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It's been a long time ... XAT is dying - question is ... WHEN?!

This post will be completed within 3 days Hello. I'm Aisha. I have been on xat since February 2009, known by many. I have helped peopl...

'WINTERLAND' Power Pre-Release!

Hello everyone!

Our newest festive power, 'Winterland' was released late last night costing 300 xats each. This is a limited power so hopefully users should be able to grab some form of profit this weekend!

It was most likely released around **11.00 pm GMT** as at around 7pm the power was in stores but had NO image, like below:


Anyhow, because there is only a rumoured 1000 - 1500 on xat at this time, the price on TRADE is currently at a high cost of 600 - 900 xats .


Update: Power released at 7.00 pm GMT.
There were other releases as well, between 400 - 500 per release. There is also a banner counting down the releases.

400 - 500 release costing 300 xats . 1 per user LIMITED!

The power has always been profitable on TRADE costing 400 - 500 xats , therefore the power gets sold out every 10 seconds. Here were users reaction on xat_test


Not to worry guys, our Blog will cover the smileys and pawns for this new power later on, as well as more Screenshots and Gossip, so be sure to keep checking our Blog for more updates!

Any questions or images please post a comment under this post, it would be very much appreciated! :-)
- Aisha 

Power 262 known as 'WINTERLAND!'

So, it looks like a new power will be released this weekend:

The new ID for the power is actually 262 , the power was hinted by Tom2 himself, stating that it was going to be a 'Christmas power':

The name was confirmed as WINTERLAND.

Tom was also testing a new kiss, which was also themed Christmasy, but he needed to login first!

Here's what the kiss was, known as 'SNOWFIGHT'

More info will be posted later today. In the meantime, make sure to keep checking the Blog for any Updates, Images, and Gossip!
- Aisha

The OFFICIAL Day: BLACK FRIDAY 2013 Updates!

Hi everyone!

Unlike previous years, there's not much to cover about this years Black Friday. Negative comments were spun all around, and the drama had occurred last week. Due to that conclusion, powers were increased in price today when they should have been dropped down, thus like last year.

Here are the main power increases:
Namecolor 9500 - 9700 xats
Purple 23000 - 24000 xats
Gback 13500 - 14500 xats
Gold 50000 - 51000 xats

You see? However , LIMITED powers are still quite down.

More follows tomorrow ...      

Black Friday Power 'Currently' LIMITED ... (POWER UPDATES & SCREENSHOTS)

First of all, I would like to give special thanks to every single one of you that helped me with Saturday's dramatic day of limited powers releasing . Full credits can be found on the post below, but there was an estimate of 15 people that managed to provide me Power Prices, Screenshots, and useful information for other users.

Last night saw over 13 tabs, which is considered normal for this kind of occasion. Our Blog also managed 400 pageviews yesterday, the most we've had for a while. Alot of users told me they found this Blog and Post helpful, which surely proves we're one of the best Blogs to find information, and considering I'm a Trader myself, I feel that I can provide you the best of coverage!

Now, some powers are still down in price after many users were able to get several limited powers in store. 3-5 people won GOLD while another user won over 30 limited powers, including BOOT.

Here are the Screenshots of the powers at the current day, (Sunday afternoon)

  • Check out how quickly the inflated prices of these powers drop after 1 day, as well as it being a week until Black Friday.

Users on xat_test talking about how much profit they made and what they're going to do about the BLACKFRIDAY power on Trade ...

A few people have collected over 1000+ Blackfriday powers, like Beet:

Most likely so they can be used for special Auctions such as this unique '4' obsessed Auction, released today:

So, there you go!

I guess you could say after 3 days of excitement, it was all worth it for many users, a few were very grateful for the event. However...

The official day for Black Friday 2013 is 29th November, so perhaps could something else happen even more exciting?

I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments, so don't be shy, and have a go! (Once again, thank you for everyone who helped out!)
- Aisha  

BLACK FRIDAY 2013: Follow ALL The News, Gossip, and Prices as the Official 'BLACKFRIDAY' Power is Released!

Breaking News:Final Update - Sunday 16.00 pm GMT
Please check the post at the top, 'THE AFTERMATH' as currently there are no chances to buy a limited power in store. This post will be updated as soon as it occurs again, which will most likely happen some point next week.
UPDATE: BLACKFRIDAY is now currently limited, so perhaps the chance to buy powers are over...?
**The price on TRADE is now around 80 - 100 xats**, with everyone buying all of them as the power can be useful for future use!

A HUGE Thank you for everyone below telling me the prices of the powers:
Pulsefx - 191 xats
Hair2f - 76 xats
Drip - 76 xats
Angel - 3307 xats (Credits to Shiron for this exclusive image)
Note: For this image, please ask me in person to use this for your Blog.
Can - 31 xats
Fade - 455 xats
Snowy - 101 xats

Special credit to Cellat for the following images and prices: 
  Kcow - 33 xats
Kdemon - 295 xats
Adventure - 295 xats
Sparta - 31 xats
Magicfx - 27 xats (credits to CR7 for the image)

Ugly - 81 xats (sometimes 96 xats)

Cactus - 26 xats
Claus - 68 xats
Spring - 146 xats
Romance - 155 xats
Vampyre - 74 xats
Sins - 380 xats

Froggy - 85 xats 
Gkaliens - 905 xats (credit to Cellat for the image)
Snowman - 37 xats
Easter - 67 xats

Zip - 113 xats
Eighties - 46 xats (special thanks to Chip)
Ani1 - 76 xats
Summer - 41 xats
Cuboid - 59 xats
Carnival - 68 xats

Matchrace -  175 xats 
Movie - 35 xats 
Stoneage - 19 xats
Wedding - 63 xats (credit to Henkok for screenshot)

Seaside - 74 xats
Spooky - 83 xats (credit to Henkok for screenshot)
Kduck - 197 xats (credit to Henkok for image)
Valentine - 700 xats
Eggs - 101 xats
Scifi - 183 xats
Candy - 113 xats
Olympic - 83 xats 
Reindeer - 27 xats (credit to Ben for image and price)
Independence - 79 xats (credit to Ben for image and price)
Kmouse - 435 xats (credit to AFK1 for the following prices AND images)
Pulsefx - 191 xats
Kbee - 101 xats

With special credits to Ryan (974100) , Stun (554311) , Seyon (556656677) , Crossy (55362133) and Cody (61005768)

Hello, everyone!

6 days before the official day, and the power has FINALLY been released for 200 xats! So much drama, with xat_test getting over 3 tabs, it shows how excited users were and how much the inflated prices for powers dropped!

Are you ready to Gamble...?

1000 released costing 200 xats each. Currently limited!

There are 2 outcomes. Either you will see something like this:

Or this...

Click the link given to you and it should redirect you to somewhere like this ...

Already, the prices have dropped on TRADE. The store prices will be listed above, while all the drama on Trade will be occurring down here, so sit back and enjoy the excitement as it happens!



Any questions, or if you can help us out with anymore power prices, please leave a comment below this post, it will be very much appreciated as our sources can't do it alone!!

We hope to make this year the BEST ever coverage for a Black Friday (and we've done 3 years so far!)

Remember to keep checking this Blog for updates along the week!
- Aisha 

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