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x4000 DROP Powers Release Info (Power 199 & FINAL UPDATES!)

This morning I went on xat at around **11.30am GMT** and I had seen that 42 announced on @xattwitter that power 199 is going to be Drop.

Now, let's first start with the Twitter post:


We're not sure what the power currently looks like, and when it's going to be released. However, we'll provide you with further information as soon as possible.

The smiley for the power is shown below:

Now, let's look at the Twitter post again:

4000 released in the Power Auction . It is limited and there is NO price for the power!

42 has done this in a very interesting way. All x4000 released at once and one lucky user will be able to buy them all at once! So, it would look like this ...

Pretty smart, huh? The user does not actually have the power, but this is just a prediction of what may happen.

So, let's see that Auction:

The following user had offered 200,000 xats , which would mean that he's paying 50 xats each for the power. 

The Auction will end Sunday Evening at around **9pm GMT+0**

Update 1
Testers are now selling this power between 3000 - 6000 xats .

Update 2
The price on Trade was very expensive and the demand was very high. Believe it or not, the price on Trade is now around 27,000 - 33,000 xats.

Update 3
Christina has confirmed that there will be NO MORE RELEASES from this point. There will stick to a total of x4000 DROP powers! Pretty rare, if you ask me! 


Update 4
It's Sunday, and the price has now been dropped to 12,000 - 15,000 xats. My, what drama this power has caused over the weekend, and it's only a smiley power similar to drip!

Update 5
Less than an hour until the Power Auction officially finishes and the price is still at the same as an 'epic' power. Let's take a look at the Auction; 

The user has bidded over 1 million xats! The amount she did is the same as her basically paying 251 xats for each power!

The Auction has now finished . The final bid was over 3 Million xats, and there was a tight contest between him, Anny and Jenni.

42 announced the final bidder:

The price is still the same, however!   

**Weekly Drop News**
Drop has been dropping every day for the past few days now. Esekiel has shocking sold over 500, according to rumours, and the price is now between 1900 - 2200 xats.

Here are the smilies:


So, that's everything you need to know about the power. We'll post the smileys later today, so stay tuned for that!

If you have any questions or comments let me know below this post. In my opinion, this is unfair for every user who wants the power, although it doesn't seem like a good power. Only one user will also be able to benefit and profit from this!

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