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224 CONFIRMED ... Game Power 'HEARTS!'

Hey all ,

So we've had HEART , HEARTFX , KHEART , but now it's been confirmed with our newest power also being a Heart power , 'HEARTS'.

Last week we found out what the name was , but we've uncovered confirmation that it's also going to be a GROUP and GAME power!

It's quite rare , but recently Tom2 and 42 have both been on xat_test2 (xat2) to test the new power. It's a MEMBERS ONLY CHAT which means you won't be able to join in!

The image above was on Wednesday Afternoon .

UPDATE: There's now an IMAGE of the new power , 'HEARTS'. Check it out!


Mihay with the power;

So , what does this power do? Well , we know that it's a GAME power , and it involves an APP as you can see 42 using below ...

Hence the picture and name , this will most likely be a game that involves using 'Playing cards'. If this is the case , then this is an EXCELLENT idea in my opinion as there are so many different card games you can do , and is also fantastic for betting!

The current price on Trade is between 2000 - 3000 xats and remember the power will most likely release either tomorrow or on Saturday!

Tom2 came on xat_test later this evening but is now currently idle. Here is him making his usual appearance ...

And finally , here's a mock image I randomly and quickly created to show you users what to expect when this power releases ;

I expect text powers to be released and then a few hours later release either more or make it unlimtied , depending on the situation.

42 and Tom2 have been on xat_test and Volunteers have been able to try out the HEARTS game.

It would also show the users on the APP although they were not actually playing the game, as the image below shows;

Here are them online today

Of course a few people were trying to ask for GOLD to be released , but TOM2 couldn't care about that and tried to get the bot working ;


ABOUT TIME! Users are now able to PLAY THE GAME , you just have to go to xat.com/Games and you can. Here's an image of the chat;

And finally , information on the power has finally been updated on Twitter .

There's too much to cover on this game power for the blog , but this is the main piece of information you need to be aware of.


Mihay showed us a preview of what the Game looks like;

It's pretty good in my thoughts , and like previously said , the perfect idea for a game power!

Loads of users really want this power to be released , but the question is will the power be LIMITED or UNLIMITED , and will there be a pre-release?

What are your thoughts on power 224? It's going to be the best game powers I think. Be sure to leave a comment and let me know!   

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