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It's been a long time ... XAT is dying - question is ... WHEN?!

This post will be completed within 3 days Hello. I'm Aisha. I have been on xat since February 2009, known by many. I have helped peopl...

New Blog Page Coming Soon!

Hey guys!

I was thinking, and I decided that sometime next month, I'm going to make a new page to do with glitches and errors that have happened recently on xat, as we have had 3-4 so far this month.

Leave a comment if you think it's a good idea! Will it be a good beneficial?

Buying Xat Chat Glitch

On Saturday, there was a serious issue for some people, and I only knew about it yesterday. 

Apparently, ALL of the active chats were on sale, except for official xat chats, which were Trade, Help, Ajuda, Ayuda, Cambio, Xatchats, Contests, etc. The biggest impacts were the popular cp chats, which were Riffy888, YodaAds, TrackCP, and LebronJR.

Lebron's chat was estimated to be bought for 1,800 xats. It was bought by someone called 'Zebre' who had a red nameglow and his xat id name was cpkingpin2...

The chats managed to get restored, thanks to Brian's help for contacting 42, but Lebron's chat was still in trouble.

He had resetted the chat, and made him and Graser 10 a Main Owner, including 2 others. He had apparently become a Main on the affected chat, TrackCP.

He was acting innocent, because apparently if the chat is restored, the person who bought the chat doesn't get a refund.

Apparently, it's now all Sorted. Were you involved? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Spy 2nd Release

Apparently, xat had released the Spy power at 8pm EST time, which is midnight for the UK.

4,000 were released costing 400 xats each, and then dropping down to 200 xats. The price it was before it came out that I saw it at was 250-300 xats.

**NOTE** Credit to the Trade Moderator Cheese for the picture!

Did you get the power? Check the other post for the smileys! It is a LIMITED power, 7,000 in total, and is at the price of 200-210 xats on Trade!


SPY Power In Store NOW!

At 4.15pm GBT Time, xat released power 164 also known as the 'SPY' power!

3,000 were released, costing 250 xats each in the stores. 1 PER USER every 4 minutes! Tomorrow, 4,000 more will be released, with the price being dropped, starting at a random price!

It will be a limited power!

As we are always fully updated, look below for the latest updates on the SPY power...!

Update 1: The price is currently 250-300 xats, and there are 2209 Remaining! (4.18pm)

Update 2: SPY is selling out very slowly, but there are buyers on Trade for 260-290 xats. (4.30pm)

FINAL UPDATE: The SPY Power is ALL sold out! It went at 4.45pm GBT Time and it currently costs 300 - 320 xats!


SPY comes with smileys themed to be an Agent. Here are the following smileys in order from left to right...
(crosshair) (folder) (footprints) (headset) (keyhole) (keypad) (peeking) (radar) (spydrink) (spyeye) (spying) (spypaper) (spyrope)

What do you think? Are you going to buy one now, or wait until the final set tomorrow? There will be 7,000 altogether! Leave me a comment nd let me know!


Power 164 Confirmed as SPY!

It's Saturday afternoon, and I have just managed to confirm from the Help and Trade chats that the new power '164' is called 'SPY'.

It was rumoured to be before, but it's now fully confirmed.

It will most likely be limited and could go into testing form.

At the moment, I only caught 1 person with the test power. Nobody on Help and Trade had it. Here's the picture:

What do you think of this power? Could you be sneaky with it? Leave a comment and let me know!

Nikki's Birthday Party Details!

To make up for Becky's missed bday I couldn't attend to, I have decided to make another for Nikki, who's been a very good/old friend to me.

Here are all the details you need to know about the party:

Date: Sunday 29th January 2012
Time: Arrive at 5.30pm, but it will officially start at 5.45pm GMT.
Place: AishaSites chat.
Hosts: Aisha & Orgal.
VIP: Becky, Knitted

NOTE: Chat VIP's will be a Moderator. There will be a detailed scheldule of the events on the day later today.

