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It's been a long time ... XAT is dying - question is ... WHEN?!

This post will be completed within 3 days Hello. I'm Aisha. I have been on xat since February 2009, known by many. I have helped peopl...

NEW YEAR Power Released

Last night, xat had released the New Year power as unlimited!

It costs 200 xats in the stores, and it comes with smileys to celebrate the countdown to 2012! Here are the following in order from left to right...!
(calendar) (celebration) (champagne2) (champagneback) (clink2) (firework1) (firework2) (nyball) (nyhat) (nykiss)(nyparty) (sparkler2)  

Also, if you also have the Hat power, (costs 100 xats) you can also use these pawns for a limited time only! They are the following...

Happy 2012 (hat#h2)
Champ Pawn (hat#hh)
Lights pawn (hat#hi)
Fireworks FX (hat#hwf)

What do you think? Are you going to buy this power and help end 2011? Comment and let me know!

New Year Power Update

Xat have confirmed the power on their twitter, look!

It is most likely to be a limited power, but what do you think? Comment, and let me know!

Connect 4 Championships!

To enter, just go on the chatroom by clicking here or leaving a comment on this post saying you'd like to join.

It will all be held at the Aishasites' official chatroom, Terms and Conditions may apply.

What do you think? We may promote the chat to make it slightly harder! Give me your thoughts and let me know!

Note: This is part of the Christmas party that we've gathered up, and to celebrate the end of the year!

Xat on 2011

This year has been pretty good and bad on xat, and I plan to post a page to reflect all that happened on 2011. Here are some things you will expect...!

- How the chat is going, since it first got completed with the backgrounds and everything in September 2011!
- The official blog (current) and how updated and succsessful it is slowly becoming.
- Power releases...
- The welcome to xat's 4th Epic power Gold, and their 3rd and first group epic GBACK
- How cheap Fade and Diamond have become since it first rose in January 2010...

It will be fully detailed, and we will be the first ever xat blog to reflect on this! Our chat has also been featured on the official xat homepage!

If you'd like to join us, feel free to click here

The page should be completed by Friday 30th December 2011, the same date as the party will probably happen on!


New Year Power..?

I went on xat_test earlier this morning, and I saw that the new power was going to be called 'New Year'!

I had suggested it on my other account in 2010, and had over 150 votes! I will try to find it sometime.

Anyway, there's a high chance that this power is going to be limited and could cost between 200-300 xats. It will come with smileys to do with the new year and the countdown.

What do you think? Excited for the final power of 2011? Comment and let me know! 

DUNCE Power Released!

Yesterday, the Dunce power was released into the stores costing 250 xats.

This power is unlimited and is also a group power!

If someone dunces you, it adds a Dunce hat onto your pawn! Take a look, and see!

NOTE: Abby was supposed to dunce me for only 1 hour, but it came out as forever. Could this have possibly been a glitch?
For those who don't know, a Dunce isn't a good thing! It's a tradition that schools in America used to, and possibly still do. Anyway, once the hours are gone, the Dunce hat will be removed fom your pawn.

The power also comes along with additional smileys. There isn't many, but here are the smileys in order from left to right... (dunce) (duh) (doh)

What do you think? Do you want to be dunced? Let me know!

Dunce Power FINAL Updates

Hey guys, I have just managed to uncover all the information you need to know about the 'DUNCE' power that's coming up...!

1. This power is a type of ban, just like mute and gag. We're not sure on what actually happens once you become dunced, but here's an idea:

2. It now has a picture and we know what it's going to look like! Here it is!
3. It is due to release either today or tomorrow, and will be unlimited.

What do you think? Give me you thoughts by commenting below!

Next Power Is DUNCE!

At 5.20pm GBT Time, xat had announced on their twitter page what the next power is going to be. Look!

Could this power possibly be the fourth one in a row?! Comment and let me know what you think!

Note: We will provide you with all the information that you need to know about the upcoming power when we recieve it.

Aisha's Christmas Party Extravaganza!

Hello everybody...!

I'm sure if you remember, last year to celebrate the new year, (2011) I had set up a party on the 31st December at my old chat, CpBoys! It went bad at first, due to certain people, but then they were banned, more people came, and we had a great time! Over 20 people had come, and the party was from 7 - 9pm!

This year, I've decided to have a Christmas themed party instead! I've already given my chat a Christmas themed look, and it looks much better than last years!

