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Power 227 in TESTING!

Hey guys,

On Thursday afternoon xat Volunteers had been given the newest number 227 , which should be confirmed around Friday evening.

Here's an image of a user caught with it and attempting to sell, (Thursday):

The price was between 2000 - 3000 xats , with Mihay selling it for 3,000 xats at the time , pretty expensive don't you think?

FRIDAY: ID 227 is still quite expensive , but as the power will be released either this evening or tomorrow afternoon , the price has dropped to between 1,800 - 2,000 xats .

Here are some users still trying to sell:

Business on Trade this week has been the same , except for Independence having the most demand. Let's start with that ... 

Ghostthunder was buying all of them on the main chat , quite high , raising the price from 450 - 500 xats up to 600 - 700 xats . Because of this , he ended up having around 400 Independence powers to keep!

However , many users now have alot , and are trying to sell for 600 each. The price has now gone down to 550 - 600 xats but is still quite expensive.

SPRING has finally settled down abit. After 2 weeks ago reaching 500 - 550 xats and being popular , users have stopped buying and it's now around 300 - 400 xats , with users just sellling a bunch of them.

And finally , GOLD has slightly dropped from 53,000 - 53,200 xats to around 52,900 - 53,000 as it's most likely going to release tonight!

So , now I must ask you , what do you think ID 227 is? Be sure to leave a comment and let me know!

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