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It's been a long time ... XAT is dying - question is ... WHEN?!

This post will be completed within 3 days Hello. I'm Aisha. I have been on xat since February 2009, known by many. I have helped peopl...

It's all about ME Guys... 'ME' Power Release! (200 xats)

Hey there guys.

At around **6.00pm BST** the new power, known as ME was released in the Stores! This is Power ID 349.

The price for this new power is 200 xats.

The power was sold out at around 6.20pm. Although this power is currently LIMITED, it will become UNLIMITED within the next few day(s).

The price is currently 250 - 300 xats , but as soon as Demand drops, so will the price.


So, what is this me Power? Well, 42 himself posted on the xat Community Forum asking users about the current xatspaces. After getting over 30 comments of feedback, this power was created intended to please many users.

The ME power lets you have more freedom when editing your xatspaces . You will be able to hide most of the xat advertisement that was originally on your xatspace. There is also more space on your xatspace for you to add components.

Of course, there are always boundaries. You have to keep some form of xat advertisement. You can read the full information here  

Personally, I think this is a great power, and it costs an affordable price for many users as well! However, feel free to leave a comment if you have any quesitons.
- Aisha

This isn't Facebook ... 'POKE' Power!

Hello guys!

This weekend xat has released the newest power called POKE. It is a LIMITED Power which consists of 'Poking-themed smilies' (ouch!)

The POKE power was released on FRIDAY Evening. The price on Friday was 225 xats , with the power being 250 - 280 xats. It was then re-released on SATURDAY for 232 xats.

For each release, users were able to buy over +50 of the new power. Around 200 - 300 were in Stores for per release. Despite this, the power had NO Demand. The price on TRADE during the releases were 220 - 240 xats.

POKE was releasing around every 2 hours . There were xat banners advertising the countdown for each release!

The POKE power has stopped releasing in Stores. There was a total of around 5,000 POKE powers (ESTIMATION). There is still not much demand for the power, but the price is currently roaming around 230 - 250 xats. This power however, is surely expected to drop in price over the next few days.

N.B. Smileys for this new power being posted soon!
So, what do you think of this weeks new power? I'll be doing a new 'Debate post' soon, so stay tuned for that!



The TICKLE power was received to users automatically if they turned on 'Account Locking' for their xat account, boositng more security.

However, with a number of reports of people being LOCKED OUT THEIR XAT ACCOUNT rapidly rising, xat has decided to change this. Read below to find out...


When users turned on Account Locking , it meant they could only access their xat account on that specific Dynamic IP. If they accessed their account on any other IP, then they would be 'Locked out' and be forced to contact a Volunteer unless they returned to their original IP.

So, to promote more users to use


Admins have moved the (TICKLE) power to this setting. 

With technology advancing and many websites doing so, xat of course doesn't want to be left out in the process. So, what does this do and what does it mean for YOU...?

Watch this video to find out more information, such as how to activate this setting, etc. Credits to @xatalert for the video.

Which setting do you prefer? If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below!



The newest power to be released by xat is called BALLOONFX. This is going to be an UNLIMITED power, consisting of different 'Balloon effects'.

There were a few pre-releases for this power before being made available to the public, with each release having different prices. We will list them for you:

Around 1000 were released costing 299 xats .

The price on TRADE after the first release was around 300 - 350 xats.

Almost 24 hours after the first release, the second release happened. The price this time was 260 xats. There was no demand for the new power, with the price becoming 250 - 265 xats on Trade. It took several hours for the second release to be completed.

FINAL UPDATE: The Balloonfx power is now officially UNLIMITED and can now be bought in the stores. The price is now 250 xats.


Now, what does this power do? Well, as mentioned above it consits of different 'Balloon-styled Effects'. The following smileys will be posted along with the codes below:

So, that is all to explain. Stay tuned for information on next weeks power!
- Aisha

Xat, New 'MICROBE' Power! [SOLD OUT]


This blob of cuteness is the newest thing to make it to xat, and the new power was released this weekend!

The name of this new power is called MICROBE and it is another LIMITED Power.

MICROBE costs 250 xats in the stores.

Like all of the recent Limited powers the past month, this power does not have much demand. The price after the first release was 270 - 320 xats, but then dropped to become 250 - 260 xats.

The total quantity is currently NOT KNOWN. We are aware that around 200 - 300 were releasing every 3 hours , with users ending up being able to buy up to over 15 of them at once!

The price on TRADE currently is 220 - 250 xats.

Smileys for the MICROBE power will be posted soon.
- Aisha     

Xat 'NICK' Power!




This weekend xat decided to give us another LIMITED Power. The name of this power is called AQUATIC.

AQUATIC cost 250 xats in the stores. 

Within the first few releases, this power was quite profitable. The price had increased to become 300 - 350 xats with a few Traders deciding to invest in the power...

We are currently NOT SURE on the total quantity released for this power. Whenever this information is confirmed, we will let you know.

However, the Demand for the AQUATIC power decreased and so did the price. The price on TRADE is currently 150 - 200 xats.

SMILEYS:  (aquatic) (aqanchor) (aqbubbles) (aqfish) (aqseahorse) (aqsealove) (aqseastar) (aqshark) (aqsubmarine)

- Aisha

Blog Update.

EDIT: The Blog is now being updated. This post will be deleted when all updates have been completed.

Once again, thank you for your patience. 

Xat is now fixed for me and I can now come back to working on the Blog.

I will update the Blog with activities missed from the last 2-3 weeks within the next few days. I thank all of you who were waiting patiently.
- Aisha

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