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It's been a long time ... XAT is dying - question is ... WHEN?!

This post will be completed within 3 days Hello. I'm Aisha. I have been on xat since February 2009, known by many. I have helped peopl...

NEW Power 281.


Yesterday we had told you that Volunteers had received the ID 278 , which would most likely be this weekends power.

HOWEVER, this afternoon another new ID was spotted. This number is 281.


According to key sources, only a few users have this new power. Tom2 and Spell are currently the only known ones we are aware of.

Update: According to key sources, (Enter) this power is supposed to be something 'big', perhaps an EPIC power.


Keep checking the Blog for further updates.
- Aisha

Power 278 - 'TONGUES' Release! (20 GOLDS too)


This afternoon the new test power was released and spotted. This weeks number is 278.

The price is currently 1,500 - 2,500 xats on TRADE. 

At around **11.00am GMT** , the new power was released. Earlier it had been confirmed to be named 'TONGUES'.

1000 released costing 290 xats each. LIMITED!

The price is around 300 - 320 xats for every release. Currently there have been 4 releases, with around 3000 in total. There is a Banner declaring the time. Remember, it is also 1 per user.


Also, more GOLD powers were released. 20 were in stores, meaning the demands and price has dropped even more!

The current price is 53,000 - 53,500 xats. It is most certain to be released once again next Saturday at the same time.

Also, last week there was an update to the Allpowers requirements. Instead of 114p, it is now known as 118p. 4 new powers have been added which are the following:

Trade price: 150 - 170 xats 

Trade price: 180 - 220 xats
Trade price: 150 - 170 xats

Trade price: 170 - 200 xats

Average value (4 powers)
600 - 700 xats  

The following changes to the ALLPOWERS itself:

Allpowers 114p (PREVIOUSLY)
20,000 - 21,000 xats

Allpowers 118p (NOW)
21,000 - 21,500 xats

Alot of demand has been lost though, since the 99p Allpowers set. This is because new powers are now constantly being added at a faster rate!

- Aisha  

New Power, "SPRINGFLIX" Release! (and 25 GOLDS)


Today TOM2 decided to release the newest power quite early, 'SPRINGFLIX'. This power has been released in small quantities, assuming it is still in 'testing'.

There have been 3 releases. In total, there are less than 500. The price is 250 xats each.

Although it is most likely that the new power will be unlimited as well as a GROUP power, it is currently LIMITED.

The price on TRADE is currently between 350 - 450 xats, so a fair share of profit.


ALSO, at around **5.00pm GMT** some GOLD powers were released into the stores. 25 were out costing 50,000 xats each!

The price before the release was 54,500 - 54,800 xats , but has now dropped down to 53,500 - 54,500 xats. Although the price has not changed from each release, demand has dropped significantly as users now expect a weekly release, just like when it was 56k last year.

FINAL UPDATE: Springflix has now become unlimited.

- Aisha 


Power 278 = 'SPRINGFLIX'.


This afternoon Volunteers were given the ID 279, however it is confirmed to be 278, which has recently been confirmed as 'SPRINGFLIX'.

TOM2 was seen on both accounts testing, with a few users testing the 'Matchrace APP', so it is most likely going to be a game power.

Keep checking our Blog for further updates! Meanwhile, be sure to leave a thought on what you think on another possible game.
- Aisha

First day of Spring: 'SPRING' Power Price DOWN!!!


As many of you will already know, today is the first day of spring. No SPRING powers have been released, but there is no point to be honest, as KENIS started selling his 6,500 SPRING powers.

KENIS was buying some more SPRING powers along with a few other users, with the price being 800 - 1,000 xats. This was 2 weeks ago.

KENIS has been selling his SPRING powers. It is estimated that he has sold around 1,000 of them so far. The following users which have alot ...

Firar - 459 SPRING powers.
Tamer - 199 SPRING powers.
Lucky - 100 SPRING powers
Beet - 100 SPRING powers
Amir - 70 SPRING powers
Aisha - 100 SPRING powers  SOLD

The price is currently 350 - 450 xats, and as it looks, the power seems like it could drop down further.



It pretty much shows you how much things can change in just a day. Basically we could say the power was released by a user!

We'll keep you updated within the next few days.
- Aisha 


EXCLUSIVE: Smiley Bar Makeover...?


This afternoon I decided to log into xat_test to say hello to some people, when I had discovered that the smiley bar had seemed a bit different in appearance! This was also when I saw Mihay a xat Volunteer posting some smileys!

Take a look:

Some users told me that they looked more 'cartoon' , and as these smileys are currently only available on official xat chats , I decided to take a screenshot and compare the appearances of both!

Comparison: On the top is what the smiley bar currently looks like, and on the bottom is what it might become!  


So, there we go. I think some of them look pretty cool, but there are some I prefer to stay the same!

Be sure to leave a comment with your thoughts and opinions below!
- Aisha

Xat "Are you Human?" Glitch! (NOW FIXED)


Last night, some users who were signed in on official xat chats including me, were brought up with a new Glitch.

Before signing in, the site would constantly bring up the "Are you Human?" link with a whole load of tabs coming up with the quiz you need to complete. However, when you complete the test instead of signing you in, it continues to spam your computer with tabs of the same thing.

Update: The problem is now fixed.

Keep checking our Blog for any further xat Glitches.
- Aisha  

Power 276 = 'LUCK Power'


Yesterday Volunteers were given ID 277 but it was actually confirmed to be power 276. This morning, it was known to be a power named 'Luck'. This is to celebrate this years St. Patrick's Day.

At around **12.00pm GMT** this weekends power was released.

  1,000 released costing 300 xats each. LIMITED!

If you read above, not only are you able to buy the power, you are also given a chance to buy the IRISH power at 75% off store price.

If you win, you should see this ...
Special thanks to NOAH  Testing (500327678) for providing me these screenshots:

Note: The IRISH power was 750 - 850 xats on xat.com/trade.

3.35pm - The price on TRADE is currently profitable with it being 300 - 350 xats. 

1000 more were released costing 300 xats each. The price on TRADE still remains 300 - 320 xats. A few seconds after LUCK was put into stores, 10 GOLD powers were in stores costing 50k each.
The price of GOLD remains at 54,000 - 54,500 xats, with not many users currently buying the power.

The price has slightly decreased to become around 600 - 700 xats on TRADE. This is because of the 75% chance. 

MANY powers have increased in price, and because of this, 'Everypower' has gone up to become 253,000 - 256,000 xats.

The following changes are ...

Poker: 700 - 900 xats
Aliens: 1000 - 1300 xats
Gkbear: 800 - 1000 xats
Angry: 6000 - 6200 xats 
Kmouse: 2000 - 2800 xats    
Gkaliens: 4000 - 5000 xats   

The new power currently costs around 250 - 280 xats on Trade, and yes it is also sold out. The demand is very little, could possibly decrease in price over the next few days. 

Be sure to leave a comment on your opinions on the LUCK power and how you can try get the Irish power as well!
- Aisha  

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