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Official Xat ID Auction... Your Guide to EVERY ID Available!

Sunday 10th June 2012
Hey guys!

Xat have added x5 new 7 digit ID's onto the Auction. The following ID's are unrestricted so prices will be very expensive...!

The Auction will finish at 11pm GMT so be aware if you're planning to buy one!

Update: Auction has now finished. The following results are shown ...

Thursday 13th June 2012
Last night, xat published x20 8 Digit ID's onto the Auction. The minimum bid was only 100 xats and they were very cheap, but soon it went up.

This was a restricted Auction and the following winners are shown here ...

If you've won an ID, Congratulations!
Thursday 28th June 2012
Xat released x10 8 digit ID's into the Auction. You can bid on them and try and win. When I last checked, there was only 5 hours left, so make sure you're aware fast!

This is a restricted Auction so the values for the ID's may be very low... 
Update: The Auction has now finished. You can check out the following winners below! 

As you can see, the values have gone down quite alot, as well as the demand! Anyways, if you had managed to purchase yourself an 8 digit, well done!

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