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Halloween In 5 DAYS... Power 202 is 'VAMPYRE': Official Guide!

Yes, if you've looked at the title of the post, you may be thinking that I made a typo with the name, 'VAMPYRE', right?

WRONG! The power is actually called that, and here is the official guide to explain to you everything!

Where shall we start? Well, we know that VAMPYRE is the new power, and it's also Power ID. 202. This is 2012's Halloween themed power. (2010 was Horror and 2011 was Spooky) , which both had turned limited a few months after!

Here I caught Mihay with the new power, (we saw her with the test power last night!)


This is another smiley power, and it's quite obvious too. 

It comes with x10 Halloween themed smileys. 

Note: Codes for the smileys are coming soon!
The power also comes with a few hat codes, but again, we'll post you the codes and the images later today!

Well, everyone on the chat is getting really excited about the power getting released, take a look at some of the people's reactions to the power:

What do you think of this power? I'm going to buy it when it releases, to get in the spirit of Halloween! I'll post all the information for the release tomorrow morning!

Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!

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