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BLACKFRIDAY Power: SATURDAY Gossip, News and Updates!


Today is another day. This is the official post to give you all the updates and gossip for the new power, as it goes and happens TODAY!

Please remember that this Post is Manually Updated by me and other Blog members, so please be patient or tell us if we've missed any crucial information.

Where does the Gossip happen? At xat_test , of course! Check out these Screenshots as the Drama happens!

1.30pm - TOM2 SPOTTED!
Tom2 is now online at the xat_test chat, and he is seen typing. Many users are happy he is online, getting the hint the power will finally release:

1.40 pm - Going to release?
TOM2 asks all the users if the power shows as LIMITED in the power store, which all the users reply 'yes' ...

But of course we know it's hard to code and it hasn't released yet ...

1.48 pm - Dedication?
A user stayed up all day and all night until 3am waiting for the new power to be released, wanting to try buy Gold and Boot in stores:

1.52 pm - TOM2 LEFT!
The 2 tabs settle down as Tom finally leaves:

**Keep checking this Blog post as it will be updated manually within the day! Please credit the dedication of our staff and remember to vote in our Black Friday Poll!**

Any questions leave a comment by this post or find me on xat.
- Aisha   

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