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It's been a long time ... XAT is dying - question is ... WHEN?!

This post will be completed within 3 days Hello. I'm Aisha. I have been on xat since February 2009, known by many. I have helped peopl...

FUZZY Powers In Stores NOW! (Final Release & Constant Updates)

Hey guys!

At 1.40pm GMT , xat released the 6th and final batch of Fuzzy powers into the store...

1000 released costing 200 xats each.

The cost before the release was only 210 - 230 xats , but demand grew only slightly.

Like it says above, xat have announced that this was the final release, and here's to prove it...

Note: Although it was announced an hour ago, users only became aware of this after the release occured and all became sold out...

Did you manage to get yourself any? I was lucky, and bought myself 6! The cost is now 210 - 220 xats , I see a few users buying it for 215 each and it's 2.45pm.

Do you like Fuzzy? If you want to share your views, then make sure you leave a comment below and let me know! 

Fuzzy Power In Stores NOW! (5th Release & CONSTANT UPDATES)

Hey guys!

Yes, before this release and the first release, there were 3 more releases of the Fuzzy power!

At 8am GMT xat released the 5th set of Fuzzy powers. This time, we did manage to get an image!

1000 released costing 200 xats each!

Before, the price on Trade was 250 - 300 xats, but it is now around 200 - 205 xats mainly because of the current release.

Like said above, there has now been 5,000 released in total, with more releases yet to come!

How many did you manage to buy? I think I got around 10 in total, because of how slow it went out of stock! Let me know by leaving a comment! Also, if you like the design I made for giving updates, then let me know as well! This is to make it clearer!


FUZZY Power 1st Release Information...

Hey guys!

Xat decided to release Fuzzy very late. It came out at 9pm GMT on Saturday.

Xat did not give many information about how the release of Fuzzy will occur...

1000 released costing only 200 xats each. Before the release, when it was testing, the cost was only 1000 - 1300 xats

Remember guys, Fuzzy is going to be limited , so make sure you're aware of the releases...!

Update: ALL SOLD OUT! 
It sold out very quickly and went in 5 minutes! The price on Trade is now around 350 - 400 xats (9.30pm)

Did you manage to get one? I wasn't able to, sadly, but I'll make sure I will next time!

Power 177 CONFIRMED...

Hey guys!

At 5.30pm GMT today, I went on the Help chat to discover that power 177 had been confirmed, and is soon due for release...!

Here is a clue on the new power...

Was that not helpful? I guess not, huh? You not able to wait? Well, we'll happily tell you! It's known as...


Here is Brian who was one of the only users I could find with it!

That's right users, it's another smiley power!

Function of Fuzzy: It gives you 12 Fuzzy smileys. The following are in order from left to right...

But, that's not all! It also gives you a few pawns! Here are only one of the ones that I was able to spot...

It will be a limited power and will cost 250 xats in the stores. 7000 will be released in total and will most likely fail, just like Blobby had 2 weeks ago...

That's my thought however, but what do you guys think? Leave a comment and let me know your ideas! (:

Power 175 Currently In Testing...!

Hey guys!

Xat have begun the testing process for the new power, which is currently known to us all as 177.

Have you seen Brian or another user who has power 177? What do you think it might be? Will it be a limited or unlimited power?

Make sure you leave a comment to let me know! It'll really help (:

Another New Pawn?

I have only seen this pawn this evening (7.25pm) on xat_test chatroom.

The following is on the image below:

Is this an old pawn? If anyone knows what power it comes from, and when it was enabled, along with the hat code, that would be great, and I would appreciate it.

If alot of people comment, I will choose a person at random to win 100 xats!

NOTE: Mini contest for 100 xats through commenting is only available until the following date... Monday 30th April 2012   

Update: If we do not receive 10-15 comments with the registered xat name and ID, then the 100 xats draw will not proceed as planned! 

Xat Login Update

Hey guys!

Today, xat have added a new featue to the xat login system.

