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It's been a long time ... XAT is dying - question is ... WHEN?!

This post will be completed within 3 days Hello. I'm Aisha. I have been on xat since February 2009, known by many. I have helped peopl...

DROP has Dropped ... Not just THAT!


I apologise for leaving this post blank!

Anyway ...

I'm sure that you remember the power ... DROP . A bit of controversy, with it reaching the peak of 33,000 xats on the debut of release ... well not anymore!

A couple of days ago the price was at 2,300 - 2,500 xats and had settled at that for a couple of weeks ... well ...


Yes, this has been CONFIRMED by at least 5 people I talked to on TRADE. He has , and that is why the power has dropped!

It has now stayed at around 1,000 - 1,100 xats but could drop more...

UPDATE: DROP has decreased price even more over the last couple of days , but as the price has now settled I can now confirm the price to be between 900 - 950 xats ... very cheap if you think about it!

It COULD raise ... depending on demand.

Meanwhile , I'm sure you all also remember the KMOUSE power! Well , being how stupid users can be (no offence intended) the price has increased overnight from 900 - 1100 xats to what is now currently between 2,000 - 2,600 xats!

Yes, you've read ... It's increased by more than DOUBLE it's original price!


Please be aware for scammers.

Safe Trading!

Blog Poll BROKEN ...

Hi guys,

Last week I finally set up a new blog poll. Sadly .... there's been a problem.

Every day the votes go back to 0 , which is why nobody has voted on it yet. So , this is what I've decided to do ...

Starting on May 3rd , I will set up an official Author Application post asking if we should have more Authors that will last for around 2 - 3 weeks as the poll was based on this.

On June 1st the application itself will be available for another 2 weeks. More detail on that later in May.

Sorry for any problems this may have caused.

SASA Owner on Trade!

New Owner made at 9am BST ...


EXCLUSIVE: Auction for 'M ID's?'


This morning Carbon pointed out to me that Tom2 was possibly thinking of releasing some M ID's into Auction!

Evidence for this? Well , we obviously don't post without any form of proof!

So this morning I went to check the forums and saw Mihay published a post asking users what kind of M ID's they wanted to be released into Auction;

What M ID would you like to see in Auction? Leave a comment to let me know! :-D

8 & 7 Digit Auctions & GOLD Release!

Hey all!

Tom2 decided to release some 8 digits yesterday morning at **10.30am BST** . The final bids for all the ID's were at an average of between 40,000 - 60,000 xats.

Late last night he then released 7 digits which ends at **10.00am BST SUNDAY** . The average bids for all the ID's are around 80,000 - 100,000 xats!

ALSO ...

At **12.00am BST** on Sunday morning Tom2 wanted to release some more GOLD powers for the people in America, presumibly.

x50 released costing 50,000 xats each.

The price has dropped even more and is now around 52,000 - 52,500 xats ... which means that eventually the power will drop down less than 51k!

Hope you got one!

Power 228 'LED Release'!

Hey guys,

At around **10.15am BST** Tom2 released the newest power , which was also known as LED (POWER 228)


x200 released costing 250 xats each.

So the way this is going , I'm guessing there's going to be around 6000 released by the time the power is unlimited ... and that the price will be very high.

Here's the power in stores,

The power sold out very fast. There is a countdown for the new power , but the releases take a long time.


10.15pm - 200 released costing 250 xats each. [✔]
The cost on Trade has increased to around 400 - 500 xats and is expected to increase more later during the day if small amounts keep releasing.

4.20pm - 200 released costing 250 xats each. [✔]
The price has increased by double the amount as the cost on Trade is now between 800 - 900 xats , and could raise later on.

7.00am  - 200 released costing 250 xats each. [✔]
The price has dropped down slightly and is now currently between the reaches of 650 - 800 xats , but still at an expensive price.


9.07pm BST

4.00pm - The price has dropped and is now between 650 - 700 xats on Trade , and has lost some demand.

7.10pm - RELEASED!
The price has now dropped even more and is now currently between 450 - 550 xats , and is expected to drop even more as the releases come.  


So there you have it! The average price for the power is 800 xats. If you want to buy the power in stores , make sure you're extremely fast!

ALSO ... 

