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Power 127 APPEARS... but what IS it?!

Hi everyone,

This afternoon I was on Riffy888 and I saw Carbon . There, he had told me that he had received Power 127 as well as some other people! He also said that this could be related to
EVERYPOWER that was officially released a couple of days ago.

Take a look!

Apparently this power is not tradeable and it will give you System error 42 . I wonder what this power could be...

Also, Carbon also told me that Power 197 was going to be released next week . He also said that Charlie things the power is going to be massive and Spell says that it's going to be Epic. However, we've already seen EVERYPOWER... I wonder what it will be.

What do you think Power 127 and Power 197 are going to be? Do you think Power 197 hasn't been confirmed yet because of xat's birthday? 

Leave a comment to let me know!  

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