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50 'GOLD' and 8 Digit AUCTION Released!


Today is Saturday. And just like all Saturdays , this one is no different on xat , except for if you're in the U.K. , and it's been snowing outside all day.

Well , at **1pm GMT** Tom2 was finally talking , after many users constantly nagging him , which of course is now the weekly routine , had asked if he should put in 50. Many users were eager for this. 

Below is a bunch of images squashed together showing you this weeklys scenario. It happens every week , but here's an example of users trying to get their own way;

See what I mean? Well , it happened , a bit too many in my opinion. I managed to buy one too , but that wasn't the point.

x50 released costing 50,000 xats each.

And thus , the users were all happy;

Luckily , the price has only dropped very slightly , and is now at the price of 53.000 - 53.300 xats compared to being 53.700 - 54.000 xats beforehand. Maybe that is quite alot , if you think about it.

BUT ...

That wasn't it! It was the main focus on a Saturday , but let's not forget many users are also eager for the weekly Auction. Tom2 had this idea before GOLD. This happened after James requested one;

Here was the list of images that got the Auction underway;


Here's the Auction ;

So , that was all the drama.

Were you wanting one of these things , and if so , did you get one? If you're interested in these things , that is!

Be sure to leave a comment and let me know your thoughts on the weekly drama!
- Aisha

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