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It's been a long time ... XAT is dying - question is ... WHEN?!

This post will be completed within 3 days Hello. I'm Aisha. I have been on xat since February 2009, known by many. I have helped peopl...

8 Digit Auction (CLOSED)

Hey guys!

A few hours ago, the latest 8 digit Auction closed.

If you're interested in seeing the following winners, they are shown below...

After all of these Auctions, I've finally noticed that there are certain numbers that xat have never submitted into the Auction ...

E.g. 45346345 , 56354245 , 64624622

Could this be because their value won't be worth so much? This was a restricted Auction, so the values weren't as high as they could've been! The reason I'm stating this is because there are alot of these ID's that start with a '1'.

Leave a comment and let me know if you agree!


500 CLEAR Auction

Yes, title says it all.

At 3pm GMT , xat announced that they were putting the CLEAR power up for Auction

500 released starting at a minimum cost of 500 xats each! 

The following Auction is shown below ...

Note: Please be aware that the minimum price goes up much quicker than the previous Auction!

The maximum you can buy is 80 . The Auction finishes at 8pm GMT.

The price on Trade before the release was 3500 - 3650 xats , but is likely to not drop so much as the cost is going higher and higher...!

Update: SOLD OUT! The Auction has finished. The final price was 3,000 xats , so looks like not much profit anymore, unlike last time! 

It sold at 8pm GMT and the price is now around 3100 - 3200 xats.

Final Update: The price on Trade is now only 2950 - 3000 xats. Many users are selling it for 3000 xats, so good luck on trying to get it! 

What do you think of the Auction? Are you going to try and bid? Let me know if you've had any luck! 

x20 7 Digit Auction

Hey guys!

If you're interested in trying to buy 7 digits, then have a go at this Auction, where xat released x20 7 digit ID's!

NOTE: The following ID's at the Auction are restricted. This means the ID's can't have any repeated digits! 

Update: CLOSED! The following winners are shown below!
I was so close to claiming one of the ID's, I bidded 37,000 xats but lost out on the last few minutes! (they offered 40,000) but next time I'll try!

Are you going to try and enter, or leave it for another time? If so, Good Luck!

KBEE Power FINAL Updates!

Hey guys!

I am proud to share with you all of the Information about KBEE , with even better news! I now understand how the Power Auction works!

Now, first I'll start off with the KBEE power ...

8000 released and was only available to buy through Auction . Xat confirmed that it would not be released into the stores!

Now, people could bid as many xats as they wish, but could only get a maximum of x80 KBEE powers.

The Final price for KBEE was a very cheap 101 xats

The Auction had finished at 6.50pm GMT . However, users were not transferred the power until 8pm GMT. 

For those who had decided to enter and risk the Auction, it was well worth it! At first, the price rose suddenly to 250 - 300 xats , however it had then dropped down to only 200 - 220 xats.

However, currently (today) the price has been risen up to 350 - 400 xats , and has made quite a good profit for users, depending on how many you've bought!

The Auction has a set minimum price to begin with. For KBEE, it was 10 xats. No matter how much the user bids, the lowest price will always stay the same. It will show the maximum cost someone has bidded, and the Average out of all the Bids submitted. They are just for information.

However, the minimum price can change at any time. This can be a problem for future Auctions. Near the end of Auction, the minimum price changes quite rapidly . KBEE only went up to 101 xats luckily, but it still increased at quite a fast rate.

When the Auction was over, everyone who bidded paid 101 xats because that was the minimum cost. Even if you bidded 400 xats, you will still only have to pay 101 xats, which is a huge benefit to users, including you.

If you know when to play your tactics right, you could make a huge profit. Most users managed to profit 10,000 xats through the first Auction, so hopefully you can too!

But be aware, some Auctions may not have the same effects!   

What do you think of the Auction? Do you think that it's good now? Or was it luck? Do you understand the Auction now? I was lucky and managed to buy myself 50 KBEE! If you missed out, don't worry, now that you know how it works, maybe you'll try next time! Leave a comment and let me know...


Xat KBEE Auction DRAMA!

Hey guys!

The Auction for the limited power KBEE was supposed to end around 20 minutes ago. However, it keeps getting delayed, so more users are going on Help demanding what's going on!

