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Saturday 23/11/2013 - 'BLACKFRIDAY' Updates

Hello, everyone!

As you may have touched on slightly on the last post, the newest unique power, BLACKFRIDAY has been updated onto Xats' Power Wikipedia , so the official information and function has been published!

I've heard a few users get confused with the comprehension, so I will clear it down for those of you ...

Basically, you can get the chance to buy ANY LIMITED Power, INCLUDING GOLD for 12,500 xats! Read how it works below ... 
  • You have 33% chance each time you buy a BLACKFRIDAY power to try and purchase a limited power at a 75% discount.
  • The limited power is selected at random, so it could be a SUMMER power , or it could be an ANGEL power! If you win, you have 6 hours to try and purchase it.
  • If you buy more than 1 it will NOT increase the odds, it will replace the offer if you won previously.
  • Just like KANGEL , there will be loads on TRADE, so the price will most likely be cheap @100 xats or something like that ...
  • You will NOT be able to buy any limited powers as from 30th November 2013 (when Black Friday officially ends).
  • Same as KANGEL , you will be able to use the BLACKFRIDAY powers on Auction (valued at 200 each), which could help you.
  • Like explained in our previous post, KANGEL will be unlimited from Next Saturday, which makes this occasion even more unique! For more information, please check our previous post.  

 I hope this information helped!
- Aisha

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