Here are some of the things you might experience when you're at the party, if the majority would like it:
- Chat promotion on a half hour basis. It it works out great, then the promotion will be on for longer!
- Perm owner positions can be earned through hard work much easier than it usually is! You may also be temp modded if you are a member! 
- People are free to hold contests for all to participate in, unless they cause drama. 

- There will be trivia questions about xat and maybe general stuff. Winner will get Perm Owner, and will stay it even after the chat resets.
- We will Spaceban people on the chat. Whoever gets the quickest time will recieve 50 xats.
- Staff can hold contests, and the prizes are entierly their own choice. Terms and Conditions for the contests also apply according to their rules.

- People must be sensible and respect all users when on the chat. If the chat does experience promotion, you must be able to accept that there are some idiots on xat.
- Banning will be stricter to ALL people, including staff.
- You can smiley spam and use all CAPS, as well as posting several messages, as you can see on our Christmas themed rules on the chat. Concequences may vary if use for abuse.

Party Details
Date: Saturday 24th December 2011 OR Monday 26th December 2011 OR Friday 30th December 2011
Time: N/A
Place: http://www.xat.com/AishaSites  
Description: Everybody is invited for the occasion! Make sure you bring your festive cheer, and we'll hopefully have loads of fun!

If you're able to come, please leave a comment. This would be a great time for us all to hang out and have great fun, and hopefully it'll be much more better than last years! 

Hope you can join us! 


New type of Ban?

Earlier today, a friend had pointed out to me that around 10am GBT time 42 was on his testing account, 'Tom2', and was on xat_test, trying out the new power!

Here's a picture...

People were asking if it would be a power like Spaceban, Matchban, etc. (a game ban) but 42 said it wasn't. Could this be a power like Mute and Gag? Give me your thoughts by leaving a comment below!

Chat Christmas Theme

2 days ago, I had finally managed to make the AishaSites chat get its Christmas look! It's much better than on CpBoys last year, I hope!

Tell me what you think by going there! Just click here

Nice Family...

I was on a chat tonight, and I was being someone else for fun. Then suddenly, everyone else joined in! Look!

Haha, good one guys, that was great fun!


Just a few minutes ago, at 5.20pm GBT Time, xat released Power #157 also known as SPARTA.

10,000 were released, and you can buy as many as you want, just like Stoneage!

Someone already has x80 Sparta, and some people are getting carried away! Here's a picture to show you...
This power will be LIMITED and comes with smilies mediveal themed! 

Keep up with the following updates with this power...!

UPDATE 1: The power is going fairly fast.  7379 Remaining! (5.36pm)
UPDATE 2: A few people have 100+ and are selling it at 101 xats each, to try make small profits. Here's a peek...

UPDATE 3: Sparta is now 100 - 105 xats on Trade! At this time there are now 5092 Remaining! (5.43pm)
UPDATE 4: There's a huge debate whether it will raise or drop after it has all been sold out! Around 6 people have over 100 and someone now has 480! Look!

  FINAL UPDATE: Sparta is now ALL sold out! It went at 5.55pm GBT Time and now costs 120 - 150 xats on Trade! Someone also has 647 Sparta!

 Finally, let's take a look at the smilies. Here are the following smileys in order from left to right.
(sparta) (spartayell) (getready) (helmet3) (soldier) (spants) (spartafight) (spartan) (spartan2) (truewar) (xerxes). 

What do you think of this power? Will it stay at 120-150 xats like it currently is? So many people have over 100! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!
One final message to give to you... 

Power 157 Is "SPARTA"

The information was found on the Trade scroll...

We don't have any more info for now, but will be told when do.

UPDATE 1: I see some testers selling the power! Here's the picture of it!

How cheap are rares now...? READ TO FIND OUT!

As you know, xat have been returning rare and expensive powers over and over again, therefore they become much more cheaper!

Let's keep a track from past releases this year...

