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New 7 Digit ID Owner's From Xat Auction!

Hey guys!

Yesterday, xat held a bunch of 7 digits on auction, with users able to post their bid until 9.00pm EST (2am GMT) and I managed to find some of the people who claimed the highest bid and got the ID...


And finally...

I recognise all of these ID's! What do you think of them? I think that they're really cool! The only problem is, although they're expensive, they won't be as rare anymore! But that's my thought! Share me yours by leaving a comment below!

Update: Xat have now released an Auction for 8 digits. I currently don't have the link, but when xat publish it, I'll share it on the blog!

1 comment:

  1. I own the id 7777777, not as low as the others but in my opinion the best. Can't beat 7 7's.

    HaxAras Aras (7777777)


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