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PONY Power Releases!

Hey guys!

Last night 42 released Power 197 aka PONY .

Just like with the KPIG power that came out a couple of weeks ago, 42 made a banner with similar graphics.

The power releases most likely every 3-4 hours but don't worry, the banner will countdown for you!

Also, I'm sure you've noticed, it also states that it is a LIMITED power, so make sure you buy one while you can!

???? releases costing 200 xats every set

The reason I put a '????' was because I think there are different amounts that are released for each set. However , the price is the same! The demand is not so high on Trade with the price being 210 - 220 xats with users aware of the releases., but the power goes out of stock fast because of the small quantities that appear!

The final thing to say about the release is that 42 has not announced how many will be released in total so we just have to rely on the banners. (when they disappear we'll know it's done releasing)

For the smileys for PONY , be sure to check our previous post!

What do you make of the PONY power? Yes, It's another animal power but at least it doesn't have a 'K' before the name...!

Leave a comment to let me know!

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