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It's been a long time ... XAT is dying - question is ... WHEN?!

This post will be completed within 3 days Hello. I'm Aisha. I have been on xat since February 2009, known by many. I have helped peopl...

Power 215!

Hi all,

Power 215 has been spotted on xat_test this afternoon as the new power will be revealed later this week. Here was Jesse with the new number;

The price of the new power is currently 2000 - 3000 xats with quite alot of people selling at this stage of time .

Do you have any thoughts on what this could be? Don't forget to leave a comment to let me know!


EXCLUSIVE: How many GOLDS Releasing on Saturday?

Now every week , many users know that TOM2 likes to release 10 GOLD every week as it now becomes clear that every user pressures and depends on him to release that amount on the same day the weekly power releases ... am I right?

On Monday morning , Carbon gave me this picture of him talking to Tom2 and taking advantage of the power releasing so asked him to release more than 10.

Want proof? Here!

Will this actually happen? Be sure to leave a comment with your thoughts!

x2000 'MAKEUP' and x10 GOLD Release! (FINAL UPDATES)

At **2.50pm GMT** , the first release of Makeup powers got under way . Many users already knew the cost of the power and a few know that you were able to buy more than 1 ! Here's how;

It became confirmed that users were able to buy a maximum of 50 per user . Because of this and the countdown to the release , the power got sold out in 5 seconds !

x1000 released costing the predictable 250 xats each. 50 per user! LIMITED!

Because of this the power became in high demand , with the price raising to 450 - 600 xats .


However , more people were selling lower and as time went on the price dropped and stayed at a profitable 330 - 370 xats .


x900 - 1000 released costing 250 xats each .

The release took place at **6.55pm GMT** and lasted around 20 seconds , longer than usual . By looking on Search I could see that the price is still around 300 - 350 xats , so a good profit depending on how many you bought .

BUT before the release of MAKEUP , at **11.50am GMT** apparently x10 GOLD powers were released before the countdown occured costing 50,000 xats each! The price on Trade has increased to 56,000 - 57,000 xats , so a bigger profit compared to last week!

UPDATE 1: There was a total of around 7000 - 8000 MAKEUP powers on xat , with the demand slipping.

FINAL UPDATE: The price on Trade is now around 230 - 250 xats , so now the power has failed.

Did you manage to get one of the powers within the 7-8 releases? Be sure to leave a comment and let me know! :-D

Power 214 'MAKEUP!'

Get some make up ready with the new upcoming power known as 'MAKEUP' (power 214)

Power smiley:

I managed to catch a user on xat_test with the new power , take a look! ;

Let's look at the function of the power now, shall we?

This is another smiley power comes with x11 Makeup smilies . The following are in order from left to right;  (makeup) (blush) (comb) (eyeliner) (lipgloss) (lipstick1) (lipstick2) (makeupface) (nailpolish) (perfume) (purse)

LIMITED Pawn: (hat#hm)  

For this power , we will know when it will be released! This is because there is currently a banner with the smilies of the power counting down the release. Take a look!



This is a LIMITED power , so be sure to stock up some investment if you plan to try and profit!

Now for those who are unsure whether or not they should buy the power , here is my view;

Okay , so many of you will be thinking of buying the new power , am I correct? But what only some of you may thinik is how much of the power you should buy.Well , that's completley your decision. Just be awaren that now because there is a countdown to each release of the new power , the price of the new power on Trade after the release won't be as expensive , so less chance of profit!

Now that you know about the new power , are you going to buy one? Be sure to leave me your views on the new power by leaving a comment posted below!


Yep , it was yet another busy week on xat.com , with snow in the UK as well , but let's get onto the virtual side of things , shall we?

There was a new kiss that came out a few days ago , which was called 'FARM'. Here's an image of the kiss;

2. The newest power , 'ZOMBIE'  (ID 213) was released as an UNLIMITED power costing 300 xats in stores; (at **11pm GMT**)

3. 42 brought back the ID Auction with x5 7 and 8 digits over the weekend , sold at extremely high prices! (both ending at **11pm GMT**)

And finally , x10 GOLD were released at the same time as ZOMBIE costing 50,000 xats each. The price on Trade is now around 55.300 - 55.700 xats .

What do you think will happen next week? Leave a comment to let me know!

Power Page Glitches

Currently at the moment many users have bee experiencing problems accessing the xat power page as well as the xat Wiki page .

So I decided to check it out and it came up with this ;

More info will be posted as soon as possible!
- Aisha

Power 213 is ZOMBIE!

In my personal opinion , I would think this would suit more for Halloween , but let's get down to business...!

This morning it was CONFIRMED that the new power was going to be called ZOMBIE (ID 213) and this post has the complete Guide to it!

First off , I went on xat_test and saw the Owner there Cupim with the new power ;

What do you think of the smiley? Looks pretty good , doesn't it?

