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Power 219!

Hi all!

The new power is currently on testing; a few users were seen on xat_test and I managed to get a screengrab of one of them;

A few users predict that it's going to be a PAWN power. What do you think? Leave a comment and let me know!

UPDATE: The new power is 'SPRING'

This was spotted at around **12pm GMT** and it's rumoured to be a LIMITED power.

This power comes with 14 SPRING themed smilies. The following are in order from left to right; (spring) (bees) (birdy) (butterflys) (flohat) (flohide) (flowers) (floshow) (flowerbed) (inflower) (rainbow2) (springhat) (watercan) (watercan2)

It also comes with 4 limited pawns which are;

Finally , the power also comes with the KISS , 'SPRING' which has been shown below and is available to all users to use;


Update 2: The power is now in stores! (not released) at 1.17pm.

What do you think of the SPRING power? I think it's a good idea as it's coming up for most of us and will suit!

Be sure to leave a comment with your thoughts on the power as well as letting me know if you'll buy the power! 

NOTE: Meanwhile , there are currently some power and login glitches, so please be patient until that's fixed! =-)
The glitch has been fixed and you can now access the powers page again.


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