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It's been a long time ... XAT is dying - question is ... WHEN?!

This post will be completed within 3 days Hello. I'm Aisha. I have been on xat since February 2009, known by many. I have helped peopl...



As of today, the new power HOGMANAY was unlimited in stores for 24 hours so was available for everyone to buy as many as they want ...

The price on TRADE is currently 240 - 260 xats , in contrast to yesterday, the power is more common.

Note: According to key sources, exactly 6830 HOGMANAY powers were sold! 

Update: The price on TRADE has dropped down and is now around 170 - 220 xats. Nobody is buying and a few people are selling.

It seems that in around 2-3 weeks the price will settle so much it will be a rare power such as Gkaliens, Blastde, Kmouse and Matchrace.  

Have a Happy New Year!
- Aisha

HOGMANAY Power 1st Release


Earlier today 42 was on xat_test with the new power, HOGMANAY, with one of the new pawns.

 Around 30 minutes after, the new power was released:

The new power HOGMANAY was released at around **10.00am GMT** .

1000 released costing 255 xats each. LIMITED!

The power didn't have much demand, as it took a staggering 20 minutes to sell out in store, users managing to buy 5-6 because of it! HOWEVER, the price on TRADE was slightly profitable at around 280 - 310 xats, with many users attempting to sell.

A few hours later, the price settled a tiny bit and had increased to become 320 - 380 xats.

But the power had a twist ...


On Sunday the new power will be available to buy (UNLIMITED) for 24 hours ONLY and then it will be LIMITED once again!

This will be just like Magicfx , Stoneage , School , Spaceban and Matchban so it will most likely drop the price. Also, the number of how many were sold will be shown, like in the image below:

Because of this, today (Saturday) there are currently only 1000 HOGMANAY powers on xat, so it is quite rare. Because of this, and the price settling down more, the price has increased and has stayed at 400 - 600 xats.

Also, like promised, here are the new smileys for the power, in shown in order from left to right ...

(hogmanay) (countdown) (firecracker) (firecracker2) (nyballoons) (nyclock) (nyfireworks) (nysparkler) (year)

Also , the (firecracker) pawn is available.

So, what do you think of the new power? Be sure to check our Blog on Sunday for the second and final release of HOGMANAY.
- Aisha



Another year has passed, and yes it has been eventful just like other years on xat. Our Blog has kept on growing and growing, and we want everyone on xat to know and benefit about what we do and what we hope to achieve!

Let's see only some of the things our Blog has achieved / uncovered throughout this year ...

  • 2014 will be coming up to 3 years since our Blog was first created (July 2011).
  • We have uncovered Black Friday 2013 in perfect style, giving our best coverage up to date, with over 30 people giving their support in Screenshots and vital information!
  • Official stat counter gives us 70,000 hits!
  • Polls were announced to give users a sense of humour or just something to think about, our Black Friday poll getting over 55 votes, alot for a small based Blog!
  • and Many more ...

Looks like 2013 was an eventful year, but now it's a new year so let's present you ...

Like with everything, nothing is perfect, and our Blog needs some undergoing changes. So, here's how YOU can help out with some possible rewards ...

Blog Coder
Information: Every year we like to diverse our themes, and 2014 will be no different. If you are good with HTML Coding and is a determined person, you can code our theme which will be staying with us for 12 months and saved on a backup document!
Reward: 1,000 xats

Side-panel Updates
Information: Our widgets and side-panels could look a tad more attractive, as well as a few things being added on the Blog to style it up. If you are a Graphics Designer or familiar with coding, then this could be for you ...
Reward: 500 xats

Fair Trade Updater
Information: Although I know the prices and information, there are some very good Fair-Trade updaters around. Anyone that is willing to be consistent in updating would be suitable for this role, as well as having a good knowledge in prices.
Reward: 500 xats




CREDITS: Special thanks to PAUL from xat_test for providing some new information, such as who had the power and the ID of the power itself!