If you are able to come, or like to host any contests, please leave a comment and I will get back to you. 

I hope to make this special. It will be small, and end at 7.15pm GMT Time.   



Power 164 In Testing!

Hey guys!

Today, I saw someone on Trade holding the new upcoming power! Take a look!

It is currently known as '164'. It is most likely going to be a limited power, but we are not sure on what it does. Info will be posted as soon as we receive it.

What do you think it will be? If you have any ideas, leave a comment and let me know!

AishaSites Chat Reset Soon!

I have not resetted the chat since the start of December, and to keep it updated and progressed, I have decided to reset the chat on the 1st February (next Wednesday).

Before, you would only be a Member if you were registered to xat.com. Now, that is no longer applied.

Member: *Rank can be earned at various times, but will usually last at least 2 weeks, before taking consideration.
  • You must be signed up as an Author on the official AishaSites blog. You can ask me for details. It's not just done like that!
  • You can earn it by being helpful around the chat, and reporting rebellious users.
  • Be active every day and join along the fun that we bring!   
The chat will not reset for at least another month. If you are caught abusing the rank, you will be guested and banned forever from the chat. You will also lose your authorisation on the blog.

Please take caution, that Owners and Moderators will most likely stay the same as it was before. Me and Orgal will be the ONLY Main Owners.

Xat Server Down!

Today, something odd had happened...

When you trade with another user, it doesn't seem to work when you both Accept. Here is a picture of what happens...

System Error 20 - You have to re-login to your xat account @the official login page.

However, apparently you are not able to re-login to your account. The whole xat server is down, and it's probably going to get fixed the next day! *hopefully* . Everyone is doing false trade, but it's a rule now, so they'll end up getting banned...!

Have you tried trading today? If so, have you also received this problem? If you do, leave a comment and let me know, and I can try help you out! 

UPDATES: Xat is now experiencing logging into chat problems. It says that it cannot connect. Keep trying. (6.30pm)


Just a Quick Hello!
Hey Guys Orgal here. Well I'm the new author on AishaSites. I have decided to work here as I think this site can be the best xat site on the web! I have helped on recent projects that Aisha has worked on such as his first xat chat (Cpboys) and his ClubPenguin Blog (Club Digger).

So anyway to the point. I will mainly be working on the events side of things. Any events held either here or on www.xat.com/aishasites will be hosted and created by me. I will be making regular events which anyone can participate in. Please post any ideas you have for a contest. You never know, it may be chosen and I will reference you as the person who came up with the idea.

I will also be posting discussions about Xat and this blog itself. I aim to get aishasites followers to get together and communicate.

Any extras Aisha wishes for me to do I will do as well as manage the site itself. 

Yeah I went on a bit... Best wishes and keep visiting!


Hey guys!

The new power is now out in the stores unlimited costing 250 xats!

The highest price it reached was only 500-550 xats, maybe because they knew it would be out for lower, and that it wasn't limited.

For full info about this power, check our other post!

New MagicFX Pawn!

Apparently, you can now use a special pawn when you buy MagicFX! Take a look!

I was on my chat, when I had just noticed it! It looks cool, doesn't it?! Just like the Scifi power! MagicFX is currently 170 - 190 xats on Trade!

Power 162 CODEBAN Released!

Around 3pm GBT Time, xat had released the new power 162 called Codeban into the stores!

Xat had released 500 as a limited supply as it is still currently in testing. It was 400 xats, and is 400 - 450 xats on Trade at the moment! Later on, there will be another release, where the price will drop to 250 xats!

It's quite obvious by the name, but yes, it is a Game Ban, where you must complete a game code in order to get yourself un-banned. It is also a group power as well as it being unlimited!

I let my girlfriend have an attempt in trying this new game ban, and she claims it's easy! I asked her to take a picture of it for me, and she did! Now you can see what it's like!
She had completed a 1hr in 8 seconds, and 10hr in 13 seconds! 

What do you think? Does it seem good to try out?! Did you manage to get one when in testing?! Leave a comment and let me know!