Next up , we found out that Cupim was part of designing the smiley of the new power , I feel he has good taste!

Next up , we need to know the Function of the power;

This is another smiley power . It comes with x12 ZOMBIE smileys . The following are: : (zombie) (zombie1) (zombie2) (zombie3) (zombie4) (survivor1) (survivor2) (survivor3) (survivor4) (bloodface) (deadup) (zombieback)

NOTE: (zombieback) can also be used as a GBACK .

You now may want to know the current price of the new power . With many users feeling excited and preparing their investment , the current cost is 1 0 0 0  - 1 5 0 0 xats on xat.com/Trade but will drop when released .

FINALLY let's get some people's opinions on the new power;

Aisha (89694323)
I feel that this power is going to be LIMITED . You can tell just from the smiley that it's too GFX to be unlimited . This power has the potential to be profitable , depending on the investment of users and the cost and quantity when the power eventually releases .

It will be a popular power over the weekend period , with it most likely raising by 200-300 xats , once again depending on the cost and quantity in the store. EIGHTIES was quite a good smiley but didn't go so well after , maybe because users could buy 50 each.

Overall , I expect this power to go down well .

Home (1001994) 
I think its limited, maybe around.. 250 - 300 xats should release around 4000 only and give the chance to users to get 50 per release, like with (eighties) 

So , given all this information , what are your thoughts on the new power? Be sure to leave a comment and let me know!
- Aisha

Power 213 On Xat!

Thursday is the usual day for new powers to be tested , and this week 213 was spotted by Jesse on xat_test earlier today.

Here's a picture of the new test number;

What do you think 213 will be? Leave a comment to let me know!

10 Digits OFFICIAL From 12/01/2013!


After a couple of years , we have finally reached 10 digits on xat (1 billion ID's) as it was confirmed with certain users being seen with them.

Here I managed to catch one on xat.com/Help ;

Maybe now the very old 9 digits will start having some value . More and more users are experiencing the xat website , which means we won't be too far off from having 2B ID's!

Be sure to leave a comment and let me know on the new 10 digit ID's!
- Aisha

FOE Unlimited!

At around **8-9pm GMT** last night the new power FOE was finally released as UNLIMITED after the price had risen to 260 - 300 xats on Trade .

PREVIOUSLY: This was the price of the FOE power when it was limited.

Here was me with the power;

Now let's find about the Function of the FOE power ...

  • With this power you will have the option to Add Friend and make them a Foe.
  • The user must be added to your friends list or must have clicked you to make them a Foe.
  • To make a Foe; click the Friends tab or Tickle notifications in chat, click the user, then click Foe.
    • A Friend will have the normal capabilities to PC/PM you when you have NOPC enabled.
    • A Friend will be able to see which chats you are on if you are not using NOFOLLOW.
    • A Foe will have a SKULL pawn on the user list and in the chat; indicating that they are your enemy.
    • A Foe will not be able to break the NOPC or follow you regardless if NOFOLLOW is off.
  • To allow the user to follow and PC you again, click Un-Foe.
  • NOTE: The chat group staff will still be able to private chat with you.
What does the above mean? Here is someone I added already . As you can see , there is a new option available where I can make them my 'FOE' ;

 Although they are your friend , the following is ...
  • They won't be able to Private chat / message you .
  • They can't follow you despite you having Nofollow turned off .

A skull pawn will also appear to know who you made your Foe.

The power also comes along with a hat pawn! (hat#ha) LIMITED TIME ONLY!  

So , what are your views on the new power? I don't think there's any point as we may as well put them on ignore!

 Be sure to leave a comment and let me know!
- Aisha

x1000 FOE Release

Today at **12pm GMT**, a bunch of FOE were released, with a price of 250 xats.

x1000 "Test Powers" released costing a price of 250 xats each!

This power is UNLIMITED but is currently a limited power , which means you'll have to wait to buy one in stores;

CURRENTLY LIMITED: But don't you worry , as most likely on Saturday the power will be released as 'UNLIMITED' as FOE is still currently in testing. 

The current price on trade is now 270-300 xats:

Xat may release more, at the moment are only 1000.

NOTE: The function of the power will be revealed as soon as we find out more about this power and when it releases as an unlimited power! (will most likely be tomorrow , we are not sure!)

PS: If you know the time when the power got released, leave me a comment.
Be sure to let me know your thoughts on the new power!

More info of FOE!

Today we knew the name of the new power, FOE.

  • With FOE, you can make a user your enemy. To make a Foe, you've to click the Friends, click the user, and then click Foe.
  • If you make users a fow, they will have a skull pawn in the chat list, indicating that they are your enemy.
  • A foe user won't be able to break nopc or follow you If nofollow is off.
This powers is causing problems:

Some people can't see the menu when they click someone.