This is to improve security by a long shot because xat are fed up and annoyed about how many users are complaining to them about the same thing. This is what 42 might be thinking, not myself, haha.

Of course I changed it for me, but how about you? Have you used this setting yet? Have you found it helpful and more save? Do you think this was a good idea? Make sure you leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!

New Login System

Note: For those who may have noticed like me, there has been a chance for when you login onto your xat account! I was a little confused, but had figured it out...

Before, when you login, you have the 'Account locking' and 'Account protection' on, but now it's been removed...


I saw this through Help's scroller on the chat.

Do you think this was a good idea by staff? It doesn't really affect you or other users as much, but make sure you leave me a comment and let me know!

Reverse Pawns!

Hey guys!

Reverse comes with an enabled pawn which you can use for a limited time only. It's usually for a week...

Below is the image for the pawn...

What do you think of this pawn? I think it looks awesome, but too bad it's only for a short period of time...!

Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts! 

Reverse Power Has Been Released...!

Hey guys!

At around 8pm GMT last night, xat made Reverse available in the stores for everyone to buy...!

The price reached a big 500 - 600 xats when it had been limited , but now it has become unlimited costing 200 xats!

Below has the information about the Power ...

Name of Power: Reverse
Power Smiley: 

Release Date: Sat 21/04/2012 8pm 
Status: unlimited & group power
Price in Store: 200 xats
Price in Trade: 190 - 195 xats
Function: Reverse is a fun kind of ban that when you are reverse-banned by another user, you end up talking backwards! A rather annoying one, if you ask me... but, it also gives you a reversed pawn, which is cool! See our previous post(s) for details!
What do you think of Reverse? Have you decided to buy it now, or have you already bought it before? If you did, I hope you sold it, or you'd have lost some xats!


REVERSE Power Released (Testing form)

Hey guys!

At around 1-1.30pm GMT  xat decided to finally release Reverse ... and a day late, as well! (they started testing a day early as well!)

Power Smiley:
Below has all the information about Reverse and the current release that took into place:
Name: Reverse 
Status: Currently LIMITED
Quantity: 500
Price in store: 200 xats
Price on Trade (5.35pm): 400 - 500 xats (450 xats average)   

Like Magicfx , 42 decided to release only a very small bunch as 'test powers' for users to try them out, before the full release!

500 released costing a cheap 200 xats each. It is currently limited but will soon be unlimited...

As shown above, the current cost on Trade is around 400 - 450 xats , and is sure to go down soon, or maybe raise! If you'd like to try it out, you can go to xat_test , as GameBanRequests only covers GameBan powers.

NOTE: When Reverse becomes an unlimited power, it will still be at the cost of 200 xats. We are not sure when it is going to be unlimited, but we are sure that it'll be no longer than 2-3 days max! We'll let you know when it happens (: (5.44pm)

For detailed information about what Reverse does, you can see the posts below!

What do you think of Reverse? Are you interested in buying it, and annoying your friends? Leave a comment and let me know!

Payment Issues...

There's been an issue involving payment for xats and days at the moment for one of the options. This was found out by me at 5pm GMT and was announced half an hour ago.

42 is currently working on it, so don't you worry!

Reverse Power, Final Updates...!

Hey guys!

I've managed to get the information that we couldn't uncover yesterday! If you're interested in finding out, then look at this post...!

At 12.30pm GMT I decided to go to xat_test to see if there were any changes to Reverse , and fortunatley, there was!

42 has finally managed to add the smiley for Reverse . It is shown, below...

Note: This is what the smiley will look like on the main chat. Below, is a
larger image of Reverse . (sadly, I couldn't find the animation)
42 was earlier on asking users who had it to test Reverse , which means he's looking to see if the glitches from yesterday are still there...

That's now everything you need to know about the upcoming Reverse power...! Many of you are wondering whether it will be limited or unlimited , and below is what I think it'll be...

Reverse will be an unlimited power and will cost 150 - 200 xats in the stores. This is because they've already released 3 limited powers in a row, and 4 is too much! Also, the demand is not high enough to limit it...

