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It's been a long time ... XAT is dying - question is ... WHEN?!

This post will be completed within 3 days Hello. I'm Aisha. I have been on xat since February 2009, known by many. I have helped peopl...

Hello 8M ID's!

Thanks to Carbon, we've found out that there's 8M ID's!

We're getting closer and closer to the 10 digits now! I can't wait!

When do you think the 9M ID's will be spotted? Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below!

Power 198 'CLOCKFX' Release Guide: CONSTANT UPDATES!

Earlier today Power 198 was finally confirmed as CLOCKFX , (yes another FX power, sadly) so of course I will explain to you everything you need to know!

First of all ... what does it look like?

Here's the smiley!

And here is the smiley in different forms that you may see it in!

I had seen a user with the power which got me thinking if the power was released yet or not!

When I checked the stores, it turned out that it had been released!

2000 released costing 222 xats each

Once again, 42 did not announce the release via @xattwitter which means users won't know how many will be released... this has been happening for the last couple of weeks!

This is a LIMITED power and it was all released in one set. Unlike many releases, there was no limit as to how many you could pay in stores. Because of this, Carbon said that it took a total of just 30 seconds until it became out of stock!

Note: We'll be sure to bring you a screenshot of the release of CLOCKFX as soon as possible!

Next up is the function!

Clockfx lets you do 'rotating effects' smileys like shown.  

There are 4 smileys that you can use in total. They are the following:  
(clockfx) (clockfx2) (clockfx3) (clockfx4)

Just like all of the other FX powers, you are able to change the colours to it!
E.g. (clockfx2#g) (clockfx3#rg) (clockfx4#r)

But that's not all! You can also put other smileys at the front or back of it as well!

Weekly pawn: For a limited time only you can have a pawn if you buy the CLOCKFX power. 
Code: (hat#hc)  


The final thing to explain about the power and release is that there is a BANNER to countdown the release. Make sure you look out for this as it should be around everywhere on the xat website...

I love the colors and effects that have been made to this banner!

So, that's everything you need to know about the power. As you are able to buy as many as you like, you should be able to make some form of profit, despite it being only 250 - 300 xats , (it all adds up!). The only thing I can say to you is to be quick when buying the power in the next release.

2nd release Update: 1000 released costing 222 xats each. This time we did manage to get a picture!

The release occurred at exactly **7.08pm GMT**


If you wanted to buy the power from the stores you're too LATE. However you can buy it on Trade. Just to remind you, the store price was 222 xats

Trade price: 350 - 450 xats
Quantity: Currently Unknown. If you know the answer, please leave a comment on the blog stating so.


So, what are your thoughts on this new power? Too original from the other FX powers? Have you bought this power yet, or will you?

Leave a comment to let me know! :D   

EXCLUSIVE: Change of plan?

A few days ago a user called Joseph asked 42 on information about Power 127 and if it was going to get released today.

However , on Thursday we found out that Power 198 began testing, so what would happen to Power 127?

Luckily, Carbon was on the case as he asked 42's other account (Tom2) whether or not there was a change of plan to the release. This was his reply;
Note: Full Credit to Carbon for his help and image.

It all seems very strange to me, but does this mean that Power 127 is going to be massive? What will Power 198 become?

Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts! 

Power 198 In Testing!

As Today is Thursday, the new power usually begins the testing phase as a number is given to volunteers.

This afternoon Power 198 arrives on the scene!

What do you think Power 198 is going to be? Send me your thoughts below!

Pony Power 'SOLD OUT!'

Warning: This post is not accurate as the final release of 'PONY' had already occurred. However this post will give you any information you still want to find out.

Yesterday 42 announced the Final release of Power 197 aka PONY . This power costs 200 xats in stores and is a LIMITED power. The price on Trade has always been around 195 - 210 xats because of the releases.

Demand wise has not been so great, as yes it is another smiley / animal power. They released it in small bunches with releases every 3 - 4 hours .

Here was the announcement made on @xattwitter  

There was also a Banner for it as well!

This power is now SOLD OUT so if you haven't managed to buy yourself a PONY from the store then that's tough luck now, sorry!

What do you think of the power? Give me your final thoughts by leaving a comment below!

EXCLUSIVE: Power 127 Released this WEEKEND!

Now I'm sure many of you are aware that last week along with EVERYPOWER some users also managed to get Power 127 .

Now unlike normal testing, the only users who got this power were the ones who also had Everypower. Carbon was luckily one of them!

EVERYPOWER: As you can see in this image Carbon has got 'Everypower'.  

POWER 127: Because Carbon has everypower he also managed to get power 127... for FREE!

