。                        190                                     230
Gkpanda                        300                                     330
Unwell                               200                                    230
Sins                                 1000                                   1050
Outfit                                500                                      550
Wildwest                          400                                       450
Work                                 200                                     210
Beach                               230                                     270
Candy                               250                                    300
Flower                           850                               950
Stoneage                        130                                     135
Spaceban 。                    850                                   950
Nerd                              190                                     200
Matchban                      450                                    500
School                           100                                    110
Kchick                          200                                  230
Carve                            150                                    200

Kdog                                    270                                  300

Horror                            275                                   300

 Manga                         900                               950

Spooky                          200                             220

Snowman                       130                             150

Reindeer                         70                               75

Sparta                            100                                  120

2012 powers

 Newyear                        250                             300 

Function: Newyear gives you smilies to celebrate the new year coming! Following are...  (calendar) (celebration) (champagne2) (champagneback) (clink2) (firework1) (firework2) (nyball) (nyhat) (nykiss)(nyparty) (sparkler2) 

Note: Newyear became limited a day after it was released! We don't know how many released in total, but xat did release 3000 at once! A few days later, the cost became 900 - 950 xats on Trade, before going back down!

Can                                85                               100

Function: Just like the (Punch) power that came out recently, but just a limited and cheaper version! (200 xats in store). Can comes with 'crazy can' smilies. Following are, 
(can) (canangel) (canbounce) (cancontempt) (canfury) (canoo) (canshifty) (canun) (cantwitch) (canthink) (canum)  
MagicFX                        95                                 105

Function: Is the first power to have an 'FX' (Cool Graphic 'Effects'). Magicfx lets you have awesome sci-fi effects. For example, if you do (smile#magicfx), then it will be shown like the smiley above!

Note: 1000 released as a test power a day before the release, where the cost went high and reached 1200 - 1300 xats . Because of this, there are now around 25,000 in total on xat... 

 Spy                              100                             120

Function: Learn to be a Spy with the following smiles:
(crosshair) (folder) (footprints) (headset) (keyhole) (keypad) (peeking) (radar) (spydrink) (spyeye) (spying) (spypaper) (spyrope).  

Kduck                           350                               400

Function: Have Duck affected smiles when you type in these codes: (kduck)(kduck1)(kduck2)(kduck3)(kduck4)(kduck5)(kduck6)(kduck7)(kduck8)(kduck9)(kduck10)(kduck11)(kduck12)

Note: Originally, 10,000 were meant to be released, 2 sets of 5000. However, the demand was gone so much that xat had to withdraw it when there were around 3000-3500 remaining. This means that there is a total of 6500 on xat!

(The quantity is quite alot, but the demand is still quite high)

Carnival                          100                               110

Function: Join the 'samba' by using the following smilies when you purchase Carnival below!
(carnival) (carniphant) (cjester) (cmask) (flowersquirt) (headdress) (kreu) (shakeit) (wannasamba) (yeayea) (cjester2) (cbird) (cangel) (anonmask) (beads) (brazilboom).  

Note: Carnival became limited a few days after it was released. The cost in store was 250 xats, and before it became limited, xat released 3000 at once! We are not sure on how many released in total! 

Movie                             100                                110

 Kat                               350                                 400

Ksheep                          300                                 330

 Pulsefx                         500                                 550

 Blobby                          150                                 200

Fuzzy                            190                                 200

Nursing                          190                                 200

Kbee                               250                                280

Vortexfx                           400                                 500

Zip                                  300                                 350

Drip                                 200                                220

Whirlfx                             500                                550

Olympic                           100                                 120

Aliens                               200                                 210

Burningheart                     1400                               1600

Kpig                                 200                                 220

Poker                               180                                 220

Pony                                200                                 220

Clockfx                             340                                 370

Drop                                 850                                1000

Vampyre (NEW)                300                                 350
Note: This power was originally released to be unlimited. However, with no given warning, the power suddenly turned limited a couple of days before Halloween. The original store price was 200 xats

Game Powers - These powers are ones where you can play certain games with them. 

Matchrace                         400                                  450

  Spacewar                          1900                                 2100

Epic Powers - These powers will be at a very high price standard.

Purple                           24300                        24500
Namecolor                     9940                           9970
Gback                           14500                       14800

 Gold                            53000                       53500

 Everypower                  190,000                    196,000
Updated Wednesday 31st October 2012

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