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How I didn't see this coming, I do not know!

In 2010 we had Horror , which turned limited a year later. We then had Spooky in 2011, which went limited within a month!

Now, in only 3-4 days , we've seen the 2012 power 'VAMPYRE' become LIMITED. 

Just like with recent powers, 42 did not announce the release on @xattwitter , therefore we had no idea what it would be.

Just to remind you of the information you need to know;

Name: Vampyre 
Status:  LIMITED (was originally released unlimited)
Function: Gives you x11 'Halloween / Vampire' themed smiles. (Check previous post for more info)
Store price: 200 xats
Trade price: 300 - 350 xats
Hope you managed to buy one! :)


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