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REVERSE Power Released (Testing form)

Hey guys!

At around 1-1.30pm GMT  xat decided to finally release Reverse ... and a day late, as well! (they started testing a day early as well!)

Power Smiley:
Below has all the information about Reverse and the current release that took into place:
Name: Reverse 
Status: Currently LIMITED
Quantity: 500
Price in store: 200 xats
Price on Trade (5.35pm): 400 - 500 xats (450 xats average)   

Like Magicfx , 42 decided to release only a very small bunch as 'test powers' for users to try them out, before the full release!

500 released costing a cheap 200 xats each. It is currently limited but will soon be unlimited...

As shown above, the current cost on Trade is around 400 - 450 xats , and is sure to go down soon, or maybe raise! If you'd like to try it out, you can go to xat_test , as GameBanRequests only covers GameBan powers.

NOTE: When Reverse becomes an unlimited power, it will still be at the cost of 200 xats. We are not sure when it is going to be unlimited, but we are sure that it'll be no longer than 2-3 days max! We'll let you know when it happens (: (5.44pm)

For detailed information about what Reverse does, you can see the posts below!

What do you think of Reverse? Are you interested in buying it, and annoying your friends? Leave a comment and let me know!

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