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New Free Smilies!

Hey guys!

Xat decided to be more kind to us, and make 10 NEW free smileys for us to use...! Here are the following in order from left to right...


Sadly, there's always a catch... only Subscribers are able to use these smileys! If you are not a subscriber, it will only show the names for the smileys instead.

If you are new to xat, this is what a Subscriber is, and how to not get mixed up with somebody who is registered, then read this guide here!

Here is the difference from a Subscriber to a Registered:

  • Always have a Yellow star next to their name. If they are married or bff'd to anyone, they will always have a red cross or heart instead of the star.
    •  If the person has reghide, they will have a black cross / star / heart. Check their powers to see if they are a subscriber or not.
    • Subscribers usually have powers or just the Tickle power, (image shown on the left)

    •  They can also use special features such as sparkles on their images, etc. (xat effects)  
      How to become a Subscriber?
      You must buy xats / days on the official xat.com website. You can choose how many you would like to buy on the option page, or you can ask a friend for 1. One day costs 12-13 xats in general.

      •  Their powers will never be shown.
      • Some registered users have xats, but you never know because it doesn't show for other users how much xats they have.
      •  Black stars / cross / heart is the colour for a registered user.
      • A registered user does not have much priorities as a Subscriber. On some chats, (e.g. xatchats) they only member you if you are a registered user to xat.

      How to become a Registered?
      You must register as a user on the official xat.com website.

      What do you think of the smileys? If you are a new xat user, did you find this guide to be useful? Shall I do things like this more often? I'd love to hear your thoughts! Make sure you leave a comment and let me know!

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      1. I am only registered and I can still use the smilies. You sure it's subscribers only? :o


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