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Power 211 is 'EIGHTIES'

It was confirmed today that the new power 211 is going to be called 'EIGHTIES'.

Carbon gave me this picture to use for the Blog , so credits to him. Look at the power smiley for it;

This power could most likely have smileys to do with the 1980's (20th century) which could be interesting! I think the smiley looks decent , and could be profitable , depending on if it's limited or not!

Another user was trying to sell the power ;

Yep , I definitely think that the smiley looks cool!

This is a smiley power , and it comes with x14 1980 smileys . The following are shown below. (PICTURE COMING SOON)

The power also comes with a pawn , available for a Limited Time Only .

UPDATE: Information on the power is now published on the Power wiki page.

UPDATE 2: Power has been updated into the store , but has not yet been released! It has been confirmed as a limited power!

That's everything you need to know about EIGHTIES . What are your thoughts on this new power? I think the smiley is cool , and will probably buy it! I also feel that it will be LIMITED.

Be sure to leave a comment with your opinions below!


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