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Watch your Language; 'LANG' is NOW in "Demand!"

Hi all,

Do you remember a few months ago when LANG was released in stores? It costed 2,000 xats and was a group power.

Anyway, nobody wanted to buy so there is only a total of 2,000 on the site. Now with not many selling, it's turned into Gkaliens, with the price increasing sharply to now which is currently between 4.500 - 5.000 xats!

Just to let you know that these users are NOT FALSE .

So , why am I posting something like this? I just wanted users to be more aware that just because something has no demand when released in stores, doesn't mean it won't be expensive in future. Nobody would've expected this, right?

The same with SPACEWAR. Although we knew only 2,000 would release, that is now increasing to 3.000 xats as well!


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