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It's been a long time ... XAT is dying - question is ... WHEN?!

This post will be completed within 3 days Hello. I'm Aisha. I have been on xat since February 2009, known by many. I have helped peopl...

x2500 KFOX Release!

Hi all!

After hours of anticipation and eagerness , at **5.05pm GMT** the unexpected new power , 'KFOX' was released!

x2500 released costing 301 xats

Most of the xat blogs had predicted this cost , and they were correct. It was 1 PER USER so the release took around 15 minutes , with users able to get between 2 - 4 among them.

After it was sold out , the price had quickly increased and became around 400 - 500 xats .

It rose so quickly that the price ended up reaching between 700 - 800 xats , which was a bit of a shock for this type of power!

But the price has now dropped down to 600 - 650 xats with many more users trying to sell. The next release will be at **6am BST** as CLOCKS GO FORWARD AT 1AM!

I hope you managed to buy yourself a KFOX power! (:

Weekly GOLD Drama ...

NOTE: We'll update this post as soon as the power itself releases.

This afternoon at around **12pm GMT** users on xat_test started their weekly harassment to 42 for the GOLD power.

Here is a bunch of images to show you what happened at the end of March;

42 wasn't interested in that , however , and instead was thinking of bringing back some EASTER PAWNS to celebrate Easter 2013!

What do you think of the idea of having Easter pawns again for this year? Leave a comment below if you have any thoughts!


NOTE: This post is not fake and has been CONFIRMED by 42 himself on the chat. Read this post to find out more!

Looks like we've been trolled everyone!
2 weeks ago we saw 42 and Tom2 testing the new game power HEARTS and many of us thought it would be released today as most of the power was covered through our previous post , and I was also believing that , until ...

At **1pm GMT** 42 was spotted with ID 225 on xat_test and as usual the chat was packed of around 50 people waiting for the new power to release , which today was supposed to be the game power 'Hearts'.

I decided to ask 42 what was happening with the HEARTS power and why the sudden change;

He said that it was because there were still things to sort out with the power , and that this will be ID 225 instead of 223.

Of course , this had sparked HUGE OUTRAGE as many users were expecting HEARTS to be released , instead to have a new power suddenly get close to releasing ...

Here are some of the users' reaction on xat_test this afternoon;

Information about the power has been released on Twitter .

42 was trying to get the banner to show for everyone,

So , after todays drama , this is what we can officially confirm :

- There will be a total of 5,000 KFOX powers on xat. This will be sorted through 2 seperate releases of 2,500. 
- The first release will take place at the accurate time of **17.01 - 17.02 PM GMT** or **12.01 - 12.02 PM EST**
- This is NOT A GROUP POWER and comes with 'Kaoani Fox smilies'

We still need to know the cost though , but that will be published very soon.

The power is now in stores but has not yet released!

We'll publish the smilies once the power has been released , as well as the drama with prices on Trade and the banner.

It's a sudden notice , but what do you think of the new power KFOX? Volunteers do not have the power , only HEARTS , so it's impossible to buy at the moment. 

Be sure to leave me your thoughts in the comments below! ;-O

224 CONFIRMED ... Game Power 'HEARTS!'

Hey all ,

So we've had HEART , HEARTFX , KHEART , but now it's been confirmed with our newest power also being a Heart power , 'HEARTS'.

Last week we found out what the name was , but we've uncovered confirmation that it's also going to be a GROUP and GAME power!

It's quite rare , but recently Tom2 and 42 have both been on xat_test2 (xat2) to test the new power. It's a MEMBERS ONLY CHAT which means you won't be able to join in!

The image above was on Wednesday Afternoon .

UPDATE: There's now an IMAGE of the new power , 'HEARTS'. Check it out!


Mihay with the power;

So , what does this power do? Well , we know that it's a GAME power , and it involves an APP as you can see 42 using below ...

Hence the picture and name , this will most likely be a game that involves using 'Playing cards'. If this is the case , then this is an EXCELLENT idea in my opinion as there are so many different card games you can do , and is also fantastic for betting!

The current price on Trade is between 2000 - 3000 xats and remember the power will most likely release either tomorrow or on Saturday!

Tom2 came on xat_test later this evening but is now currently idle. Here is him making his usual appearance ...

And finally , here's a mock image I randomly and quickly created to show you users what to expect when this power releases ;

I expect text powers to be released and then a few hours later release either more or make it unlimtied , depending on the situation.

42 and Tom2 have been on xat_test and Volunteers have been able to try out the HEARTS game.

It would also show the users on the APP although they were not actually playing the game, as the image below shows;

Here are them online today

Of course a few people were trying to ask for GOLD to be released , but TOM2 couldn't care about that and tried to get the bot working ;


ABOUT TIME! Users are now able to PLAY THE GAME , you just have to go to xat.com/Games and you can. Here's an image of the chat;

And finally , information on the power has finally been updated on Twitter .

There's too much to cover on this game power for the blog , but this is the main piece of information you need to be aware of.


Mihay showed us a preview of what the Game looks like;

It's pretty good in my thoughts , and like previously said , the perfect idea for a game power!

Loads of users really want this power to be released , but the question is will the power be LIMITED or UNLIMITED , and will there be a pre-release?

What are your thoughts on power 224? It's going to be the best game powers I think. Be sure to leave a comment and let me know!   

'EGGS' Updates! (ID 222)

Hi all,

I would just like to clarify some updated information on our newest power , 'EGGS'.

1)  The power had gone down in price to 550 - 650 xats after x1000 had released last night.
2 At around **12pm GMT** another batch of x500 EGG powers had been released , costing 299 xats. The price now is 350 - 400 xats.