Power 127 comes just after Banpool which released sometime in 2011. 

Also, Carbon gave me this EXCLUSIVE image where Joseph asks 42 about what Power 127 is going to be. He also asks if it's Free and this was his reply:

CREDIT: Credit to Joseph and Carbon for the image / support.
42 has confirmed that this is going to be 'next weeks' power, and that it was test powers given to as we already know, people who only have EVERYPOWER.

This power is also unavailable to Trade and has a value of around 3,000 - 5,000 xats . This power also expects to be something BIG!

So, what do you think of Power 127? Do you think it was unfair that only people who has EVERYPOWER got to have it? Do you think they'll receive more test powers in future?

If you want to send your thoughts or ask any questions, leave a comment below this post!



PONY Power Releases!

Hey guys!

Last night 42 released Power 197 aka PONY .

Just like with the KPIG power that came out a couple of weeks ago, 42 made a banner with similar graphics.

The power releases most likely every 3-4 hours but don't worry, the banner will countdown for you!

Also, I'm sure you've noticed, it also states that it is a LIMITED power, so make sure you buy one while you can!

???? releases costing 200 xats every set

The reason I put a '????' was because I think there are different amounts that are released for each set. However , the price is the same! The demand is not so high on Trade with the price being 210 - 220 xats with users aware of the releases., but the power goes out of stock fast because of the small quantities that appear!

The final thing to say about the release is that 42 has not announced how many will be released in total so we just have to rely on the banners. (when they disappear we'll know it's done releasing)

For the smileys for PONY , be sure to check our previous post!

What do you make of the PONY power? Yes, It's another animal power but at least it doesn't have a 'K' before the name...!

Leave a comment to let me know!

NEIGH! Power 197 is 'PONY'... Official Guide!

Hello everybody,

Today I discovered on xat_test that power 197 (which was announced 2 weeks ago) has finally been confirmed as PONY!

Here is the smiley in different sizes:

So, who did I see have this power? Someone named Matt, who had bought the power for 1,500 xats with their reason being 'I love ponies' no joke!

I also found out what the power was because of the scroller which was announced onto the chat...

Next up are the smileys...

Note: PONY comes with 12 pony smileys with different emotions. The following are in order from left to right...

(pony) (poback) (pocall) (poclap) (pocry) (poeat) (pofan) (poglasses) (pohay) (pomane) (ponyd) (powhip)

Weekly LIMITED pawn: (hat#htp) - Gives you a pony pawn like shown below...

Finally, we can tell you that it's going to be close to releasing as it has been released into the store. However , it is currently unavailable !

It will probably be out in a couple of hours, so save your xats and be prepared!

So, that's all you need to know about the upcoming power. It's most likely going to be LIMITED , but what do you think?

Leave a comment to let me know! 

NEW Advertise Feature!

Hey guys,

Xat added a cool feature which lets you advertise your chat in a different way other than promoting to let your chat on the official homepage.

Instead, if you upload a picture then it will appear as a banner on any chat you go on. Want to see what it will be like? Check the image below!

The banner is shown on the top that the user uploaded. And below it is the actual chat. As you can see it is pretty popular, even more than the old promotion!

How to promote?

Step 1- Go on the usual page where you go to get your chat promoted, which is 

Step 2 - Scroll all the way down until you see this:

Step 3 - Upload the image you want to be advertised. Note: It must only be from tinypic.com

Step 4 - Click 'Get cost' to find out how much it will cost, (prices vary)

Step 5 - Click 'Advertise'!

Things you should know...

  • Other users have the right to advertise through this new system as much as you do. Don't expect your banner to stay there all the time!
  • The same Terms and Conditions apply as with the old promotion method.
  • We don't know how long the advertisement goes on for, probably half an hour like the old one.

What do you think of this new advertisement method? I think it could attract more users than the other one!

Leave a comment to let me know!      

GOLD Powers Released!

Hi everyone,

Last night 42 released some GOLD powers into the store. However, this was not announced on @twitter

We are not sure on how many exactly released, but we managed to catch it being in store. Look!

A day later and the power is still here because the demand has gone as the price has been dropping alot on Trade .

The price is currently 47,000 - 48,000 xats and is expected to perhaps drop a bit more!

Have you bought yourself a GOLD power from the store or by trading ?

Leave a comment to let me know!

Power 127 APPEARS... but what IS it?!

Hi everyone,

This afternoon I was on Riffy888 and I saw Carbon . There, he had told me that he had received Power 127 as well as some other people! He also said that this could be related to
EVERYPOWER that was officially released a couple of days ago.

Take a look!