GOLD had also been released into the stores the same time as LED was! (10.15am BST) .

x50 released costing 50,000 xats

The price on Trade dropped down from 53,000 - 53,300 xats back to 52,600 - 52,850 xats , so not by much.

Did you manage to get yourself a LED or GOLD power? What are your thoughts on it? Leave a comment to let me know!

My Pencil broke ... Power 228 is 'LED'.

Note: This post will be fully detailed tomorrow , with images and gossip. Here is a rough knowledge on the new power.

Hey guys!

On Thursday we all saw the new power 228 being testing. Well, today (friday evening) it was confirmed to be LED.

Here I managed to catch somebody with the new power on xat_test ;

Not what you expected it to look like, eh? That's what I thought too! Well , apparently this is an FX power , which we haven't seen in a while, so will be awesome!


Type a message with 'LED lighted effects' , which can be up to 12 characters long (like num I assume?) which you can also add different colours too! Awesome!

This power also comes with a free pawn! (posted saturday)

There is also a generator that users can use. This will be posted tomorrow as well with more info.

So, what do you think of the power? There'll be more information soon! It seems a good power, but I know it'll be expensive!

Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts and opinions about the new power!

'SKETCH' Release

About time!

Release 1: At **12.00am BST** or **7.00pm EST** 42 finally released the newest power , SKETCH (227)

According to sources from xatalert ...

x2000 released costing 200 xats each.


The power is now currently LIMITED ;

The current price on Trade is now between 400 - 450 xats (Sunday 8.30am) , so you should've been able to make a profit if you managed to buy in stores.

Release 2: At around **10am BST** (Sunday) SKETCH had been spotted in the stores available for users to buy!

Around 2000 were released costing 200 xats each.

A friend of mine gave me this screenshot and let me use it for my site , so credits to her! (name published tomorrow)

Obviously now the release went quite slow , with the price being 220 - 240 xats during the release.

The current price is now around 280 - 330 xats , so has increased throughout the day.


This power is highly likely to be UNLIMITED as there is no limited notice on the banner with no countdown and there was no announcement on the release.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the power! Leave a comment below and be sure to let me know c:

New Poll!

Hey guys!

After several weeks , I've finally added a new poll .

You can only select ONE ANSWER , and I'd like you all to be as truthful as you can , as I am thinking of improving our blog even FURTHER for the summer period.

The poll can be found here on the blog:


Thanks for your support! :D

Try and Sketch THIS ... Power 227 is 'SKETCH'.

Okay , so maybe I'm not such a good drawer , I admit ... but that's why I'm thinking of buying myself the newest power , SKETCH .

Want to see the smiley yourself? Here it is along with this mini comical 'sketch' itself! Haha , get it?

'Forest background' not used for money but for entertainment purposes ONLY.

This was confirmed at around **3.30pm BST** on xat_test and the smiley was spotted on Xatworld and has been posted on the xat_test blog. This power is indeed ID 227 .

Update (4.07pm) - Sooky spotted with the new power, where the smiley now shows;


Opinion is split about this power , users liking it but I managed to also catch a few not liking it. Here's what a few people said;

Like it says above , this power is a smiley power , so obviously comes along with Sketchy smilies. The smilies will be posted on the blog as soon as the power is released!

So , what are we expecting? Here's a mock edit I did to show you what it looks like when the power is in stores!

I hope that's accurate for you!

Here's my view on the power;

AISHA'S VIEW: So , the smiley itself looks strange to me. Why? It may sound weird, but it doesn't seem too graphic compared to the other ones. Obviously the graphics aren't top notch for any of these powers. I predict the cost will be 250 xats and will be a LIMITED power. I see it being a profit after the first release obviously due to there not many around , but it also depends on the Twitter announcement and how many are released in total.

UPDATE 2: (4.30pm) - A banner for the new power SKETCH has been added , with the smilies. People assume that it's going to be unlimited as there is no countdown and no 'LIMITED' next to it!

A while ago Tom2 also posted the smilies on the main chat to see if they were showing;

And finally , some more drama with the same questions being asked;

A user spotted on Trade trying to sell the power with the smiley!

Another user selling;


So , that's roughly my view on the power , what's yours? Leave a comment below and let me know, I'd love to hear shared views! c:


Power 227 in TESTING!

