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It's been a long time ... XAT is dying - question is ... WHEN?!

This post will be completed within 3 days Hello. I'm Aisha. I have been on xat since February 2009, known by many. I have helped peopl...

NEW Power, 'BEASTIE' Releases! (ID 331)


Last night, (SATURDAY) at around **8.30pm BST (-1)** the new power, BEASTIE was released, and yes... this was another LIMITED Power!

500 released costing 250 xats.

The price on TRADE was profitable as it was 300 - 350 xats, but an hour later there was a BANNER counting down the releases for this new power. AROUND 300-500 RELEASES EVERY 3-4 HOURS.

UPDATE: (sunday) This new power is losing demand, the price is currently 240 - 260 xats on TRADE. You can now buy up to 4 BEASTIE powers from the stores during the releases.

This power is a smiley power , and it comes with 10 'Beast' smilies along with 5 'BACKS'. Here are the following smileys.

It also comes with 2 pawns which are available for this week!

So, that's this weekends power! Also, x10 GOLD powers were released in AUCTION last night, where it ended at 12.00am GMT. The price ended at around 55,300 xats though, so there wasn't any point. (55,000 - 55,500 on TRADE)

Remember to check our Blog for further updates!
- Aisha

Xat Power 331.


I was on xat today and noticed TOM2 with the new test power, currently known as ID 331.

We are currently not sure on what this new power will be, but we'll post further updates whenever we can!
 - Aisha

Xat's Laggy Power; 'CLOUDS' Release!


At around **8.00pm GMT** last night (Friday) , xat released the newest power CLOUDS into the stores:

1000 released costing 250 xats . LIMITED!

 The price on TRADE was 300 - 350 xats, so users managed to make quite a bit of profit.

The xat Banners which were causing alot of lag are now counting down the power, which releases around every 3 hours .

Remember to keep checking our Blog for further updates!
- Aisha

Hello Lag! NEW Power 330, 'CLOUD!'


This weekends power (ID 330) is confirmed to be 'CLOUDS', which will be another LIMITED power...

However, before this power has even been released , it has already caused controversy as the xat Banners advertising this new power is causing around 85% of xat users to lag. This may be caused due to the smilies and the Animation .gif files not being updated yet, or database issues, etc.

SOLUTION: For now, the only current solution is to install AD BLOCKER and use the browser, 'GOOGLE CHROME' only as that is the only one to support Ad Blocker. Mozilla Firefox is also an optional alternate.

Remember to check this Blog for more news regarding the new power and the lag it's been causing!
- Aisha 

NEW Power 329... 'TV' Release!


This week the new power ID was 329 , which was later confirmed this morning (Saturday) , to be 'TV'.

Here is a screenshot of the new power:

Indeed, the powers nowadays are becoming strange, but this will be a LIMITED power meaning users will be able to try and profit. 

This power is a smiley power, meaning it consists of 11 'TV' styled smilies. We'll post them soon, but for now you can check them through BOTS , Banners and the xat power wiki page...

At around **5.45pm GMT** TV was finally released in the stores!

1500 released costing 275 xats. LIMITED!

The price on TRADE is currently 290 - 330 xats , but I personally see demand and price dropping quickly within the few hours.

So, what do you think of this new power? Xat now has a TV! Anyways, leave a comment below if you have any questions or comments!
- Aisha 

Xat Power Minor Update


Today it seems xat has added a controversial new update to viewing your Powers: The beloved Angel and Purple now no longer is what it was as Admins have prevented all the Animations when checking your powers.

Here is what I mean: (I currently do not have a .swf file to show you the differences)

- This will reduce the lag indefinitely as there were too many Animations.
- There are currently 328 powers, and the way things are going, there looks to be a lot more! This way it makes it easier to scroll down to check the powers.

- Powers such as EVERYPOWER , PURPLE and ANGEL will have less meaning, as they were the most popular powers for having the BEST Animations.
- It looks too bland / dull, it doesn't feel the same when you're checking someones powers anymore.

As I'd like to know your opinions, and I haven't published one for a few months, 
I will be uploading a Poll to let you decide on whether you agree or disagree with this new update. 

This won't be the only time we'll be covering this topic, there will be plenty of debates on this Blog, as well as other upcoming updates and events we'll be introducing to the Blog to make it even more Popular!

- Aisha  

Forget Cycle... 'SUPERCYCLE' Power Release!


This week users received the new test power 328 , which turned out to be called 'SUPERCYCLE'.

At around **10.00am GMT** SUPERCYCLE had been released in the stores as a test power, as it's currently not finished yet:


This power costs 500 xats in the stores, just like the original power, 'CYCLE' did.

Here is something we will be introducing and showing coverage of - What people on xat's official Twitter think of this new power.

Here are the best / current tweets:


As you can see here in these 2 screenshots the power is still in testing:


The price on TRADE is currently 500 - 600 xats , but does not have much demand.

So, what does this power actually do

This power works just like CYCLE , but you are able to choose the colours customly. You can also change the direction of the colours. In the screenshot below is where you can choose and preview your smiley which can be found on xat's Power Wiki page, then choosing SUPERCYCLE.

NOTE: In order to use this new power, you must also buy Cycle. It costs 500 xats in stores as well or 330 - 370 xats on TRADE.

What do you think of this new power? I think it's a great idea and there can be lots of new ways to create your smileys!

- Aisha

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