Apparently this power is not tradeable and it will give you System error 42 . I wonder what this power could be...

Also, Carbon also told me that Power 197 was going to be released next week . He also said that Charlie things the power is going to be massive and Spell says that it's going to be Epic. However, we've already seen EVERYPOWER... I wonder what it will be.

What do you think Power 127 and Power 197 are going to be? Do you think Power 197 hasn't been confirmed yet because of xat's birthday? 

Leave a comment to let me know!  

Happy Birthday Xat: Follow EVERY News and Info through this Post!

Hey guys!

Today is Sunday, and today also means that it's xat's Anniversary . As you may have read from our previous post, last year 42 re-released LIMITED powers!

I'm afraid that this year it's not going to currently happen!

However , the ID Auction is back and 42 has announced that there are x2 very RARE ID'S that are up to try and bid on.

6M (6000000) and 600000 have been put up for Auction. The first one is a 7 digit which will actually appear as just '6M' and the second one is a 6 digit
Here is the Auction on where you can actually bid for the following ID's:

As you can see, these ID's are going to be very expensive, so it's most likely only few users can actually purchase this ID.

Note: The Auction finishes at **11pm GMT**

The SECOND thing that 42 has decided to do to celebrate xat's Birthday is let every user who is registered on xat become a Subscriber!

Note: Your powers will NOT return, you will have to properly buy a day for that. However , you can use Subscriber only smileys and effects to your images. You can also access xat.com/Trade . You can not sell your day as it still says you have 0 days!

The announcement occured at **11am GMT**

The final piece of news is that a few more powers are being dropped down on xat.com/Trade . Namecolor is now around 9700 - 9800 xats  and is expected to drop more in a few days as users are predicting that the epics will become lower in price at the power store!

So, what do you think of how xat's Birthday was celebrated? Was this a good idea? In my opinion, I don't think limited powers should have returned because of Black Friday 2012 and Thanksgiving Day , but you may never know!

Leave a comment and tell me what YOU think, or if you have any questions post it here and I will get back to you as soon as I can! :)

~ Aisha
Blog owner  

Power 197 Currently in Testing

Hi everyone,

This afternoon I went on xat_test and Capital and saw users on both chats have the upcoming power, 197 , which began testing yesterday.

It's due to be confirmed later today. 

What do you think Power 197 is going to be? We're getting so close to the 200th power! Leave a comment and let me know!

Xat Anniversary and Black Friday approaching...

Hi everyone,

TODAY is the day! The day where it's officially xat's Anniversary , and for weeks users have been wondering what 42 will be doing to celebrate it!

Last year, we saw Clear , Angel and Fade powers release. Click here for more info    

Now, later today many users on the site will be waiting and thinking on what will happen today. It's most likely going to be that we see a return of LIMITED powers, which last happened in June 2012 through the Power Auction .

Also in a couple of months is another huge celebration, this time for profiters. Yep, that's right... BLACK FRIDAY

x11 LIMITED powers released all at the same time on November 25th after Thanksgiving day, including BOOT which re-released for the first ever time!

So what's happening?
As you may have guessed, some of the powers have been dropping down in price, as well as demand going.

GOLD has dropped from 52,000 xats to around 47,000 - 48,000 xats because of the appearence of EVERYPOWERS .

PURPLE has dropped from 22,000 - 22,300 xats to 20,000 xats because more users are now able to buy GOLD.

BOOT has dropped from 6,300 - 6,500 xats to around 5,600 - 5,800 xats (the lowest since 2010).

More powers are expected to drop. Why? Because users are scared on what powers will be released, so some users sell and the others try to buy the cheapest they can to try make a small form of profit.

What do you think is going to happen today? How do you think 42 will celebrate xat's Anniversary

Leave a comment to let me know!

GOLD Power becoming 'LIMITED' or 'UNLIMITED?'

Hi everyone,

As we all know, in November 2011 we saw the first appearance of our fourth and was most expensive power known as GOLD ...

It was originally said to be eventually UNLIMITED , however they kept released chunks at random times and keeping it away from the stores. However , on the Power Wiki it said that it would be released in stores permanently one day.

Well, very recently that bit was removed from the Wikipedia . I was chatting to Carbon on xat_test today and he thought that it was perhaps going to finally become unlimited, or that it could just stay limited now.

The price has now dropped quite heavily now, so perhaps this could be the day we've all been waiting for. As exactly one year since the first release approaches, with loads of opinions and debates going around, we want to know what YOU think!

Why has 42 removed the following statement 'NOTE: This power will eventually become unlimited' from the Wikipedia?

Leave a comment to let me know!

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