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It's been a long time ... XAT is dying - question is ... WHEN?!

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We've had SPACEBAN, but now we're going to go more extreme than that, by bringing in the next power, 'SPACEWAR'.

I only found this out because last night 42 announced this on @xattwitter confirming the new power...

For those wondering, yes it has SPACE in the name hence it will be a similar power to SPACEBAN.

Update: The power smiley has now been made as well as the FUNCTION of the power. Read below for more details...

The smiley is shown below with the Animation it produces. The following animation is shown in order from left to right:

Seems pretty cool, doesn't it? It's an animation that lasts around 3 seconds!

So, I decided to find out more about this power by going to xat_test this afternoon and spotting a user with the power;

Function: SPACEWAR is another 'Game' power which is related to the Spaceban power. More details released soon.

The power also comes along with a pawn!


Hmm, is it me or was that the same pawn they used for Spaceban and they decided to bring it back?

Anyways, What do you think of SPACEWAR? I think that it's quite boring, but at least they changed the name to make it cool!

Leave a comment to tell me!

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