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Power 198 'CLOCKFX' Release Guide: CONSTANT UPDATES!

Earlier today Power 198 was finally confirmed as CLOCKFX , (yes another FX power, sadly) so of course I will explain to you everything you need to know!

First of all ... what does it look like?

Here's the smiley!

And here is the smiley in different forms that you may see it in!

I had seen a user with the power which got me thinking if the power was released yet or not!

When I checked the stores, it turned out that it had been released!

2000 released costing 222 xats each

Once again, 42 did not announce the release via @xattwitter which means users won't know how many will be released... this has been happening for the last couple of weeks!

This is a LIMITED power and it was all released in one set. Unlike many releases, there was no limit as to how many you could pay in stores. Because of this, Carbon said that it took a total of just 30 seconds until it became out of stock!

Note: We'll be sure to bring you a screenshot of the release of CLOCKFX as soon as possible!

Next up is the function!

Clockfx lets you do 'rotating effects' smileys like shown.  

There are 4 smileys that you can use in total. They are the following:  
(clockfx) (clockfx2) (clockfx3) (clockfx4)

Just like all of the other FX powers, you are able to change the colours to it!
E.g. (clockfx2#g) (clockfx3#rg) (clockfx4#r)

But that's not all! You can also put other smileys at the front or back of it as well!

Weekly pawn: For a limited time only you can have a pawn if you buy the CLOCKFX power. 
Code: (hat#hc)  


The final thing to explain about the power and release is that there is a BANNER to countdown the release. Make sure you look out for this as it should be around everywhere on the xat website...

I love the colors and effects that have been made to this banner!

So, that's everything you need to know about the power. As you are able to buy as many as you like, you should be able to make some form of profit, despite it being only 250 - 300 xats , (it all adds up!). The only thing I can say to you is to be quick when buying the power in the next release.

2nd release Update: 1000 released costing 222 xats each. This time we did manage to get a picture!

The release occurred at exactly **7.08pm GMT**


If you wanted to buy the power from the stores you're too LATE. However you can buy it on Trade. Just to remind you, the store price was 222 xats

Trade price: 350 - 450 xats
Quantity: Currently Unknown. If you know the answer, please leave a comment on the blog stating so.


So, what are your thoughts on this new power? Too original from the other FX powers? Have you bought this power yet, or will you?

Leave a comment to let me know! :D   

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