Just when we thought the new power was going to be BADGE , another unexpected twist occurred as it was confirmed on @xatalert that the new power is actually going to be called HOGMANAY.

The power smiley:


Looks like it's going to be another New Year themed power, eh guys?!

Here are the smilies:

 CREDIT: Source from xatalert.com for the images, special thanks to them!

This is ID Number 266, so it looks like the BADGE power won't be releasing for at least another week ...!

More information will be posted on Saturday.

Any questions leave a comment below or you can find me by typing /f89694323.
- Aisha  

'BADGE' Power Updates ...


The power, 'BADGE' which was confirmed 3 weeks ago, has finally been made available for xat Volunteers !

According to key sources, users on xat_test were acclaiming that the new power was going to be 'Epic'. This also comes after 42 said on the Main chat a few weeks ago that there should be a new Epic power ...

HOWEVER , this is most likely not true.

The price of the power is very high on TRADE , with it being between 1,500 - 4,000 xats, but will be released this weekend (hopefully).

This power is basically like 'DUNCE', except instead of giving a hat, you're giving somebody a badge.

The power also comes with 2 pawns. A sneak peek of what 1 of them looks like ...


More details will be published in a new post after the power is released.

Will you be given a Badge this weekend for your hard work this year...?
- Aisha

'CELEBRATE' Power: Final Updates & 8 Digit Auction!


The newest power, Celebration , was released in stores at around **1.40pm GMT** today.

606 released costing 275 xats each. LIMITED!

The price on TRADE is around 350 - 450 xats , so yes as predicted this power is currently profitable ...

Releases - Each release had around 400 - 600 and each release was between every 3 - 5 hours, costing 275 xats each.

Price - Store price was always 275 xats. The power on TRADE was profitable, but not as much as many would have hoped. The highest it reached was 370 - 420 xats (first release), but has always been 300 xats average.

The price now has stayed at around 270 - 290 xats , so has always been profitable.


Also, there is currently an 8 digit Auction going on, so be sure to bid if you're interested in any of the ID's!

Remember to keep following the Blog for your latest updates!
- Aisha  

Power 266 = 'CELEBRATE'.

Hi Everyone!

This afternoon we discovered that the newest power, 266 was a power to celebrate the upcoming New Year and Christmas (presumably) , which has been CONFIRMED as "CELEBRATE"

It has also been confirmed as a limited power. Here are the smileys shown (can be found on the Banner appearing around xat!)


What do you think of this new power? I like the smileys and the name, it seems like you will be able to make a profit out of it, considering the status.

Be sure to leave a comment with your thoughts, as well as checking our Blog over the weekend for the latest updates on the power releases!
- Aisha

100 KANGEL Powers Release


Because of in our previous post, 42 asked users the official price of KANGEL (200 xats) , and then decided to release some in the Stores!



Breaking News:42 has officially CONFIRMED more powers were added to (allpowers), including some LIMITED powers. You must read here to avoid being Scammed.

At around **3.30pm GMT** users on TRADE were shocked to see new powers added onto the custom (allpowers). 42 was on xat_test and he confirmed that it was 'officially' changed.

The following changes are ... (in order from top to bottom on the Official Powers Page)

Changes: I have cut out the ones that are still limited. ALL the powers shown in this image are the changes to (ALLPOWERS).  

Previously, it was (99p) and the price was around 19,000 - 20,000 xats, but that has now changed.
Estimated New Price -
Allpowers (113p) - 21,000 - 22,000 xats.

Here are the current prices for the newest powers required for (ALLPOWERS):

Stoneage - 60 - 80 xats
Reindeer - 150 - 200 xats
Magicfx - 100 - 120 xats
Phasefx - 140 - 160 xats
Marriage - 180 - 220 xats
Sticky - 150 - 200 xats
Kickall - 300 - 380 xats
Weather - 150 - 200 xats
Kangel - 130 - 180 xats
Autumn - 170 - 200 xats
Eggy - 80 - 100 xats
Blackfriday - 90 - 110 xats
Noel - 130 - 140 xats
Toys - 200 - 220 xats

Also, the TRADE Chatroom has been reset. 

