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It's been a long time ... XAT is dying - question is ... WHEN?!

This post will be completed within 3 days Hello. I'm Aisha. I have been on xat since February 2009, known by many. I have helped peopl...

Happy New Year from AishaSites!

I'd just like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

This year on the Aishasites Blog we've been attracting many more users , as we're getting to reach the 50,000 hits bar! With hundreds of posts being created , fully detailed and accurate , this has given many xat users who follow our blog beneficial experience and further knowledge on what goes on around xat.

2013 will carry on as normal , and you will notice a new banner and blog title by tomorrow evening. This will give our blog some changes as a refurbished look.

Meanwhile , Tom2 has created the 2013 pawn a couple of days ago to celebrate the new year coming ; (LIMITED)

But that's NOT ALL! Last night he also updated the power itself to say 2013 instead of 2012. This rules out rumours of it re-releasing ...

So , tell me your plans... what are you going to do for this year? I'm just going to stay at home with my family!

Be sure to leave a comment below and once again from me and all the staff at AishaSites ...


2000 KMOUSE and 5 GOLD Release!

On Sunday afternoon at **4.15pm GMT** Tom2 released some more GOLD powers after being persuaded by users on xat_test , most likely to celebrate the end of 2012 ...

But only 5 were released instead of the usual 10 , so many people had missed it, and no warning was given whatsoever.

The main reason he was on though was to work on the NEWYEAR power. The next bit may be vital information for some of you ...


But the main attraction is KMOUSE ...

x2000 released costing 260 xats each!

This power could still be profitable as there is going to be a total of x5000 .
It looks like the K power reputation is still going to occur , with the price dropping now to 255 - 265 xats on Trade because of the release , which was certain to happen due to the decrease of the Store price.

The cost before the release was 330 - 360 xats before some had released last night but after the first release the price had whopped up to 500 xats .

The release is still currently going on , so be sure to buy one if you haven't already!

1000 KMOUSE and 10 GOLD Release!

At around **5.10pm GMT** Tom2 released some GOLD powers as well as releasing the brand new power 210 , 'KMOUSE!'

x1000 released costing 300 xats

The release of GOLD occurred straight when KMOUSE was released! You know how Gold is, so let's get on with the KMOUSE power ...

People were buying the power for around 320 - 350 xats when it was out , so you were able to profit .

UPDATE: SOLD OUT. (5.19pm)

The price on Trade was and is currently 400 - 450 xats , so you are lucky to make some profit! 

"This power may be profitable at the moment , but because it's a K power and it's always dropped quite a bit from before , it's most likely that the price could drop significantly within the next release! K powers have a reputation of doing this, but that's just my thought. Many users have already profited around 200+ xats from this, so it's up to you! It's just great to see a K power be profitable for a change..."

What do you think of KMOUSE? Let me know through commenting below! ;)

Squeak! Power 210 is 'KMOUSE'.

Well , I was wondering how long it would be before another K power returns , and today was the day!

Power 210 is KMOUSE as I saw Tom2 with the power on xat_test this afternoon!

Here is the only user I managed to catch trying to sell the power on Trade & Cambio;


This power comes with 14 different mousy smileys, which are shown below;

(kmcheer) (kmcry) (kmeyerub) (kmfit) (kmfrustrate) (kmglare) (kmgrouch) (kmhide) (kmhug) (kmlaugh) (kmshock) (kmshuffle) (kmsleepy) (kmsmile) 

So , what are your thoughts on this power? Be sure to leave me your thoughts through the comments below!

New Power 210!

This morning the new test power was spotted on xat_test by the Owner Mihay , but later on this afternoon I managed to catch another Volunteer on the same chat with the number;

It's shown below! (edited on photoshop cs6 as I am learning)

The price of the test power is around 2000 - 4000 xats but should drop by tomorrow afternoon as we get more of an idea about the power.

UPDATE: Nothing necessarily about the power itself , but TOM2 came online and was asking whether 210 would be expensive , he didn't give much away though;


Do you feel this power will be limited or unlimited ? Be sure to let me know through the comments below!


2 New Kisses! (Made by Mihay)

A couple of days ago Mihay invented 2 new kisses available for the New Year . Here they are;

NOTE: Newyear kiss will be posted within a few days.


Sadly these new kisses aren't yet available to the public , but they should be released soon!

Which is your favourite? Let me know through the comments below!

Merry Christmas 2012!

