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EXCLUSIVE: Power 127 Released this WEEKEND!

Now I'm sure many of you are aware that last week along with EVERYPOWER some users also managed to get Power 127 .

Now unlike normal testing, the only users who got this power were the ones who also had Everypower. Carbon was luckily one of them!

EVERYPOWER: As you can see in this image Carbon has got 'Everypower'.  

POWER 127: Because Carbon has everypower he also managed to get power 127... for FREE!

Power 127 comes just after Banpool which released sometime in 2011. 

Also, Carbon gave me this EXCLUSIVE image where Joseph asks 42 about what Power 127 is going to be. He also asks if it's Free and this was his reply:

CREDIT: Credit to Joseph and Carbon for the image / support.
42 has confirmed that this is going to be 'next weeks' power, and that it was test powers given to as we already know, people who only have EVERYPOWER.

This power is also unavailable to Trade and has a value of around 3,000 - 5,000 xats . This power also expects to be something BIG!

So, what do you think of Power 127? Do you think it was unfair that only people who has EVERYPOWER got to have it? Do you think they'll receive more test powers in future?

If you want to send your thoughts or ask any questions, leave a comment below this post!



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