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Reverse Power... a little more Insight!

Yesterday, we had been aware that Power 176 appeared because 42 was holding it, and he began testing the power. We were also aware that it was going to be called Reverse , and that it was not a gameban, but it had some form of ban included, just like Dunce!

Today, however, I managed to uncover some further information on Reverse , such as the function is, etc...

I went on xat_test at 12.30pm GMT , because that's usually where all the testing occurs, obviously!

Volunteers have now been given the Reverse power , and testing has gone into the second stage, like usual. Here, I took an image of Mihay , an owner on xat_test , with the power...

Note: There is not yet an image for the power. This will be the next stage
 of testing, where it usually will have the release a few hours later!

42 also has the new power, obviously. He is currently online at xat_test as well, which is why the chat is popular at this time of day! (21 people!)

Function of Reverse - The 'Reverse' power is a type of Ban , but not a gameban, where when you are 'Reversebanned' , you end up talking backwards! Just like in the following image(s), below!

Note: Mihay is Reversebanning me and another user. The effects of this
will be shown below, where Carbon was also banned!  

 Note: Carbon has been Reversebanned which means whatever he types and sends
to the chat will only end up appearing backwards. E.g. If I wanted to say 'hello friends' 
it will come up as 'sdneirf olleh' .

Note: Another user who has also been Reversebanned. They are trying to say
'me too :@'. 

Be aware that this power is just like Dunce . You do not get banned in such as you can't talk, you just have a special hat / gives you a headache because of how you talk!

It also allows you to have a special kind of 'Reversed' pawn . Below, you will see some examples of what your xat pawn will look like after you've been Reversebanned!

I've taken pictures of what a regular user with a registered pawn , (black star) looks like, and also what it looks like when it has been affected by Reverse ...!

Below, is an image of a registered user who is also BFF'd and what they look like when they have been 'Reversed'.

Yes, what you see above you is correct. Like with all other powers when they are in testing, there are always going to be glitches in them! Here, a user has a 'double pawn' , like shown below!
Don't worry if this bothers you, the glitch will be solved with soon!

There you go! That's all the information that I've managed to uncover about the functions of Reverse , but there's still more to look into!

  Things that still need to be worked on with Reverse ...

  • What the image of Reverse power is going to look like. This usually occurs hours before the release!
  • Whether the release is going to be on a Friday afternoon as usual, as testing has already began on a Thursday afternoon!

What do you think of the Reverse power? I think that it is going to be unlimited and cost 150 xats in the stores. I also find it quite annoying and gives me a headache, and I'm sure it might annoy you too!

Post a comment and let me know your ideas about the power! 

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