Hello everyone ,

From all of the blog staff including myself , I would just like to wish you all a Merry Christmas! Like all years , we get into the festive spirit , and this year is NO DIFFERENT!

Alot has occurred during this year, and I will be willing to know what your best bits were on xat this year , and the worst!

Be sure to leave a comment with what you feel xat could change.

XAVI Power Unlimited!

I apologise for the delay , as I know that it occurred on Sunday morning but ...

The XAVI power has now become unlimited , after dropping down on Trade to 700 xats while it was limited;

If you couldn't buy one before , now is your chance! :)


500 XAVI and 10 GOLD Release!

At around **6.35pm GMT** Tom2 had released the XAVI power , which was hugely anticipated!

x500 released costing 500 xats each!

UPDATE: SOLD OUT! (6.40pm)

XAVI is currently LIMITED , but will be an unlimited power in the future . The current cost on xat.com/Trade is around 750 - 900 xats.


So yes , if you managed to buy one from the stores , then this power is profitable of around 300 - 700 xats , depending on how many you bought. Me , I bought 2.


Tom2 had decided to release some more GOLD powers despite 10 being released at **10pm GMT** last night! (was kind of influenced because of me)


Few of the users were frustrated because they had to wait 4 minutes although they didn't actually buy the power!

This occured at **6.42pm GMT**.

Which did you buy? Be sure to leave a comment below with your thoughts on the release(s) , and for full information on XAVI, be sure to check our previous posts . 
- Aisha

Xavi ... FINAL Information.

Following our previous two posts about the upcoming power XAVI (power 209) I have finally managed to access the APP , although I do not have the power!

To me , this reminds me of the game 'My Sims' and you will find out why now.

This power basically means Xat Avatar , and you can change the facial features as well as the skin colour of your character , also like creating your 'Mii'.

Here is an example of me accessing the APP ;

Here are some examples of ones that a few people on the chat have made;

This may seem like a good power , but there's a down side to it. In order to get different accessories to your character , you need to buy it through the following link that a moderator on xat_test posted on main chat;

This is what the page looks like;

Key Points (Rules)
- This only works if you have days .
- You can not trade the accessories with other users ...  

Update: The smiley of XAVI as well as the full description has been added onto the Wiki . The following says;

  • Using this new power, you gain access to xavi app to create your own xat avatar.
  • To use the app, simply click on "Games" left hand corner of the chat, and then select "xavi".
  • You can choose from many features such as heads, hair, eyes, brows, mouth and accessories.
  • Once you have made your avatar, click the save button and it sets it as your default avatar.
  • You can purchase additional styles for your avatar here: http://xat.com/web_gear/chat/Getxavis.php
  • For more information about this power Click here
When you click for more information , it comes up with a box full of 'Key words'. Here's an image!

UPDATE 2: The prices for the Accessories for XAVI have changed / increased . Here is the current updated version; (6.14pm)

So , with the three posts put together about the new XAVI power , this is everything you need to know! You must be creative in order to enjoy this power, so be prepared! xD
Now that you know everything about Power 209 , tell me your thoughts on the power by leaving a comment below this post!

**BREAKING NEWS** - XAVI: A little more Insight!

This morning at **9.15am GMT** Tom2 went online at xat_test to carry on testing the new power , 'XAVI'.

This time though , he was being active and chatting on the main chat; and we were able to get some more info from the upcoming power ...

1. This power is not a game . This was confirmed by Tom2 himself!
2. Tom2 posted on the main chat that he is really looking forward to get the new power finished ... so perhaps it could be something good, or it took him a long time to make...?

He also posted a face , but I doubt this was anything to link with the new power;

3. Tom2 asked the whole chat if they even knew what the letters XAVI stood for. Nobody knew , so he gave a hint from the first letter.

In the second image (smaller) , Mihay guessed 'Xat Avitar' which could be correct!

 So as this new information has been bought to life , I can now confirm and tell you that ...

. This new power is not a game , but could be an APP. of some sort!
. XAVI could be linked to some form of 'Xat Avatar'.
. The testing must have taken a long time ...

Now it's time to share me your thoughts on this new information we've discovered! Be sure to let me know through commenting on this post!

Upcoming Power 209 is 'XAVI'

Hey guys!

Earlier today , it was confirmed on @twitter that the next power will be XAVI , or Power 209 .

Yes , this power reminds me , as well as many other users , of the famous Barcelona defender, 'Xavi Alonso'. Well, it's not him though, haha! xD

Anyway, about the power / number itself ...