Hey guys,

On Thursday afternoon xat Volunteers had been given the newest number 227 , which should be confirmed around Friday evening.

Here's an image of a user caught with it and attempting to sell, (Thursday):

The price was between 2000 - 3000 xats , with Mihay selling it for 3,000 xats at the time , pretty expensive don't you think?

FRIDAY: ID 227 is still quite expensive , but as the power will be released either this evening or tomorrow afternoon , the price has dropped to between 1,800 - 2,000 xats .

Here are some users still trying to sell:

Business on Trade this week has been the same , except for Independence having the most demand. Let's start with that ... 

Ghostthunder was buying all of them on the main chat , quite high , raising the price from 450 - 500 xats up to 600 - 700 xats . Because of this , he ended up having around 400 Independence powers to keep!

However , many users now have alot , and are trying to sell for 600 each. The price has now gone down to 550 - 600 xats but is still quite expensive.

SPRING has finally settled down abit. After 2 weeks ago reaching 500 - 550 xats and being popular , users have stopped buying and it's now around 300 - 400 xats , with users just sellling a bunch of them.

And finally , GOLD has slightly dropped from 53,000 - 53,200 xats to around 52,900 - 53,000 as it's most likely going to release tonight!

So , now I must ask you , what do you think ID 227 is? Be sure to leave a comment and let me know!


Hi all!

On Friday evening , 42 decided to release the newest power KCOW as well as some GOLD powers ...

Let's start off with KCOW;

x1000 originally released costing 275 xats . LIMITED! (THIS IS JUST A PREDICTION)

There's a banner counting down the release. We assume that the power releases every 7 hours .

We're not sure on how many originally released but I managed to catch one of the releases at **9.15pm BST** . Here's a few photos I managed to take on my Ipod Touch;

The power was originally profitable as the prices rose but had dropped down to 450 - 550 xats after the 1st release.

On the second release , the price dropped down to around 380 - 400 xats . On Sunday morning another release occured and the price has decreased greatly and is now 280 - 300 xats , so hardly much of a profit.

The releases were going like cupcakes , and I'm not sure how many per user as the banner requires flash , but I am sure that you will be able to obtain more when the latter releases occur ...


GOLD had also been released , users such as Mihay told me.

x50 released costing 50,000 xats each.

Because of this , the next day the price had dropped down from 53,400 - 53,600 xats down to an incredibly low 52,700 - 52,900 xats compared to what it was a couple of weeks ago. (56k)

The price has now slightly increased to 52,900 - 53,100 xats but the power is still quite low compared to last week.

Did you buy GOLD or KCOW? You'll still be able to buy KCOW from store if you've missed , the next release is at accuratley 1.25 - 1.26 pm BST OR 8.25 - 8.26 am EST



Well well well , I never thought I would see the virtual day ...

When this blog had first opened , we had used and still do use .blogspot.com as I believe this blog isn't popular enough to buy myself a domain, and I can't be bothered to get a free one.

Xat accused this of a phish site due to it having 'blogspot' before the .com . Well , Paul told me on xat_test a few days ago that my site now works!


I hope to see a rise in statistics throughout the next few weeks :-)

Power 226 is KCOW!

Hey all!

Yep , it looks like we're going to have the Animal powers back with us again ...!

Yesterday afternoon we had spotted ID 226 on Trade with a few users trying to sell the number , but today it was no longer a number ... but instead the newest power; KCOW! MOO!

This follows up the last power , KFOX , which was quite a profit , so maybe we shouldn't be so hard on this new power.

Just in case you were wondering , here's Cupim with the new power which also has the smiley now!

Being as this is another smiley power , it obviously comes with 'Cow Smilies'. These will be posted when the power itself has been released.

Users are still trying to sell the power , but for cheaper now as it's most likely going to release tomorrow afternoon (with Gold?) and we know what to expect!

Do you like cows? Will you be getting this power? Maybe you don't like it , but have to retain it in order to keep EVERYPOWERS ... oh well!

Any questions or comments about the new power , and you know what to do |;-)

Power 226 in Testing!

Hey all!

This morning the newest power ID 226 had been spotted on Trade as a user was attempting to sell some;

The current cost is between 1.500 - 3.000 xats , but will be released in a few days time!

What do you think power 226 is going to be? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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