So, what do you think of the power? Now that you know enough about it, do you want to buy it? Let me know your opinions!

Reverse Power... a little more Insight!

Yesterday, we had been aware that Power 176 appeared because 42 was holding it, and he began testing the power. We were also aware that it was going to be called Reverse , and that it was not a gameban, but it had some form of ban included, just like Dunce!

Today, however, I managed to uncover some further information on Reverse , such as the function is, etc...

I went on xat_test at 12.30pm GMT , because that's usually where all the testing occurs, obviously!

Volunteers have now been given the Reverse power , and testing has gone into the second stage, like usual. Here, I took an image of Mihay , an owner on xat_test , with the power...

Note: There is not yet an image for the power. This will be the next stage
 of testing, where it usually will have the release a few hours later!

42 also has the new power, obviously. He is currently online at xat_test as well, which is why the chat is popular at this time of day! (21 people!)

Function of Reverse - The 'Reverse' power is a type of Ban , but not a gameban, where when you are 'Reversebanned' , you end up talking backwards! Just like in the following image(s), below!

Note: Mihay is Reversebanning me and another user. The effects of this
will be shown below, where Carbon was also banned!  

 Note: Carbon has been Reversebanned which means whatever he types and sends
to the chat will only end up appearing backwards. E.g. If I wanted to say 'hello friends' 
it will come up as 'sdneirf olleh' .

Note: Another user who has also been Reversebanned. They are trying to say
'me too :@'. 

Be aware that this power is just like Dunce . You do not get banned in such as you can't talk, you just have a special hat / gives you a headache because of how you talk!

It also allows you to have a special kind of 'Reversed' pawn . Below, you will see some examples of what your xat pawn will look like after you've been Reversebanned!

I've taken pictures of what a regular user with a registered pawn , (black star) looks like, and also what it looks like when it has been affected by Reverse ...!

Below, is an image of a registered user who is also BFF'd and what they look like when they have been 'Reversed'.

Yes, what you see above you is correct. Like with all other powers when they are in testing, there are always going to be glitches in them! Here, a user has a 'double pawn' , like shown below!
Don't worry if this bothers you, the glitch will be solved with soon!

There you go! That's all the information that I've managed to uncover about the functions of Reverse , but there's still more to look into!

  Things that still need to be worked on with Reverse ...

  • What the image of Reverse power is going to look like. This usually occurs hours before the release!
  • Whether the release is going to be on a Friday afternoon as usual, as testing has already began on a Thursday afternoon!

What do you think of the Reverse power? I think that it is going to be unlimited and cost 150 xats in the stores. I also find it quite annoying and gives me a headache, and I'm sure it might annoy you too!

Post a comment and let me know your ideas about the power! 

42 Has Power 176... and CONFIRMED!

Hey guys!

It's early, because it's Wednesday, and usually the process for the new power begins on Thursday , but already I've managed to uncover some information about the upcoming power...!

1) At around 6.20pm GMT I decided to go on xat_test , and I saw that 42 was online.
Like usual, he usually has the new power before anyone else does , and this time the upcoming power will currently be known as Power 176

Update 1: Mihay has updated on xat's Twitter page on what Power 176 is going to be, before testing has even started! Here's a clue below to tell you what the new power is going to be...

If that clue wasn't much help, I can tell you that it is actually called...

Here is to show you that it has already been updated on Twitter...!

