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How To Play Codeban

Codeban is the 5th gameban power to be released on xat. It costs 250 xats in the stores and is an unlimited and group power!

If you're wanting to play Codeban, then read the following guide to help you out with all the information!

Aim: You must try and break the code in order to get yourself un-banned. The faster you complete the code, the better it is. The following below will show you how to break the code! 

When you are first Codebanned, it will have the following steps shown above. I am currently doing a 1 hour Codeban, which is the easiest to try and complete.

Get yourself ready to try and break the code, as the time counts down...! (5 seconds)

As you can see, the following 3 smileys will come up for the 1 hour ban. You must try and crack the code. This is a trial and error type of Gameban, and revolves around luck! As you can see above, that was an error. If you get the reverse sign, you got the code wrong.

If you can see the highlighted tick above, you have gotten the code correct. However, you haven't fully finished the code yet! If you get one wrong, you have to start over. Also, what you might have gotten correct before, does not mean that it will be correct the next time...

 Here is what a general Codeban situation can look like. You may have gotten some correct, but it doesn't make any difference to the code.

This is what a double error looks like. This can tend to happen, but just try again, because you won't lose or anything!

Note: When you get a smiley with 2 ticks next to them, then you have successfully completed the Code and you will be automatically un-banned. It will show the following time you got below...

Above me was a random person completing a Codeban! They were doing a 10 hour version, which took them longer!

The average time for a 1 hour Codeban is around 2-8 seconds. If you get any higher, don't worry, just keep trying! 

If you have anymore questions about what Codeban is, and how to get a good score, leave a comment below! Also, if you'd like to try the game for yourself, click the link: Codeban 


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