But I also got this problem only on xat trade:

What's weird here? He doesn't have nopc and he has everypower. If you have nopc, people won't see it. It happens on everyone at least in xat trade.

Don't forget to leave a comment below and keep reading the blog for more info.


Power 212 Confirmed as 'FOE!'

At around **12pm GMT** it was confirmed through @twitter that the new power 112 would be known as 'FOE'.

Check out the post published ;

Because of how early the test power came out , few believe that the new power was going to be EPIC , but now that's hardly the case!

ALL xat Volunteers have now been received the power.

What do you think of the new power? I feel it will be another smiley power , but be sure to leave a comment below with your thoughts!



Hmm .. Tuesday is just that sort of odd day on xat today , isn't it?

At **5.35pm GMT** Tom2 released some more GOLD powers thanks to some great convincing skills by Carbon. Here was the conversation through PC;

If you've also noticed , Tom2 also mentions ID Auctions ... so could they possibly be coming back after a few months?

But this was what got the power to release;

Proof the power released ,

5 released costing 50,000 xats each

I highly doubt it when I say this , but I hope you got one!

The People Who Bought GOLD
Carbon , MuMy , Aisha , Amy

EXCLUSIVE: Power 212 in Testing!

Hi guys,

Now, you may be wondering, why is this post an exclusive? Test powers always come every week? Well , this week , the new test power is already out , and today is a TUESDAY!

It most likely means that Tom2 is the only user with the test power , which is ID '212'. Don't believe me? Here's an image;

Why do you feel 212 released so early? Carbon (the provider of the image , so credits to him) , had thought that it may be something big!

Be sure to leave a comment on what you think below!

Weekly Updates

To recap what has happened throughout this week ...

  • A NEW kiss has been created by Mihay . The kiss is shown below;

  • Following the previous 2 posts , another x4000 EIGHTIES were released costing 250 xats . NO MORE WILL RELEASE which means there is now a total of x6000 .

  • After several months , there was finally an Auction for x1 8 digit ID which was sold for a whopping 65,000 xats!

What an eventful week! For the first time in a while , GOLD didn't release this weekend! 

Be sure to follow our blog for more updates!
- Aisha 


NEW Blog Theme for 2013

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to let you all know that this year we have a BRAND NEW blog theme put up. This was done by Danny who goes on xat.com/Riffy888 so huge credits to him.

For the next couple of days I will be working on alot of things , so it will look all messed up. I will have it done by mid-next week, so please be patient.

The header and footer are there for a short amount of time while I create my own , and just as a template.

Any suggestions be sure to let me know through comments.

x1000 EIGHTIES Release (2nd Release)

At **5.15pm GMT** the second batch of EIGHTIES were released , costing 250 xats .

The current price on Trade is now 300 - 350 xats .

Hope you got one! :)
TOTAL: 2,000
- Aisha

x1000 EIGHTIES Released! (50 per USER)

At **3.15pm GMT** Tom2 released the newest power into the stores , known as EIGHTIES. (power 211)

x1000 released costing 250 xats . **50 PER USER!**

The release went quite slow because not many knew that you could get up to 50 per user , including myself.


The current price on Trade is around 350 - 450 xats and is expected to perhaps rise a bit more in price .  

Did you buy yourself an EIGHTIES power? We'll keep you updated on prices tomorrow! 

Be sure to leave a comment below and give me your opinions on this new power!
- Aisha

Power 211 is 'EIGHTIES'

It was confirmed today that the new power 211 is going to be called 'EIGHTIES'.

Carbon gave me this picture to use for the Blog , so credits to him. Look at the power smiley for it;

This power could most likely have smileys to do with the 1980's (20th century) which could be interesting! I think the smiley looks decent , and could be profitable , depending on if it's limited or not!

Another user was trying to sell the power ;

Yep , I definitely think that the smiley looks cool!

This is a smiley power , and it comes with x14 1980 smileys . The following are shown below. (PICTURE COMING SOON)

The power also comes with a pawn , available for a Limited Time Only .

UPDATE: Information on the power is now published on the Power wiki page.

UPDATE 2: Power has been updated into the store , but has not yet been released! It has been confirmed as a limited power!

That's everything you need to know about EIGHTIES . What are your thoughts on this new power? I think the smiley is cool , and will probably buy it! I also feel that it will be LIMITED.

Be sure to leave a comment with your opinions below!


New test power 211

Today when I woke up, I went on xat_trade and I saw Sooky, with the new test power. In xat_trade, the price is 2000-3500 xats, but will drop soon.

Be sure to leave a comment below!


Blog Changes for 2013 ...

Like promised , I've made the following changes to the blog ...

  • A new header and footer has been added.
  • Description for the blog near the URL.
  • An outer background will be added.
What do you think? Be sure to leave a comment and let me know!

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