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'VAMPYRE' Power in Stores!

Note: The power has been out in the stores, but it has not yet been released . We'll post more info as we get it!

Update: Well, looks like the power has been released as UNLIMITED . It was released at **6.00 pm GMT+0** and it costs 200 xats .

Function: Gives x11 Halloween themed smileys! 'Frighten' your friends by using the following: 

(vampyre) (vtongue) (vstake) (vfangs) (vcross) (vglamour) (vcoffin) (vrip) (vbheart) (vbat) (vblood) 

Because the power is still quite new, the price is currently 195 - 205 xats on Trade, but will drop within the next few days! 

Here was me selling it for 205 xats:

The final thing to tell you about the power is if you haven't noticed, there hasn't been an image to the power for when I'm trading nor it in store. It's probably that testing hasn't officially finished although the power has been made available to ALL users! However, the image will also be posted in the next few hours.

So, that's everything! Now that you've seen the smileys and the price, is it worth it? I think it is! I'm going to wait before getting it though, just until the demand drops!

Happy early Halloween! :|D

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