Apparently, the reason time keeps extending is because someone keeps bidding at the last second. This causes Time to increase which is a big problem for users who have already bidded...

Reason: Users who have already bidded could have purchased it for maybe 50 xats if the Auction had already finished by now.  

Anyways, if a user bids at the last minute, the minimum price changes quite often / fast. This means that the minimum price may be 200 xats even though the user wanted cheaper. It's also bad because the user may not have enough xats because of this, their bid won't be proceeded, and they won't be able to buy the power.

Another reason for this is if time keeps on going, nobody knows what the price may be. It could be at the extent of 1000 xats , and all the bidders who bidded will have to pay that specific amount, because of trolls mucking around with the Auction ... this is one of the negative sides to the new power release! 

Update: CULPRIT IDENTIFIED! A few users managed to spot one of the users that were trolling the Auction ...  

Update 2: FINISHED! Auction has finally ended, with time not increasing. Most of the drama has finished. Now it's just waiting to receive it...

The minimum price finished at 101 xats , but we'll post updates as soon as we get information on what actually happened...

Did you try to bid for KBEE? Perhaps now the demand won't be as high if everyone manages to get it! Leave a comment and let me know...

Phone Bots Attacking Help!

Hey guys!

A Sunday night, only to bring us drama! I was on the Help chat at around 6.20pm GMT when I saw something very strange happening!

There are two users which are gagged and are on xat mobile. A few of them appear every second, and because of this, the tabs keep INCREASING

NOTE: The following users you see on the Chat are shown below ...


Because of this, Help has a total of 7 tabs , the most that the chat has had since it was created, which was a few years ago!

The image below shows you how the bots were the reason the pools increased...

Update: It's been reduced to only 5 tabs now. Apparently a Moderator was supposed to be banning some of the Bots.

What do you think of this? Is this a new craze for bad people to do now? Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!


KBEE Auction Updates

Hey guys!

There's now only 30 minutes until the Auction for KBEE is over . Here are the latest changes from what we last posted ...

Xat have confirmed that KBEE is only available to buy through Auction . You can also see this through the xat power store ...


Here is how the Uniform Auction looks at the moment as it comes to an end...

As you can see, the minimum bid has been changed to 25 xats from when we last checked it out. You can't submit a bid lower than the following! The maximum bid remains the same, but the Average has also changed!

NOTE: The Auction finishes at 6.00pm GMT

Although you are unable to buy it, a few people managed to have the power from when it was in Testing. Because of this, the price on Trade is between 300 - 800 xats

Have you submitted a bid, or do you think it's too risky? Once the Auction has finished, I'll let you know what has happened and how it will work in the near future! 

Any further questions, please leave a comment below... (: 

Xat Gold Release

Hey guys!

If you've been waiting for GOLD to release, you could've managed to buy one yesterday ...!

50 released yesterday, and sold out in 7 minutes . 42 had this time, announced the release on Twitter! It's been a while since it last came out ...

The cost before the release was 51,000 - 52,000 xats. Hope you got one!  


Hey guys!

Xat have decided to do something very different today. Earlier this month, xat made an ID Auction. That has been influenced for them to something similar ...

You must read this post in order to understand every form of information you need to know...!

Yes, it's a good thing if you've read above, because xat have changed the power releases again. This time, however, it's completely different!

What's changed?
Xat are now doing Auctions for 7 and 8 digit ID's. However, they have decided to do the same for power releases. The first power that they're going to do this on is Power 181 which was earlier confirmed as KBEE ...
Step 1: 42 decided to test out the 'Power Auction' and put this on at around 5.45-6pm GMT. The testing was also required for the ID's that happened at the beginning of May!

Note: The name of the Auction is called a Uniform Price Auction . You can search it on Wikipedia ! 

NOTE: Unlike with the Auction for the ID's, with this Auction you can place a bid of a minimum of 10 xats
Update: 42 has announced that he is going to release KBEE's Auction now...

Step 2: 42 has now announced that the real Auction for KBEE has begun. In other words, the power has been released at 6pm GMT ... 

An image of what the Auction looks like is shown below... (with full guide explaining every feature)

8000 released where you only have 24 hours to place a bid until the Auction stops and the complications take place ... (KBEE is a limited power)

Below it will show you how to Bid for the following Power ...
How to bid...

Step 1: Type in your xat username and password for that chosen account ...