This update took place at 6.25pm GMT

Update 2: 42 has now logged onto his other account, to test the new power! He usually goes on his other account called Tom2 to test upcoming powers. If you've not seen him before, check the image below! (6.35pm)

Update 3: 42 has used some form of Ban on Tom2 . A few users think that this is going to be a GameBan power, but we are aware now that it will not be one, as it is going to be called Reverse...! (6.40pm)

Update 4: 42 has now decided to un-ban his other account. (6.45pm)

Final Update: 42 has now LEFT! (6.47pm)

What could this mysterious power Reverse (176) possibly be? Could it be some form of ban just like with Dunce? We'll leave you a comment tomorrow with all the details!
NOTE: It is most likely that Reverse will cost 2,500 - 3,500 xats with testers selling for 5,000 xats when it has been released for testing. It is likely to be unlimited because xat have already released 3 limited powers in a row! Be cautious of that... (;

Blobby Update: We were correct. Blobby has now become withdrawn in the stores. There are only 6,000 released in total on xat, costing 350 xats each in stores, 1,000 releasing each time.

The cost has now gone down to 290 - 310 xats , with almost no users wanting to buy, and everybody trying to sell! 

^^ I hope you managed to get yourself a Blobby power. From what caused many users to be excited, turned into boredom. Perhaps it was the expensive cost in the stores? Let me know what you think!

See you tomorrow, with more details on the Reverse power! Until then... Stay tuned!   

New 150M Owner!

Well, he's been the new owner of it for some time now...

He's called Joseph , who used to have a 9 digit and the registered name 'JosephTheking'. Now he owns 150M (150000000)

What do you think of these cool ID's? Let me know by leaving a comment below...!

BLOBBY Power Updates (6th Release In Stores NOW)

Hey guys!

So, it's been a day since Blobby was released, and it's still currently in the stores, losing demand now on Trade, though I'm not sure about anywhere else.

  • 6000 released at the moment, including the release that's currently going on. The cost for each release in the xat stores is 350 xats
  • Blobby is and will become a LIMITED power, so you can only get it on Trade
  • 8000 are supposed to be released in total, but xat are likely to withdraw it completley after the current release. It's not certain, but it's likely, just like with Kduck and Kat!
  • The current price on Trade is around 300 - 330 xats , and would've dropped more, but because it is 350 xats in stores and it's still out the price is still 300+ xats (average)
  • There are less than 100 remaining (6.51pm)
If you are interested in buying Blobby , then I reccommend that you do it on Trade, because you will lose xats if you then decide to sell it.

For more information about the Blobby power, go on the second page and then search where Power 175 was 'Confirmed', and it should be there.    

Update: ALL SOLD OUT! Blobby has finally gone out of the stores! There has been 6000 released , but it is most likely that xat will not release the 2000 due to demand loss. The current price on Trade now is 300 - 320 xats , so you can see that nobody is going to buy in store. In other terms, Blobby has been Withdrawn , just like Kduck and Kat were! (Tues 18/04/2012 5.51pm)

BLOBBY Powers In Stores NOW! (6th Release & Constant Updates)

Hi everyone!

I came on xat at 4.50pm GMT to see that another bunch of 1000 Blobby powers had been released .

The price was already down as it already was, becoming 330 - 350 xats. It has now gone up to become 340 - 350 because it is currently in stores for 350 xats, but it won't last very long.

Update 1: The demand for Blobby has completley gone now. When it was in testing, the demand is so high, but now nobody is buying it in the stores or on Trade! (5.29pm)

Update 2: There are still 671 remaining , and I'm sure it's way over 2 hours by now! Just like with Kduck and Kat, it's most likely that Blobby is going to be withdrawn from the stores! (5.30pm)

Update 3: Thanks to information that was just received to me now, the release for Blobby began at 10am GMT , which means that Blobby really has failed! (5.40pm)


BLOBBY Powers In Stores NOW! (5th Release & Constant Updates)

Hey guys!

Yesterday morning, I saw that xat released 1000 Blobby powers, and this is officially the 4th release! 

The price on Trade before the release was only 350 - 365 xats before the release, and it is already failing because of the expensive cost it was in the stores...!

The release took place sometime early in the morning, but when I saw there was 45 remaining it was 6.45am GMT

Update 1: ALL SOLD OUT! It went at 7.30-7.45am GMT and it is now 330 - 350 xats on Trade!

It'd be better off buying one on Trade now, if you've missed it!  

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