March 2011 - x500 released costing 3000 xats each. Price was 4000 - 4100 before dropping to 3300. It then rose back to 4200 xats.
September 2011 - x1000 Clears costing 2500 xats each. Price was 4900 - 5000 xats before it came out. It then dropped to 3800 - 3950 xats.
November 2011 (Black friday) - x1000 Clear released costing 2805 xats as its final price. It then became 2850 - 2950 on Trade, and soon rose to 3100 - 3200 xats!
 Total amount since Black Friday 2010... x2500
Price in November 2010... 5800 - 6000 xats

March 2011 - x500 released costing 1800 xats each. Price was 2850 - 2900 before it came back. It dropped to 2100 - 2300 xats, and then rose again to 2600 - 2800 xats!
November 2011 (Black Friday) - x2000 released costing 1005 xats each! Price was originally 2400 - 2500 xats before dropping to 2000 xats a week before Black Friday! The price is now 1400 - 1500 xats.
Total amount since Black Friday 2010... x2500
Price in November 2010... 3700 - 4000 xats

September 2011 - x750 were released costing 1800 xats each. The price was 3600 - 3700 xats before the return, and had dropped to 2700 - 2900 xats.
November 2011 (Black Friday) - x2000 released costing 1600 xats each. Price had dropped to 2000 - 2200 xats a week before Black Friday, and is now 1850 - 1950 xats.
Total amount since Black Friday 2010...x2750
Price in November 2010... 4800 - 5000 xats

September 2011 - x1000 were released costing 4000 xats each. The price was 11,000 - 11,500 before it came out, and at the perfect time, too! The price then dropped to 9000 - 9500 xats!
November 2011 (Black Friday) - x500 came out costing 6692 xats. The price had dropped to 6000 - 7000 xats because of Black Friday approaching. It rose back up to 8200 - 8400 xats.
Total amount since Black Friday 2010...x1500
Price in November 2010...8500 - 8800 xats
Angel is a unique power, and because of its demand, it has always risen back to its original value! Despite how many times it releases, many users have managed to profit from it. Angel is now more used as a bargain more than an actual power.

October 2011 - To celebrate Halloween, x1500 were released, and finished at around 5800 xats. The price was 9000 - 9500 before it came, and everyone wanted it back because the price was ridiculous. Sure enough, it went from 6400 - 6600 to 4800 - 5000 xats.
November 2011 (Black Friday) - x1000 were released, costing 3000-3050 xats each. The price is now currently 3900 - 4100 xats on Trade.
 Total amount since Black Friday 2010... x2500

As you can see, so much of these powers have been returning, yet nobody notices, and buys so high. Powers that have hardly been released are Gag and Heart, which are quite cheap! Because of how cheap Fade and Diamond are, look at these people who have over 100 of each!


  Usually, you would be considered 'extremely rich', if you had x100 of these powers, but now people start to hardly care!

What do you think? Are these rares not considered 'rare' anymore due to how many release? Leave a comment and let me know!


Power #157 in Testing...!

Today, I saw someone with the new upcoming power, which is also #157. This power is due to release either today or tomorrow! Here's a picture of someone with the new power!

What do you think it's going to be? Leave a comment and let me know...!

Nice new Christmas Gift

Today on Trade, I saw somebody post this Christmas themed kiss that was pretty new. Here it is:

It also comes along with a 'Jingle bells' theme tune. What do you think of it? Here is the one to pick in the options if you are wanting to use it...

For those who are new to xat, here is how you open up the kiss options.

Step 1: Click the weird ball that has the number 8 inside of it, like shown in the picture below.

Note: The 8ball will automatically be there every time you sign in onto a chat. Even if you're not on, it will still be there. However, you have to be signed in to use it, obviously.

This kiss, along with all the other kisses, will cost 25 xats each! You do not need to be a subscriber to use these kisses.

Advantages of using a kiss:
- It's a great way to let people know what you're trying to send or tell them.
- It lasts for around 30 seconds so you can admire what you've done if you've said something really nice.
- You don't need to be a subscriber or have powers to use this kiss.
Disadvantages of using a kiss:
- It lags some peoples computers.
- Some chats kick you for using them, because even though you've paid xats for it, people usually get annoyed with people sending kisses, especially very popular chats.
- If you've made a mistake, such as typing the wrong thing or choosing the wrong kiss, once you've chosen it, you've lost your 25 xats.
- It's sometimes not the best way to spread messages around to people, or if the person you're trying to send it to is away or talking in private chat, they don't recieve it and will never see it unless you spend another 25 xats, which may be pointless.

The reason I wanted to give information so much about kisses in general, is because I've seen people and chats do all the advantages and disadvantages. What do you think? Is this kiss that I've shown you worth the xats? Or might it be too laggy? Give me your thoughts by leaving me a comment on this post!   

Guest on Trade again (:

At around 4.45pm GBT Time, I used guestself on Trade.

