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HALLOWEEN 2012: 'x500' Halloween Powers to BE RELEASED - 'Official Guide!'

Happy Halloween everyone!

For the past couple of days most of us were wondering what 42 had in store for this year's Halloween, with some expecting the power itself to be re-released! Well guess what, you're correct!

Unlike last year, we will provide you with a much better Guide, and we'll try our best to get you images of the release as well!

This power is LIMITED and was first released in October 2009 costing 300 xats. Until recently, you were only able to use x10 smileys when you bought the power.

Due to its popularity, it has had some re-releases. The following have been shown below.

October 2010 - x500 released costing 750 xats.
October 2011 - x1500 released finishing at 1244 xats and starting at 2500 xats.

42 has announced on twitter this time that Halloween was going to be released and he also said how it will be released!

There will be 5 sets of Halloween powers. The first set occured at **4.50pm+0 GMT** at the cost of 400 xats.

If you missed the release, which I certainly did, don't you worry as there'll be 4 more releases, and like everyone predicted, you'll be able to make around 300 xats profit for each release, so everyone wins in the end! (except those who couldn't buy!)

- This post will be manually updated whenever I am available / online. 
Note: Please be aware that I will most likely miss 2-3 releases, so do not panic. I will give you as much info I can. If this is the case, keep checking xat's Twitter and check the prices on Trade by clicking Search

- We will tell you how the price is doing around xat, which means the demand and ongoing cost on Trade.

- When a release occurs, I'll try my best to publish it on the blog. I will also try to include an image of the release. If this is not successful, I will have to be ridiculous and edit it.

17.45: Because the price in store is going to be 400 xats , the price on Trade has been dropped to 700 - 800 xats .

17.48: Although users are aware of the future releases yet to come, the demand is getting higher and more people trying to buy.

The second release has occured, at **5.50pm+0 GMT**, exactly one hour after the first release! 


Straight after the release, 42 went on xat_test to find out if the 2nd release occured, and realised how fast it's getting sold out!

18:01: Price has been dropped to 750 - 800 xats on Trade.


Note: Here's a reminder of the smileys -


Did you buy yourself a Halloween power? Are you going to buy one, and if you did, how much profit did you make altogether? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

And once again... Happy Halloween! :D

Happy Halloween 2012: NEW Halloween Gifts Added to Store!

Hey everyone!

It's Aisha here to tell you...

Happy Halloween!

Nobody on the chat knows what 42 has planned for us, but we can tell you that at around **7.00pm GMT+0** on Tuesday night, it was announced on @xattwitter that there were 'Halloween style gifts' added to the gift store!

You can see the gifts below!

Which is your favourite? Leave a comment to let me know!


As you all know, Halloween is officially tomorrow. (October 31st), and of course, you all should know by now that there is also a power for Halloween!

You may also know that every year, rumours speculate about the power releasing. Well, why yes and why not? Let's find out, shall we?

Why Yes
  • The power releases every year on xat as it is traditional.
  • It's popular and always sells out quite quickly.
  • Xat have profited from it every year since its first release in 2009.
  • Not only does 42 profit, but many traders will benefit as well!
Why No
  • The price has only just scraped 1,000 xats on Trade because it is that time of year. All year round it was only 850 xats.
  • Concluding the previous point, if the power does release then it will be likely to not sell out therefore it gets removed from store and everybody loses.

Do you think Halloween will get released this year? Let me know!


How I didn't see this coming, I do not know!

In 2010 we had Horror , which turned limited a year later. We then had Spooky in 2011, which went limited within a month!

Now, in only 3-4 days , we've seen the 2012 power 'VAMPYRE' become LIMITED. 

Just like with recent powers, 42 did not announce the release on @xattwitter , therefore we had no idea what it would be.

Just to remind you of the information you need to know;

Name: Vampyre 
Status:  LIMITED (was originally released unlimited)
Function: Gives you x11 'Halloween / Vampire' themed smiles. (Check previous post for more info)
Store price: 200 xats
Trade price: 300 - 350 xats
Hope you managed to buy one! :)


'VAMPYRE' Power in Stores!

