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Will Gold EVER Become Unlimited...?

In November 2011 , xat released Power 153 which was xat's 4th official epic power, also known as Gold...!

Here is the history from the power...

  • The highest price that Gold has ever become was on the first release, where 3 were released. The cost was between 70,000 - 75,000 xats.
  • Xat then released 10 more Gold powers. It had dropped to 65,000 - 70,000 , but was still very new to xat!
  • More Golds were eventually released, but the price still was high. However, when Black Friday came, it dropped from 49,800 - 50,000 to 45,000 - 46,000 xats because users were so interested in the rare powers.
  • After Black Friday had finished, the price zoomed back up and it once reached the price 60,000 - 62,000 xats. Xat then took advantage of this and released some more.
  • Since then, the price has always been between 52,000 - 55,000 xats. At this point, xat have been releasing some Gold powers every Friday, after the weekly power releases.
The price now is 51,000 - 52,000 xats. Gold is still currently limited. Many users have been asking / wondering when Gold is going to appear unlimited , but noone knows the answer. Many users have given up and have just taken this to an advantage for profits.

Perhaps xat will fully release Gold when they release the demand is so low and it can't profit much anymore. 1,000 profit per week seems good? There are bound to be hundreds of Gold powers roaming around xat, but nobody notices!

Have you ever had the Gold power? Do you feel that it's exactly the same as Purple , which because of Gold dropped heavily, and is now 21,300 - 21,600 xats?

Leave a comment and let me know YOUR thoughts!      

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