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This morning at **11.30am GMT** 42 came on invisible and put 'Protect Activation' on. This got many users including me thinking that he was going to release more GLITTERFX powers , and I'm sure you would have thought that too ...


Why? Because this power is now UNLIMITED ...!

GLITTERFX costs 250 xats in stores.

Here are some things to know about the power ...

. The power reached 2800 - 3000 xats on Trade due to the constant high demand! (same as when TREEFX was released)
. Price then dropped down to 2500 - 2600 xats when not many people were buying the power due to how expensive it became.
. When the power became unlimited , no annoncement was made within the first few minutes , so price was still high at 1000 - 1500 xats .
. A scroller was set on the Trade chat announcing the release , and so the price had dropped rapidly down to 250 - 300 xats .
. Everything has now settled down , with the price being 240 - 245 xats!

So , that's everything you need to fully know about this power! For more details on function and demand , please check our previous GLITTERFX post!

Be sure to leave a comment telling me your thoughts on the new power! 

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