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BLOBBY Power Updates (6th Release In Stores NOW)

Hey guys!

So, it's been a day since Blobby was released, and it's still currently in the stores, losing demand now on Trade, though I'm not sure about anywhere else.

  • 6000 released at the moment, including the release that's currently going on. The cost for each release in the xat stores is 350 xats
  • Blobby is and will become a LIMITED power, so you can only get it on Trade
  • 8000 are supposed to be released in total, but xat are likely to withdraw it completley after the current release. It's not certain, but it's likely, just like with Kduck and Kat!
  • The current price on Trade is around 300 - 330 xats , and would've dropped more, but because it is 350 xats in stores and it's still out the price is still 300+ xats (average)
  • There are less than 100 remaining (6.51pm)
If you are interested in buying Blobby , then I reccommend that you do it on Trade, because you will lose xats if you then decide to sell it.

For more information about the Blobby power, go on the second page and then search where Power 175 was 'Confirmed', and it should be there.    

Update: ALL SOLD OUT! Blobby has finally gone out of the stores! There has been 6000 released , but it is most likely that xat will not release the 2000 due to demand loss. The current price on Trade now is 300 - 320 xats , so you can see that nobody is going to buy in store. In other terms, Blobby has been Withdrawn , just like Kduck and Kat were! (Tues 18/04/2012 5.51pm)

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