UPDATE 1: Xat have already put the picture of Codeban in the stores! (3.32pm)


Everyone is desperate to sell the power, it's clear that it's not going to be such a big raise/profit as Magicfx was, that reached 1200 - 1300 xats! 

UPDATE 2: CodeBan is now 380 - 400 xats. There will not be any more updates on the power. 

Power 162 Currently in TESTING!

Hey guys!

I was on Trade today, and I saw Christina with the new power that's currently in testing, take a look and see!

Power 163 was the limited powerr Magicfx, which was a huge profit for some. (around 3000 - 5000 xats)

What do you think this power is going to be? So far, there's been no non-limited powers that have been released in 2010, It's all been limited! Will they do 4 in a row? Comment if you have any ideas!

 Black Friday Updates
Were you lucky enough to even make a small amount of profit? The rares have dropped even more, and since Christmas is finished, Snowy has once again become 300 - 350 xats, after being 600 - 700 xats! Here are the powers that have dropped.

Fade = 1575 - 1600 xats
Six = 3250 - 3300 xats
Clear = 2950 - 3000 xats

When are you going to buy these rares while they last cheap? It's almost been 2 months since it happened, but last year, it took 5 months for powers like Fade to raise from 2900 - 2950 xats to 4000 - 4200 xats. What do you think?

Have you ever experienced the following...
- Kept a power, but it got so cheap that you sold it, but then it rose soon after?
- Chosen the wrong power when it was cheap, and didn't get the same results as the power you should've bought?
- Got scammed through prices due to powers falling so rapidly.
If so, leave a comment and let me know! Best story recieves 200 xats!    

CpBoys' 3rd Anniversary Party!

The chat was created in February 2009, but I had sadly forgotten the specific date that it was made, so...

I am planning to hold a chat party on a random day on the month it was created on. The chat has had so many good memories, and has been very popular at times. It's been through drama, promotion, and has one of the rarest CP Chat names.

Here is what you will experience if the party does go in hand...
- Game requests can be made! Snakeban, Spaceban, Mazeban and Matchban will be ALL available! For people who would like to hold game ban contests, 
- There will be around 1-2 hours promotion to get the chat really picking up! 
- Moderators and Owners will be made, through small contests such as 1 hour Snakeban, as long as you have the maturity to keep that specified rank, that is!
- Play staff in Connect 4 matches, to win small prizes! If you are found cheating, you will be disqualified! (more info soon)

These are only some of the things that may happen for the party. There may also be Background Contests, and more! If you are interested in coming, it will be held (obviously), at http://www.xat.com/CpBoys. The date has not been confirmed, but will be posted around the end of January.

Hope you can come!
~ Aisha
Ex- Trade Moderator & Jmann93sHangout Owner
Ex- Xattrade Editor
Aishasites Administrator     


You would have thought that this power would be successful for its cool smiley, and because it reached the price of 1200 - 1300 xats, just like the Manga power, didn't you? Well, you're wrong, because...

Stoneage had over 19,500 bought from the stores, but now it has been overtaken with a record breaking 26,400 MagicFX powers being bought, and over 5,000 were purchased in only 15 minutes!

The power is now limited, and was sold out at 1.30pm GBT Time. It won't release again, and was unlimited for 24 hours. Users were able to buy as many as they want.

It was originally 200 xats in stores. This power is clearly to see that it'll fail, but will it break another record and go under 100 xats? We'll keep you updated with the Fair Trading Guide as we go!

MAGICFX Released!

At around 1-1.30pm GBT Time, xat re-released power 163 also known as the MAGICFX power!

Because it had reached a huge price of 1200 - 1300 xats, over 5,000 were bought in only 15 minutes! It has been 3 hours and over 13,000 have been bought! Will this be like another Stoneage?!

It will be unlimited in the stores for 24 hours, and then will not release again. This power is limited and currently costs 195 - 200 xats on Trade.

The power just lets you add a cool effect just like the one shown in the picture to any smiley that you use it with. e.g. (cool#magicfx) FX means Effects.

