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Power 175 CONFIRMED!

Hey guys!

We've confirmed what Power 175 is going to be! Are you able to guess what it is, using the clue below?

Yes, It's a pretty cute blob, isn't it? Well, if you weren't able to guess from there, I can reveal to you that Power 175 is going to be...

Here was the evidence that Blobby was confirmed as Power 175...

It was also set as the scroller on xat_test and Trade chats:

At around 4.45pm GMT 42 was on xat_test as he was going through the final stages of testing it. For the first time in a while, the chat had 3 tabs (60 people)

I took as many pictures as I could, to give you most of the information about the next power, Blobby! The following information we had discovered are...

1) You are able to use 2 pawns if you have the Hat and Blobby power, for a limited time only...! 

People using the "Googly eye" pawn

And finally, people using the second pawn, which is the blob...

So therefore, the following 2 pawns are these...! (we caught some users having them both at the same time)


Here were a few volunteer who was testing the power by using a smiley...

Function of Blobby: The Blobby power comes with blob themed smileys. The following are...

Update 1: Users on xat now expect Blobby to be limited now because of what xat announced on Twitter. A few users also think that the cost will be 500 xats each!

Final Update: Blobby has now been updated with the information on the Powers wikipedia page, and it's function that we've already given to you: (5pm GMT)

That's all the information about Blobby! It's most likely going to be limited , but what do you think?! 

Have you seen the power, and do you like it? To me, it looks kinda rude lol. Anyways, leave a comment and let me know!

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