3) Tom2 has put up a Banner counting down the release of EGGS. Because of this , the price has now dropped down to 330 - 370 xats and is expected to drop more ...

And finally , we were promised a new smiley for EGGS every day . Today , we have the smiley (chickwalk)

Here it is!


Keep checking our blog for the latest updates on the new power! ;-) 

UPDATE: At around **2.25pm GMT** EGGS had been released again!

x400 released costing 299 xats

It took around 100 seconds to sell , which is quite slow in my opinion. The price has slightly dropped down to 330 - 350 xats , but it'll only be a few hours until the power doesn't profit any longer!

I hope you managed to get yourselves one. 1 PER USER! 

So what happened? Every 3-4 hours , between 400 - 600 EGGS power(s) were released in the stores costing 299 xats each.

There was a banner like the one below counting down until the power released . Once it was time , there was a set amount on how many users could buy.
N.B. This increased later on during the day , until it was a MAX of 50.  

The demand was going from the power on Trade , as the price had dropped down to 295 - 305 xats and took several minutes to get sold out of the store.

The price after the announcement SOLD OUT had increased to 350 - 400 xats , however this did not last as the price is now 315 - 350 xats.

UPDATE: Most of the smilies;


Overall opinion of the power? Be sure to let me know!


50 'GOLD' and 8 Digit AUCTION Released!


Today is Saturday. And just like all Saturdays , this one is no different on xat , except for if you're in the U.K. , and it's been snowing outside all day.

Well , at **1pm GMT** Tom2 was finally talking , after many users constantly nagging him , which of course is now the weekly routine , had asked if he should put in 50. Many users were eager for this. 

Below is a bunch of images squashed together showing you this weeklys scenario. It happens every week , but here's an example of users trying to get their own way;

See what I mean? Well , it happened , a bit too many in my opinion. I managed to buy one too , but that wasn't the point.

x50 released costing 50,000 xats each.

And thus , the users were all happy;

Luckily , the price has only dropped very slightly , and is now at the price of 53.000 - 53.300 xats compared to being 53.700 - 54.000 xats beforehand. Maybe that is quite alot , if you think about it.

BUT ...

That wasn't it! It was the main focus on a Saturday , but let's not forget many users are also eager for the weekly Auction. Tom2 had this idea before GOLD. This happened after James requested one;

Here was the list of images that got the Auction underway;


Here's the Auction ;

So , that was all the drama.

Were you wanting one of these things , and if so , did you get one? If you're interested in these things , that is!

Be sure to leave a comment and let me know your thoughts on the weekly drama!
- Aisha

x500 'EGGS' Release! (ID 222) & ID 224 Spotted!

Hi all ,

This post will explain to you about the newest Easter themed power , which is known as 'EGGS'.

First , on Thursday Afternoon Tom2 was online with the newest ID , '222'. But he also had ID 224 , which some users think that it could be an EPIC power ...

But Friday Afternoon (today) , we discovered that the new power was EGGS and had been released!

At **4.25pm GMT** the power got released in stores!

x500 released costing 299 xats each. LIMITED POWER!
Yes , that's right , it is limited , and it's very popular on Trade at the moment , as the price has increased heavily up to 700 - 800 xats .

These users weren't false. However , the price did end up slightly dropping down to around 700 - 750 xats.

NOW ...

About ID 224 . To rule the rumours out , I am going to say it bold and big ;

So , what's it going to be then? It's confirmed to be a Game power called 'HEARTS'. Tom2 has been testing for the last few days. Here's a sneak peek;

So what do you think of HEARTS and EGGS? Be sure to leave a comment with your thoughts!


Hands sequel ... 'HANDS2' (Power 221)

Hi all ,

This morning it was CONFIRMED that the newest power was going to be known as 'HANDS2' .


Here were other users confirming it ...

And finally , here was a user selling it on Trade ...

We are not sure whether ...

1) This power is going to be LIMITED or UNLIMITED.
2) When it's going to be released
3) The price.

The smilies will come soon!

What are your thoughts on this new power? It's just like QUEST , having a sequel in my opinion! Check our blog for further updates.


x10 GOLD Released.

Hi all,

At around **12.30pm GMT** 42 was online but had suddenly released GOLD without telling anyone! 

x10 released

Many users were annoyed , but 42 asked the question "Who wants gold?" , making users think that more would release.

Only I said I wanted Gold , check below;

The big shock around this though , is that when I had logged into my account I was subscribed and also I had the gold power as well as losing 50,000 xats. There was only one explanation for this ... I had bought GOLD for 50,000 xats by 42 manually himself!

This has never happened before , but the calculations add up. I was the only user that had this happen , but it's not confirmed.

What do you think? Post a comment if you want to find out more!

FINAL Spring Release News!

Hi all,

First off , I would like to apologise for not posting for around a week , I've been busy and wanted to have a little break from posting!

Anyways , the newest power SPRING had reached 600 - 800 xats on Trade , and the power was very popular for its smilies. The next day though , the price had dropped to 350 - 400 xats.

There's now a banner to count down each release of the Spring power . The price now costs 250 xats in stores , so xatalert were right in the end!

Soon it became 10 per user .

Then 20 ...


It kept going up until it was 50 per user ...

Not many people are selling the power , but the price has dropped down to 240 - 260 xats. One more thing to mention is that through every release around 200 - 500 released per, which is why it took 3 days until it went out of stock , plus the power was very popular with profits up to 8,000 xats if lucky!

Be sure to leave a comment with your thoughts on SPRING , and once again , apologises for the late post!

Happy Spring! :-)

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