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7 Digit ID Auction (CLOSED)

Hey guys!

Before this Auction, there was an 8 digit ID one, but I was sadly unable to show you the winners. 

However , this morning , 20 users managed to win a 7 digit ID, as there were x20 that went into Auction! The following winners are shown in the image below...

Note: Are you able to spot Carbon in the list? I've given it away easily! (;

And the rest of the winners are...

What do you think? I find these ID's quite good, and most of them were bought really cheap too! A friend of mine was selling a 7 digit for 55,000 xats, which shows that the values are now down!

 Keep checking our Blog for the latest Auctions. To participate in them, click on our official Auction Banner above our posts! 

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