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Power 173 CONFIRMED!

Hello guys!

Could these rumours on xat about Power #173 possibly be true? Take a look at this image and have a guess what the new power will be...!

Yes, It's true! Power 173 has been Confirmed as Ksheep! Baa...!

Here is the evidence I managed to find to show that Ksheep will be coming into the xat stores, soon...!


Aisha's Predictions:

This will be a limited power, and they will release a whole bunch of it at once! It will be just like any other k(animal) power, and give you sheep smileys to any smiley!

Have you had enough of these powers xat keep releasing? Or maybe they're all cute? Maybe they can profit? After all, Kduck went up from 200 to 400 - 500 xats!  

Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts! 


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