At first it had appeared as just a number , but then the power smiley itself had appeared! Here was someone on Trade with the power ;

They were also attempting to sell the power , which is now currently at 2000 - 3000 xats .

The testing of the power has almost finished and it hasn't even been Saturday yet!

NOTE: The function is currently not available but we'll post further updates in a few hours time!
UPDATE: Rumours are that this power could possibly be an APP. for xat, some even say it's an FX power! Here is a photo that TOM2 posted, (credit to Alejo for showing me pic)

My thoughts is that I think that it'll be a smiley power , and it'll most likely be LIMITED and maybe perhaps even profitable!

Be sure to let me know your thoughts on the power by leaving a comment below!
- Aisha 

New power "209"

Today, I went on xat trade and I saw Spell with the new test power being released soon. It isn't a group power.

The next power ID is 209, as you can see in the image below:

On xat trade people are buying it for 3000-4000 xats!

Don't forget to leave a comment!

New kiss "iceheart"

Xat surprised us with a new kiss, called ICEHEART. The price is 25 xats!

Here is an image:

Don't forget to leave a comment with your opinion!


This morning at **11.30am GMT** 42 came on invisible and put 'Protect Activation' on. This got many users including me thinking that he was going to release more GLITTERFX powers , and I'm sure you would have thought that too ...


Why? Because this power is now UNLIMITED ...!

GLITTERFX costs 250 xats in stores.

Here are some things to know about the power ...

. The power reached 2800 - 3000 xats on Trade due to the constant high demand! (same as when TREEFX was released)
. Price then dropped down to 2500 - 2600 xats when not many people were buying the power due to how expensive it became.
. When the power became unlimited , no annoncement was made within the first few minutes , so price was still high at 1000 - 1500 xats .
. A scroller was set on the Trade chat announcing the release , and so the price had dropped rapidly down to 250 - 300 xats .
. Everything has now settled down , with the price being 240 - 245 xats!

So , that's everything you need to fully know about this power! For more details on function and demand , please check our previous GLITTERFX post!

Be sure to leave a comment telling me your thoughts on the new power! 

5 GOLD Released!

At the same time as GLITTERFX , 42 was sneaky and decided to release 5 GOLD powers costing 50,000 xats each!

Usually it was 10 , and 42 was also not online to release it.

To find out the time it was released , check out our GLITTERFX RELEASE post for all the information!


Power 208 , 'GLITTERFX' Releases!

At around **5.25pm GMT** Mihay came on xat_test and had announced that @twitter was updated , so everyone went to check ;

Around 10 minutes later , the power had released !

NOTE: No information was passed on from this power and the release after the post above , so nobody knows whether it is LIMITED or UNLIMITED .

x500 GLITTERFX released costing 250 xats

Looking at first impressions, this basically looks like the BURNINGHEART power but in a blue version! Another impression is that it looks to be a Christmas themed power , but I don't think it is!

UPDATE: SOLD OUT! (5.42pm)
The release took around 10 minutes until the power became unavailable , with many users being able to buy themselves around 3 - 4 of the power. It was 1 per user every 4 minutes in case you couldn't buy one for those reasons!

Perhaps because of it's appearance and nobody knows of it's future , the price has rapidly increased and is now currently 700 - 850 xats on Trade , and could most likely increase in price even more...!

Here was what was happening on the room WEIRD TRIBE. (6.35pm)



Now , we may know about the release that's just gone ahead , but what about the Power FUNCTION? We've not done a release before a function , but anyways ...

Hence the name , 'GlitterFX' , this is another power that gives us special effects . This time , it gives us 'Glitter type affects'. Here was me with the power that I had bought from somebody ;

The only function it does is let you add the code (#glitterfx) to any power smiley. Below are 3 examples of me using GLITTERFX to create;
(goo#glitterfx) - Left
(smile#glitterfx) - Middle
(cool#glitterfx) - Right   

It looks like snow pouring down the smiley , which seems really cool in my opinion!

So , that's everything you need to know about the GLITTERFX power! We sure got a surprise about it, didn't we? Well, at least they kept to schedule...

Finally, I'd like you to tell me YOUR thoughts on this new power. In my opinion, I feel that although it isn't, I feel that it's a Christmas themed power , and it's finally a GOOD power that's been released, (and profitable)

Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below this post! (:
- Aisha     

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