So, what are your reactions to these changes? Be sure to leave a comment below and let me know!
Remember, Don't get Scammed!
- Aisha 

'TOYS' (ID 264) Power Release Details!

Hi Everyone!

This week's power is actually called TOYS and it is ID 264. The price on TRADE before the release was 1,000 - 2,000 xats, and was finally released today.

  2000 released costing 220 xats each. 2 per user! UNLIMITED.
Because everybody knows the power will be available for everyone to buy soon, the price on TRADE is only 210 - 230 xats.


Medal power is actually 'BADGE' Power!

Hi everyone!

Some new confirmation involving the newest power, it is actually called 'BADGE' , compared to what we previously thought (medal).

This will most likely be this weeks power, and had started being testing since last Thursday. Here are some current previews:

This post will be updated for the next few days.
- Aisha  

'NOEL' Power Unlimited!

Hi Guys,

The new power, 'Noel' is now unlimited and is available for everyone to buy in Stores costing 150 xats each:

The smilies are available to check out on the Banner :-)

Remember to keep checking the Blog for further updates on this weeks power, 'BADGE'.
- Aisha

Medal = 'Undefine Ban?'

Hi all!

Some new news uncovering about the upcoming power, 'Medal' , and it seems to be a power similar to (dunce).

It involved 42 and Tom2 , check out these exclusive Screenshots:


What do you think MEDAL power is going to be like? Be sure to leave a comment with your opinions below!
Keep checking this Blog for your latest updates!
- Aisha  

10 'GOLD' , 1000 'NOEL' In Stores and 8 Digit Auction!

Hi Everyone!

At around **1.40pm GMT** Tom2 and 42 were both online at xat_test  , where users were bugging him for Auction and Gold powers ...

He asked why the users wanted Gold, (obviously it was for profit) but users stated the truth that it was 54,000 - 54,500 xats on TRADE. 

Thus, GOLD was released!

10 released costing 50,000 xats

That's not all, though! The newest power, 'NOEL' , was also released in stores for the 3rd time this weekend!

1000 released costing 150 xats each

The price on TRADE before this release was around 200 - 250 xats.
UPDATE: NOEL power will be unlimited shortly, according to sources.

The price on TRADE is now currently 160 - 180 xats:

And finally, an 8 digit Auction was released:

So, there you go! Your Action packed Sunday right here! Be sure to leave a comment if you have any questions.
- Aisha

Power 263- ''NOEL'' (Released)

Hello Guys! Well, i thas been some time!
Today, we found out that power 263 was NOEL.

The volunteers of TOM2 have it, and let's see...

@Xatalert tweeted that all the power info and smilies were posted.

The power 264 ''MEDAL'' says it will be coming out 264th power.

Xatalert's tweetings.

In store!

At xat test...

The smilies!

Update: The new power, 'NOEL' has been releasing in Stores. 

1000 released costing 150 xats . 2 per user!

The price before this release was around 350 - 450 xats.

Now the price is currently 200 - 250 xats.

See you next time!

Power 263 and 265 in Testing!

Hello Everyone!

2 new powers are currently in testing, following last week's decent profit from the previous power, 'Winterland'. (see post below for details!)

First off, is this weeks power, ID 263.

This power has been given to volunteers and helpers on xat, with the current price for the power at 1,500 - 2,500 xats on TRADE. This power will most likely be released this week.

However, there is also ID 265 , which is rumoured to be 'MEDAL'. No other information or confirmation has been given to prove this, but here was TOM2 with both test powers when spotted on xat_test:

Here were the users apparently 'confirming' this...


I wonder what the 2 newest powers are going to be, hopefully something to celebrate this years' Festive Christmas!

If you have any ideas or questions about this topic, why not leave a comment below this post?
Keep checking this blog for all the latest updates, Screenshots, and Gossip. We are the #01 Xat Blog to come to for your information!
- Aisha


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