I don't feel bad, since I'm used to it.

REINDEER Power Out NOW! (Last release)

Just a few minutes ago, @3.15pm GBT Time Carbon had pointed out that the Reindeer power made its final appearence into the stores!

Here it is...!

The power had failed after its third release, where the power had dropped to 200 - 220 xats. There are now currently sellers for 210 xats! There were 5250 Altogether but after the power becomes limited, there will be 7000 in total.

Check the updates below to keep in track with this power! Also, have some spare time? Answer our poll!

UPDATE 1: Everyone is selling their Reindeer powers at 210 - 220 xats, when the power is still 290-300 in stores! However, around 20 people had bought it at the current store price as posted.
UPDATE 2: Nobody is buying the Reindeer power. They all decided not to buy anymore after the 3rd release happened.
UPDATE 3: The price reached 200 xats at around 7PM GBT Time
UPDATE 4: Reindeer powers are now ALL sold out! The power went at 8pm GBT Time, and has now lost huge demand. There are now officially 7,000 Reindeer powers on xat!
FINAL UPDATE: Reindeer is now currently 180 - 200 xats! There are people who sell the power for 190 xats, and has dropped. There is somebody with 50+ Reindeer, so could they attempt to raise the power, or will it hardly ever raise demand?   

REINDEER Out in Stores NOW!

I came on xat at 7.45am GBT time, and I saw that xat had released 1,750 Reindeer powers into the stores!

Apparently the starting price was 300 xats!

The power will reduce to 200 xats, and is currently 240 xats. Read the following updates to find out what is happening with the power!

UPDATE 1: The price has been reduced to 235 xats. (7.50am) 1,534 Remaining! 

UPDATE 2: Reindeer has been dropped to 230 xats! (7.55am) It's possible that the power drops 5 xats every 5 minutes! People are currently buying the power for 235-250 xats on Trade! 1512 Remaining!

UPDATE 3: There are now exactly 1500 Reindeers remaining! (8.00am)

UPDATE 4: Reindeer is now 225 xats! (8.07am) and there are 1470 Remaining!

UPDATE 5: Price is now 220 xats! (8.17am) with 1415 Remaining!

UPDATE 7: 1400 Remaining! (8.19am)

UPDATE 8: Price is now 215 xats! (8.30am) and there are currently 1363 Remaining!

UPDATE 9: Reindeer went to 210 xats (8.40am) and now drops 5 xats every 10 minutes. There are now 1301 Remaining!

UPDATE 10: Price is now 205 xats! (8.50am) and there are only 1222 Remaining! The power is going fast, and costs 210 - 215 on Trade!

UPDATE 11: 1200 Remaining! (8.52am)

UPDATE 12: Reindeer is finlly at its final price of 200 xats! (8.59am) Buy yours now before it's all sold out! 1059 Remaining!

UPDATE 13: 999 Remaining! (9.03am) The price on Trade is 205 - 215 xats!


UPDATE 14: The power is dropping slightly, and is now currently 205 - 210 xats. Could this power be a sequal to the School power?! 811 Remaining! (9.11am)


Did you manage to get yourself the Reindeer power? That may have been the last of the releases, so make sure you do!




I have decided to now and post more random things, especially news on what goes on around the Trade chatroom!

Tonight, Christina demanded only 1 mod per pool, though there are always 3-6 mods on the Trade pool, the most popular one. Ghosthunder, an owner, wanted everyone to split but me...

Hehe, everyone just stayed in the end, anyway!

Power #155 confirmed as REINDEER (Released)

An hour ago, at 4pm GBT Time, xat released their new power also known as Reindeer!

 Xat had announced this @3pm GBT Time. 1,750 Reindeers were released, with the price dropping to 200 xats!

NOTE: This power is now all sold out, and is now currently limited!

This power is going to be limited, and is a Christmas themed power.

3 more sets of  1,750 Reindeer powers will be released in 6 hours time. The next release will be at 10pm, making it 3,500 Reindeer powers in total.

By the time Reindeer has stopped releasing, there will be a total of 7,000 Reindeer powers, just like Snowman.

The power comes with Reindeer themed smiles. Here are the following in order from left to right...
(reindeer) (resurprised) (resmirk) (resleepy) (resad) (reredface) (relaugh) (reglare) (recry) (recool) (reangry) (renose)
What do you think? Do you prefer this more to Snowman? Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

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