Note: The power has been out in the stores, but it has not yet been released . We'll post more info as we get it!

Update: Well, looks like the power has been released as UNLIMITED . It was released at **6.00 pm GMT+0** and it costs 200 xats .

Function: Gives x11 Halloween themed smileys! 'Frighten' your friends by using the following: 

(vampyre) (vtongue) (vstake) (vfangs) (vcross) (vglamour) (vcoffin) (vrip) (vbheart) (vbat) (vblood) 

Because the power is still quite new, the price is currently 195 - 205 xats on Trade, but will drop within the next few days! 

Here was me selling it for 205 xats:

The final thing to tell you about the power is if you haven't noticed, there hasn't been an image to the power for when I'm trading nor it in store. It's probably that testing hasn't officially finished although the power has been made available to ALL users! However, the image will also be posted in the next few hours.

So, that's everything! Now that you've seen the smileys and the price, is it worth it? I think it is! I'm going to wait before getting it though, just until the demand drops!

Happy early Halloween! :|D

Halloween In 5 DAYS... Power 202 is 'VAMPYRE': Official Guide!

Yes, if you've looked at the title of the post, you may be thinking that I made a typo with the name, 'VAMPYRE', right?

WRONG! The power is actually called that, and here is the official guide to explain to you everything!

Where shall we start? Well, we know that VAMPYRE is the new power, and it's also Power ID. 202. This is 2012's Halloween themed power. (2010 was Horror and 2011 was Spooky) , which both had turned limited a few months after!

Here I caught Mihay with the new power, (we saw her with the test power last night!)


This is another smiley power, and it's quite obvious too. 

It comes with x10 Halloween themed smileys. 

Note: Codes for the smileys are coming soon!
The power also comes with a few hat codes, but again, we'll post you the codes and the images later today!

Well, everyone on the chat is getting really excited about the power getting released, take a look at some of the people's reactions to the power:

What do you think of this power? I'm going to buy it when it releases, to get in the spirit of Halloween! I'll post all the information for the release tomorrow morning!

Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!

Power 202 Spotted!

Last night , (Thursday) I saw Mihay on xat_test testing the new power!

Power 202 has appeared as the testing phase begun. Here it is:

Last week's power was SPEECH , which was unlimited. However, we're going to know what Power 202 is going to be later today, and is due to be released either tonight or Saturday afternoon!

Do you think Power 202 will be limited or unlimited ? Let me know!

SPEECH Power Released!

The SPEECH power has been released into stores.

Price: 200 xats
Release time: Few hours ago.
To see the function of this power, please read our previous post, or you can do so by Clicking Here

Comment your thoughts on the new power below!

UNDEFINED Is 'SPEECH': Official Guide!

Most of us were wondering what 'undefined' was going to be, as it didn't appear as a number. However, this was most likely ID 201 .

Late last night this power was confirmed to be called 'Speech' , and like we've done with recent powers, we've created a Guide to explain you the power!

SPEECH will be released later today, or if glitches and errors come up, tomorrow (@Sunday), however that is highly unlikely!

We are not sure whether it is going to be LIMITED or UNLIMITED , but after what happened with 'Drop' last week, we doubt it will be huge.

Here is Tom2 with the power:

Here is the main smiley in the different sizes that you will see around. This includes:

  • What it looks like in a bigger size.
  • What it looks like in your powers page
  • What it looks like when you post it on the main chat

It may not seem like it, but yes, this IS another smiley power! The following smileys are shown in the following order from left to right:

Note: There are x12 smileys to this power!

(speech) (spd) (spfrus) (spyay) (spkiss) (splap) (splove) (spvamp) (spwrite) (spxmas) (sppup) (spback)

I pretty like the last pawn, but of course they are all obviously speech bubbles! With the power, there is also a new pawn, check it out!

Weekly Pawn: Speech (hat#hp)

15.10: The power has been added to the Wiki around 10 minutes ago! It shows the smileys and the weekly pawn, with more info coming soon!

15.14: Mihay has posted the smileys for the power again, but 2 of them are different than last time! (updating soon)

15.16: A user posted an image showing another user asking 42 when the release will occur! (credits @user)


So, what are your thoughts on this new power? Are you going to buy it? I think it may fail, and will probably be unlimited!

