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Power 207 is 'QUEST2'.

Hey guys!

Around an hour ago , 42 announced on twitter that the next power was confirmed as QUEST2. Check out the post below;

This is very much like the QUEST power , but a LIMITED version!

Here's the smiley to the power, with credit to xatworld Smiley Generator ...

Looks better than the previous QUEST smiley, don't you think? The smiley and name hasn't been updated on the main site though, which is strange!

Here's a user with the power! (Updated 6pm)


Following smileys are shown below;
(quest2) (1066) (agreement) (arrow) (burnt) (dwarf2) (dwarfz) (elve2) (goblin3) (newton) (pile) 

NOTE: The power also comes with 1 special pawn;

So, what do you think of the sequel power? I think that it's quite stupid, why not add more smileys to the original Quest power and then turn it limited? Oh well, I guess this may not be as stupid as first thought!

Be sure to leave a comment with your thoughts below!

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