Step 2: Confirm how many powers you'd like. (80 maximum

Step 3: Type your bid in (How much you're willing to pay)   
NOTE: With many users like me confused on how the new Power Auction will work, Brian tried to explain to us how it works ...

Attempted Explanation: I was trying to explain to users how it works, and Brian told me I had been correct with that fact ...

Trying to Answer: Leo is trying to understand what happens when he bids for the ID, and Brian is telling him that he has to wait 24 hours until the Auction for KBEE ends ...

HUSH TIME: Brian is forced to Hush the chat in order to explain clearly to all the users on the chat how the Auction is going to work out!

If you can see  above , Brian says that everyone will pay the lowest price at the end of the Auction, as well as the bidder who put in the highest. This is hard to understand, so I'll explain more of it further down the post ...

Brian is saying that everyone will have to pay the lowest price, which is currently and probably will be 10 xats . But the question is, how is the Auction going to help xat profit from the previous release system?

Joking around: Charlie is saying he would buy all the KBEE's that were released for Auction (he has enough xats) but Brian says that 80 is maximum as you saw when I explained the Auction features above!

Confused: Even Brian is confused with how the Auction is going to take place! I guess it's really getting in the negative areas!

Update: At around 8-8.30pm GMT xat put KBEE up into the Power store ...

As you can see, it says that you have to buy it at the Auction, with the following link to go there...!

Update: It's now Sunday morning for me, so let's take an updated look at the Auction...

Holy sugar, the highest bid is 97,500 xats for the KBEE power! Now that's what I call desperate! There are a total of 8124 different bids for the power, with the minimum still staying at 10 xats ...

Good things about the Auction ...
  • Xat can make more money out of this process.
  • If the Auction works off well, many users will be able to purchase the new power for a cheap total of 10 xats and profit alot, something which has never happened in the history of xat before!
  • You can buy up to x80 of the same power, which before you were only able to buy a maximum of 5!
Good things about the Auction ...  
  • Users can / will get carried away with the Auction, like you can see above, someone posted a bid of almost 100,000 xats! (another thing which has never happened before in the xat history)
  • 42 can lose more money / profit in this process than the other one, depending on how much the power has been sold for ...
  • Many users may lose alot of xats, as the demand is very high and you cannot purchase the power until the Auction is over
  • Many negative comments means that hardly anyone may use the Auction in the near future, and we won't be seeing many limited powers for the next few weeks!

NOTE: The auction is going to finish at 6-6.30pm GMT , 24 hours after from when it first began!

If you would like to enter the Auction and place a bid for KBEE , then please 

BENEFITS FOR XAT USERS: I may be making a banner which will direct you straight to the Power Auction in June (next month) if this process stays with us on xat!

USEFUL: Brian has also posted more information about the Auction and how it works on the xat Wikipedia , where I will explain it simpler to you later on!

Alright then, I guess that's all the information that you need to know! What do you think of the Auction? I really don't like it, I think it's going to take alot of xats away from users, when you could buy it for only 150 xats on Trade most likely! What do you think? Do you prefer the old releases, or do we just need to get used to it? 

Leave a comment and let me know what you all think of the Auction!

NOTE: If you have any more problems , issues , glitches , questions about the new Power Auction, please Leave a comment below and I will try and answer as many questions as possible! Also, we'll make a new poll later today and you can express your opinions!  


Buzz Buzz! Here Comes KBEE!

Hey everyone!

It's a very sunny and humid 25c here on a Saturday afternoon. I came on at around 4.15pm GMT and I saw that Power 181 had been CONFIRMED!

This is the Smiley for the new power, which is also known as KBEE.


KBEE Power
Smiley: (on the right)
Name: KBEE
Status: unreleased
Function: Gives x10 Bee Smilies. More details further down the post...

I was on xat_test where the scroller had confirmed this...

Someone on the chat was confirming it to users as you can see so below...
Here was the Main Owner on the chat who had the power... (the same user who had 181 when it was in testing!)

 Function of KBEE ... 
Just like all the other Animal smileys, KBEE comes with x10 'Bee Style' smilies. You can see what they look like in the image below!