We'll have more info published SOON , but if you have any questions or comments , be sure to leave a comment below this post!

42 Testing 'Glitch'...

A small glitch had occurred on xat_test and 42 was on his other account seeing what happened:

More info coming SOON!

'UNDEFINED' Spotted!

At **12.55pm** today I was on Trade where me and a few other users had spotted Christina , Victor and Charlie with the test power!

For some reason, instead of it being a number, it had appeared as 'undefined'. Take a look and see!

This has already started commotion on the chat!

However, despite people buying, this power is not available to Trade as it was released less than 20 minutes ago! This was apparently explained to the users by Christina.

This power is going to probably be ID 201 later today, and will be released on the weekend.

Update: Mihay has been spotted with [7] 'undefined' powers!

Do you think this power will be LIMITED or UNLIMITED? I have a feeling that we're going to get alot of profit out of it like with DROP , but we'll have to wait and see!

Leave a comment to let me know! 

Drop Power Edit.

For those who keep wanting the DROP power to be at stores, this is what it would look like if it appeared! (NOT ACCURATE)

What do you think?

Also, for those who are wondering, the current status of DROP is this ...


Sunday: The price went down to 12000 - 14000 xats on Trade. People were buying the power for 10,000 - 11,000 xats.

Monday:The price dropped so people were trying to trade DROP for 'Namecolor'. People were buying for 9,000 - 10,000 xats.

Tuesday: "Dropped" to 6000 - 7000 xats

Wednesday: People were selling for 4,000 xats with people buying for 3700 - 3900 xats. However, a few hours later it went down to 3,300 - 3,700 xats.

Thursday:  Price is now currently '2,000 xats'.

Current day: It has gone down to only 550 - 650 xats.

I wonder what the next power is going to be!      

x4000 DROP Powers Release Info (Power 199 & FINAL UPDATES!)

This morning I went on xat at around **11.30am GMT** and I had seen that 42 announced on @xattwitter that power 199 is going to be Drop.

Now, let's first start with the Twitter post:


We're not sure what the power currently looks like, and when it's going to be released. However, we'll provide you with further information as soon as possible.

The smiley for the power is shown below:

Now, let's look at the Twitter post again:

4000 released in the Power Auction . It is limited and there is NO price for the power!

42 has done this in a very interesting way. All x4000 released at once and one lucky user will be able to buy them all at once! So, it would look like this ...

Pretty smart, huh? The user does not actually have the power, but this is just a prediction of what may happen.

So, let's see that Auction:

The following user had offered 200,000 xats , which would mean that he's paying 50 xats each for the power. 

The Auction will end Sunday Evening at around **9pm GMT+0**

Update 1
Testers are now selling this power between 3000 - 6000 xats .

Update 2
The price on Trade was very expensive and the demand was very high. Believe it or not, the price on Trade is now around 27,000 - 33,000 xats.

Update 3
Christina has confirmed that there will be NO MORE RELEASES from this point. There will stick to a total of x4000 DROP powers! Pretty rare, if you ask me! 


Update 4
It's Sunday, and the price has now been dropped to 12,000 - 15,000 xats. My, what drama this power has caused over the weekend, and it's only a smiley power similar to drip!

Update 5
Less than an hour until the Power Auction officially finishes and the price is still at the same as an 'epic' power. Let's take a look at the Auction; 

The user has bidded over 1 million xats! The amount she did is the same as her basically paying 251 xats for each power!

The Auction has now finished . The final bid was over 3 Million xats, and there was a tight contest between him, Anny and Jenni.

42 announced the final bidder:

The price is still the same, however!   

**Weekly Drop News**
Drop has been dropping every day for the past few days now. Esekiel has shocking sold over 500, according to rumours, and the price is now between 1900 - 2200 xats.

Here are the smilies:


So, that's everything you need to know about the power. We'll post the smileys later today, so stay tuned for that!

If you have any questions or comments let me know below this post. In my opinion, this is unfair for every user who wants the power, although it doesn't seem like a good power. Only one user will also be able to benefit and profit from this!

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