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NEW Advertise Feature!

Hey guys,

Xat added a cool feature which lets you advertise your chat in a different way other than promoting to let your chat on the official homepage.

Instead, if you upload a picture then it will appear as a banner on any chat you go on. Want to see what it will be like? Check the image below!

The banner is shown on the top that the user uploaded. And below it is the actual chat. As you can see it is pretty popular, even more than the old promotion!

How to promote?

Step 1- Go on the usual page where you go to get your chat promoted, which is 

Step 2 - Scroll all the way down until you see this:

Step 3 - Upload the image you want to be advertised. Note: It must only be from tinypic.com

Step 4 - Click 'Get cost' to find out how much it will cost, (prices vary)

Step 5 - Click 'Advertise'!

Things you should know...

  • Other users have the right to advertise through this new system as much as you do. Don't expect your banner to stay there all the time!
  • The same Terms and Conditions apply as with the old promotion method.
  • We don't know how long the advertisement goes on for, probably half an hour like the old one.

What do you think of this new advertisement method? I think it could attract more users than the other one!

Leave a comment to let me know!      

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