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Xat on 2011

This year has been pretty good and bad on xat, and I plan to post a page to reflect all that happened on 2011. Here are some things you will expect...!

- How the chat is going, since it first got completed with the backgrounds and everything in September 2011!
- The official blog (current) and how updated and succsessful it is slowly becoming.
- Power releases...
- The welcome to xat's 4th Epic power Gold, and their 3rd and first group epic GBACK
- How cheap Fade and Diamond have become since it first rose in January 2010...

It will be fully detailed, and we will be the first ever xat blog to reflect on this! Our chat has also been featured on the official xat homepage!

If you'd like to join us, feel free to click here

The page should be completed by Friday 30th December 2011, the same date as the party will probably happen on!


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