Update: It also comes with x2 pawns! The following are shown below ...
Bumble Bee

Bee Wings


Alright then, folks! I guess that's about all you need to know about the KBEE Power. What do you think of it? I'm getting sick of all these new powers, and I can tell that it's going to respectively fail.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think! Are you going to buy one? I won't, as I also know it won't profit! 

x5 7 Digit ID Auction

Hi guys!

4 hours ago, xat announced that a new Auction for x5 7 digit ID's are available...

Although there are 10 ID's available, only 5 will get through into the final round!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The minimum bid for this Auction is 10,000 xats, so please be aware of this before bidding!

We'll keep posting for any important updates! (: 

7 Digit ID Auction (CLOSED)

Hey guys!

Before this Auction, there was an 8 digit ID one, but I was sadly unable to show you the winners. 

However , this morning , 20 users managed to win a 7 digit ID, as there were x20 that went into Auction! The following winners are shown in the image below...

Note: Are you able to spot Carbon in the list? I've given it away easily! (;

And the rest of the winners are...

What do you think? I find these ID's quite good, and most of them were bought really cheap too! A friend of mine was selling a 7 digit for 55,000 xats, which shows that the values are now down!

 Keep checking our Blog for the latest Auctions. To participate in them, click on our official Auction Banner above our posts! 

Charlie's Awesome NEW ID!

Hey guys!

I was on xat_test this evening, when I saw that Charlie had gotten himself another cool and expensive ID... 

Hardly anyone has a 4 digit, which is the rarest ID a common xat user can have. They're rumored to be at the cost of 500,000 xats.

What do you think of 4 digits? Is that one of your 'xat dreams'? Leave a comment to share me your thoughts! 

Power 181 In Testing!

Hey guys!

The new Power known as 181 is currently in testing. I was on xat_test and I saw the current Main Owner there with it...!

If you can also see in the image, Tom2 was also on the chat, but not his regular account which is 42. Hmm, now why would that be? 

So, what do you think 181 is going to be? Leave a comment and let me know!

NEW 7 Digit Auction (CLOSED)

Hey guys!

Xat have made x20 new 7 digits up on Auction. The following are shown below...

The bids that have gotten through...

Here are the following that you can also bid on, but won't be entered into Phase 2...

FINAL UPDATE: The following winners are shown below... (most of them were bought for a very cheap price!)


Just like the other auction, the minimum bid is 100 xats, which will probably be from now on, so beneficial to users with less xats than others!

What do you think? Are you going to submit a bid? There's still alot of time left, so it'll be harder to try and gain the ID when everyone's on, but it's worth a try! 


5M ID's Introduced to Xat...

Hey guys!

Do you remember a few months ago when I showed you about the 4M ID's that came onto xat? Well, the site has been really popular now, with more and more users making more ID's, and now we have 5M ID's...

What do you think? If you've had a 9 digit that starts with a 3 then maybe they'll be worth some value in a year's time!

What do you think? Have you got a 5M ID of your own? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

8 Digit ID Auction

Xat have released x20 new 8 Digit ID's around 45 minutes ago! (4.30pm GMT)

The following are as shown...

For some strange reason, xat have changed the rules on this Auction and said that the minimum bid for any ID is 100 xats as you can see so below!

Perhaps this is a way for xat to make it more fair on users who don't have alot of xats respectively...

FINAL Update: The Auction for the following 8 digits are now CLOSED! The following winners are shown in the image below...

As you can see below, the 8 digits were not bought as much as before, but the last one was, however, because of how many 0's it has..!

Anyhows, because of this, the bids are much less than the previous Auctions below, but still have a 85% chance that it'll have the same results...!

Bid while you can! You can bid more than once, which you were not able to before!

Are you going to bid for an ID now because of this system? Leave a comment and let me know what you think!


7 Digit ID Auction CLOSED!

Hey guys!

The Auction for the following 7 Digits are now CLOSED. Below are the list of the ID's and the winners...

That's really cheap for a 7 digit, I wish I had a go at entering that Auction! Would you have gotten an ID? If we're lucky enough, it may be like it on the next Auction... 

Leave a comment and let me know what you think of these ID's! (They may not be worth much because of how the ID's are set out!)

NOTE: On the last ID on the list, can you see a difference out of all the other ID's that are on there? If you can see it, leave a comment and let me know for a chance to win 100 xats (;
**Runs out THIS Friday (25th may)**

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