What do you think? It looks cool, huh? Leave a comment and let me know! 

Power 163 Is MAGICFX!

It has been confirmed that power 163 is going to be MAGICFX! Here is what it looks like...

It says that it will be released tomorrow, but has no specific time or if it has already been released.
UPDATE: 1,000 were released last night on Advanced Testing. It came out costing 200 xats each! It went out quickly.

You are not able to do anything with the power at the moment, but it will all be confirmed once it has been released properly. You can just have the smiley.

Here is someone who managed to buy it when it released.

Because of its cool smiley, It's now at the price of 1000 - 1300 xats. Purple has been dropped to 21800 - 22000 xats.

What do you think of the smiley? Looks cool? We'll keep you updated when it next releases. It only will release one other time!

Black Friday Power Updates

So, it's been around 6 weeks since the profit season happened in 2011 on xat. Let's reflect the prices, and how it went.

Review before Black Friday
In my opinion, I think that this year's Black Friday went downhill. This was because everyone knew about it happening 4 months before, and prices dropped incredibly low 2 weeks before the powers were going to release! For example, Fade was 2800 - 2900 before, but had then became 2000 - 2100 the day before Black Friday!

Angel had the biggest impact. It was 8000 - 8500 xats, and had become 6000 - 6500 before the release. 

Review during Black Friday
It took 36 hours for all of the 12 limited powers to run out of stock. Christmas and Diamond were the first to go, which were incredibly cheap. Boot was next, which was a pointless release, though it did become 10k a week later!

Fade was slow, along with Angel and Six. Angel went out higher than what it was on Trade before the release, and Fairy, Sins, Angry were also bad. Angry was the 4th to go.

Review after Black Friday
Almost all of the powers rose for at least a week. Six went up to 4000 - 4100 xats, Angel went high to 8000 - 8100, Fade went up a tiny bit to 1900 - 2000, Diamond was good and rose to 1500 - 1600, Fairy too with it being 1950 - 2050, and Gag was not so good @1300 - 1400, same with Sins being that price.

Review now
All of the powers have failed deeply. Here are what the powers were, and what they are now...

Name of power: 
Price after Black Friday: 1300 - 1350 xats
Price now: 1000 - 1050 xats
Price after Black Friday: 1500 - 1600 xats
Price now: 1150 - 1200 xats
Price after Black Friday: 1900 - 2000 xats
Price now: 1650 - 1700 xats
Price after Black Friday: 4000 - 4100 xats
Price now: 3500 - 3550 xats
Price after Black Friday: 8000 - 8100 xats
Price now:  7600 - 7700 xats
Price after Black Friday: 1350 - 1400 xats
Price now: 1300 - 1350 xats
Price after Black Friday: 1550 - 1650 xats
Price now: 1300 - 1350 xats
Price after Black Friday: 2000 - 2100 xats
Price now: 1900 - 2000 xats
Price after Black Friday: 3200 - 3250 xats
Price now: 3000 - 3050 xats

So, what do you think? Are these  

Power 163 In Testing...!

Today, I saw someone with the new power 163 that is currently in testing. Take a look, and see...!

What do you think this power is going to be? Leave a comment and let me know if you have any ideas!

CAN 4th & Final Release!

This morning at around 6.30-6.45am, CAN returned to the stores!

It is not being bought anymore, and has lost demand! Keep in track with the power here...

Update 1: CAN has been 208 xats for almost 2 hours, and there are still 480 Remaining! It is currently 208 - 215 xats on Trade! (10am)

Power also comes along with a hat pawn!

It is also similar to the PUNCH power, and you can use it to make yellow CAN smilies! Basically, it's just a limited version to the power! Here is what it was like with past releases...

1st release - Stopped at 320 xats, and became 350-400 xats on Trade!
2nd release - Stopped at 272 xats, and became 200 - 300 xats on Trade!
4th release - Nobody buys anymore, and has stopped at 208 xats!    

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