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x1000 SPACEWAR Powers at Auction NOW! (Constant Updates)

Okay guys, this is it!

Today could possibly be your last chance to buy the SPACEWAR power, as a banner was posted advertising it being released through the Power Auction.


1000 released starting with a minimum cost of 1,000 xats

Because of the Auction the price had zoomed up to 2500 xats but has now dropped. Here is the actual Auction where it's taking place:

IMPORTANT: The Auction finishes at **9.40pm GMT+0**

You can spot the banner counting down the time until the Auction finishes over here:

The big debate is on what the price of the power is going to be after the Auction has finished. This is because there is only going to be a total of 2000 SPACEWAR powers on xat, and no more will be released. This is also a LIMITED power as well as being a Group power which makes it even better!

Here are possible theories on why only 2,000 got released:

Theory 1 - 2000 got released because 42 expects the price to go extremely high through demand and when it reaches a very high cost he will release more on a possible Black Friday 2012 and gain some profit from a 'new' power.

Theory 2 - 42 wanted to have an experiment to see whether it was the quantity or the actual function of the power that causes the price to go up. If you remember SINS from 2012 that went over 2,500 xats because of the quantity. (4000 released)

Theory 3 - Users just stereotype.

Which theory do you agree with? We'll let you know any more information and further updates tomorrow, as well as posting an official walkthrough on how to compete in 'SPACEWAR!'

Yes I was a few days late and I apologise, but I have finally figured out the final price thanks to Carbon's investigating. The price finished at 3100 xats.

Because of this, the price had apparently dropped to 2700 - 2850 xats on Trade. I had thought it was profitable from Auction.

Update 2: The price on Trade is now 2000 - 2100 xats , the power is failing more than we thought! Remember, there is only a total of 2000 released!

Final Update: Official Spacewar walkthrough coming soon!

So, give me your thoughts on SPACEWAR... is it worth buying, or even worth PLAYING?

Leave a comment to let me know!  

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